Remedy Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Remedy Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He himself has developed many prototypes and has a strong hand in developing
If there is ever any new development on any of his files he is first to know and will always keep everyone else in the loop.
In other words, he's exactly what you look for in a developer.
He developed an environment where people could (and did) develop continuously.
He keeps in touch throughout the different stages of development.
It makes him a very valuable asset in developing a sustainable strategy and development.
But strategy development is only one half of where he excels.
He developed and pioneered the concept of innovation journalism within the economic development context.
He always volunteers for taking up new challenges like developing on an entirely new platform
His achievement and development during our studies was extraordinary.
We'll certainly be asking him to develop plans for us in the future.
He's the developer, capitalizing the first letter of this word.
John we both became passionate about international development.
And if and when things went awry, he was on it and new exactly what to remedy.
He also followed up with him on recommendations for remediation.
He knows how to please his customers and further develop their ideas.
He is very prompt in all of his appointments with us and he kept us apprised of developments.
He didn't rely on knowledge to come to him, but was always on the look out for self-development.
He partnered with him every step of the way during development and was always on the ball.
We were fortunate to have him with us during those formative stages of our development.
He bends over backwards to meet our needs with regards to our module development.
Supportive at every stage of his development and an all round great bloke.
John, above all else, is committed to genuinely developing his workforce.
Additionally, he recognizes and develops the potential of his workforce.
John helped him through various stages of the development of the feature.
The framework he developed has not changed because it's so effective.
John understood his brief for a developer in our first meeting.
He easily sees the relationship between workforce development and economic development.
He is not just a developer as they love codes, but he is a creative developer.
He knows how to develop talent and get the most out of people.
He's an incredibly reliable developer that will find solutions to some of the toughest development problems.
He goes the distance in developing a complete understanding of all variables in solution development.
John's steady leadership was felt from discovery to strategy development to concept development.
He never once came to him with a problem, without having developed different possible solutions.
Best of all, he can develop and execute strategies that will get those opportunities.
He is versatile in all things, from development to strategy, he is truly an asset.
He is very thorough and responsive to the development requests he received.
He makes sure to follow up, is timely and tries to develop the best solution.
The strategies and tactics he is developing are way ahead of their time.
He listens to others before developing the most appropriate solutions.
It was then up to him to develop strategies to overcome each of them.
John develops strategies and concepts that have never been conceived.
John's passion for learning and development is very addictive.
We look forward to continuing to develop our strategies with him.
And one that develops and launches his own strategy even faster.
He incorporates twitter strategy very well into his development.
He helped him to keep clarity as well as develop new strategies.
He listens and is participative in the development of solutions.
John will always develop innovative solutions to any problem.
The strategies developed by him were appreciated by everyone.
It was his privilege to learn and develop under his guidance.
John recently helped us develop our strategy for our company.
John excels at identifying leadership development needs and developing creative solutions.
Also, not only he developed new stuff, but at the same time he solved lots of bugs that were created by the previous developer.
His ability to develop personnel and create opportunities for their development was a tremendous value to the organization.
He put together a developer's guide that explained best practices when doing development on our site.
John helped him develop a development plan that was achievable and reflects his expectations.
His interest in the development and retention of others would be an asset to any organisation.
John's passion for teaching/training/coaching/educating personnel for leadership development.
He would be an asset to any organization, especially where channel development is concerned.
He made tremendous contributions to the governance and development of both organizations.
There were several instances where he had to develop new procedures and best practices.
His insights on organization & leadership development are really powerful.
John then developed criteria to evaluate effectiveness in those positions.
He's always up to date on the latest best practices and developments.
That's because he would involve them in developing what the plan was.
He guides him through all the steps while developing a new website.
He drove progress in his division and developed those around him.
His contributions to developing the practice have been tremendous.
John's development recommendations are tangible and practical.
His passion for development and best practices is second to none.
John knows how to develop formats for multi-platform channels.
But for trust and cart-balance he gave him for self-development.
His insight into planning and development is beyond question.
Our company strong understanding of enterprise development throughout John.
Our company, we developed the new Kerastase international website.
Our company of Commerce and local economic development agencies.