Rental Agent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Rental Agent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John might best be described as an agent of change - in perspective.
We have never met before him becoming our agent and we are not related.
Highly recommend using him if you are in need of an agent in the area.
John gives respect to the agent and in turn receives the respect and loyalty from him agents.
We interviewed several agents and he was definitely the most prepared.
During his time here he has had an amazing impact on the new agents and sets the standards for our newer agents.
John is the greatest agent, he will listen to your wants and need, but also tell you want you can really expect.
You can thank him later for saving you all that time you would have wasted looking at the other agents
He listens, is willing to try new things, and tries to understand the agent's perspective.
Unlike so many agents, he gives his time and attention to what you want to find.
When he says he is completely different than all other agents, he means it.
He goes above and beyond to put the success of his agents first, every day.
John is the listing agent in our transaction and he was incredible.
Rarely will you find an agent with his constellation of experience.
His hiring style is quite different from the agents here and there.
Unlike many agents, if he promises to call you, he will, in time.
John is our agent for both the buying and selling of our home.
John is dedicated to the success of the company and his agents.
This experience with you as our agent exceeded his expectations.
We are blessed to have so many wonderful agents in our company.
Our company agent will take the time to do this for you but John did.
Being an agent is challenging enough, being a mentor to agents is the ultimate, and he's got that act down pat.
He walked through each property with us and the other agents.
John reminds him that the best agents for change are often those who make the least " noise ".
John always had his act together and was an agent of change within our organization.
John is positive and proactive in everything he does, and he is an agent of change.
Nope, he is the best at what he does and one of the top agents in the area to boot.
John's has also gotten the respect of other agents for him a willingness to mentor.
His agents love to know when we have the opportunity to have him in our area.
John goes above and beyond his duties as your real estate agent.
John is everything anyone could ask for in a real estate agent.
John is successful because he empowers and motivates his agents.
John is one of the rare estate agents that does what he says.
John is an example of what every real estate agent should be.
Our company, if there ever was one John was the definition of an agent of change.
We need more change agents like him to help keep this our company spinning.
John makes himself readily available to himself, our agents and staff.
His guidance and recommendations are what more agents should focus.
An agent you socialise and play golf with is a bit more than just an agent, he's a friend.
His best asset was when he sat alongside agents and showed them what they could get out of what they had already.
His desire to lift up those around him, whether they be employees or agents in need of help, is never flagging.
While constantly looking to improve his company, looking out for his agents is his first priority.
From the time he was an agent until now, he has always looked for ways to help others achieve.
As the listing agent, he went above and beyond his call of duty throughout the transaction.
We get other agents calling on us, but we are loyal to him because he is the absolute best.
The other agents always showed him several places, many which were completely out of the brief
John has a can do attitude which is why he is one of the most successful agents around.
He knows how to make agents and companies profitable with his tried and true methods.
John offers experience only available from an agent with years of experience.
John is unique amongst agents because he always returns your call quickly.
Eight years ago we hired him as our agent for our new home we had built.
His loyalty to both the agents and the company as a whole, is unmatched.
He is a brilliant agent, he always has an answer to all his questions.
He often took time out of his day to help his teammates grow as agents.
His ability to follow-up with the sellers' agents was also refreshing.
A really great agent and no doubt he will be your friend in no time.
He has tremendous follow though and he acts as his candidate's agent.
Under his guidance, the agent channel far exceeded its objective.
John will be a very successful agent as he gains more experience.
John provided excellent guidance to the agents we dealt with.
We have known each other for a long time (since we were agents).
He never forgets his primary role as an agent for his company.
He is available to talk most of the time not you normal agent.
You were his agent during this phase of his life for a reason.
Our company, John acted as agent for us at the auction of our new home.