Report Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Report Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John goes above and beyond to help develop everyone of his direct reports to become better at what they do than when they started.
He is very organised and very well respected by both those who report to him and to whom he reports.
And you should hear him about reporting, especially about what makes a useful report.
He reported directly to him and was always prompt and precise with his reports.
He uses the development reports to help new starters become aware and make the best use of their strengths.
He takes an interest in developing everyone around him, even when they do not directly report to him.
He develops those that report into him and helps those around him to be as successful as he.
John develops unparalleled loyalty among him reports as well as him colleagues.
His commitment to developing those who reported to him was also highly commendable.
He always challenges his reports to exceed their potential and let them develop.
John's name is at the top of every developers, bug report each morning.
John helped the company and the individuals reporting to him develop.
John's strengths certainly lie in developing his direct reports.
He took the time to develop both him direct reports and those below them.
John led several reporting developments which delivered into his area.
John reported to himself for the delivery of this development tool.
He follows up on issues that have been reported and is thorough and concise in his bug reports.
He develops strong relationships with his direct reports and is enthusiastic in his development of them.
John makes the motivation and development of his directs reports seem effortless.
John reported to him and with time we developed partnering relation.
For people who reported to him, he developed and mentored them.
He will always go beyond the norm to help, nurture and develop his reports and indeed anyone that approaches him.
His leadership abilities ensure those who report to him push themselves to further their own development.
He developed a new level of replenishment reporting that was never before available or attainable.
Although he was not directly reporting to him, we developed a very good mutual understanding.
John encouraged his reports to develop innovative ideas, but was always available to help.
His dedication to his reports' growth and development is unparalleled, in his experience.
In addition, however, our company also gained an expert in report development.
John always made sure that it gets done right rather than just reported done.
He always was able to get the most out of each and every one of his reports.
He will do whatever is necessary to help those who report to him succeed.
John always gets the best out of his immediate reports and stakeholders.
Whether you report to him or not, if you need him, he will be available.
He will never ask anything of his reports that he would not do himself.
Everyone has always reported back to him that they were very satisfied.
John always knows exactly what to say - or not say - to a reporter.
His report was thorough and went over and above his expectations.
He gets the best out of his reports without even having to ask.
He is popular with those to whom he reports, his peers and his reports alike.
He stands behind the people reporting to him, as well as those he reports to.
He also developed solid relationships up and down the reporting chain.
Him reporting and dashboard development, implementation is great.
Gurjinder has a vested interest in people development and takes pride in developing those that report directly to him.
The reports he developed for us were exactly what we needed and our department depends on them every day
He always gets reported out on time and makes us aware of meetings, courses and other developments.
As his direct report he was an inspiration contributing in his development inside the company.
John took an interest in developing his direct reports to maximize their potential.
He strongly believes in teamwork and does everything to develop his direct reports.
John always made the extra effort to help develop his colleagues and direct reports.
John has an amazing ability to develop reports quickly with anyone he meets.
His report was very useful to stir debate and further develop our work.
John is a magician in developing interactive our company reports.
Roughly the first half he reported to him and second half we were peers.
His knowledge and abilities not only help him to develop his direct reports, but, others that don't necessarily report directly to him.
He is quick at developing tools for automation and reporting.
Though the options here are "reported to you" or "he reported to you, " they're really not accurate.
He made it easier to report our numbers while still ensuring our reporting was done properly.
He reported in regularly and his final report with recommendations was thorough.
His sincere interest in developing the talent of those around him, both reporting and non-reporting was evident from day one.
He developed and distributed weekly reports with clockwork reliability.
It also provided him with goals for developing a solid annual report.
His contribution included developing several of the reporting tools at our company.
He's a methodical and thoughtful developer and always took the time to do things well, as well as see that his reports did too.
John always kept the employees reporting to him on track so our development initiatives would be complete on time.
He allowed him as his report the space and empowerment to develop yet still being clear on his deliverables.
He develops milestones for measurements and reporting and advises with alternatives when necessary.
John also goes out of his way to spend time with each of his reports on professional development.
John provided a clear, timely report on options for further development of our courses.
He actively looked for new and challenging opportunities to develop him reports.
We collaborate primarily to develop our company reports and during the budget/forecast intervals.
Sometimes directly reporting to him and sometimes going to him for guidance with his assignments.
We would go out on assignment together often, him as the reporter and he as the camerawoman.
While he did not report to him, that hardly mattered; we were both in this together.
John is an excellent and thorough reporter and always willing to try new things.
When there's something that needs reporting on, he turns to it and gets it down.
However, he reports to him are always thorough, and he clarifies when needed.
John is always one step ahead of those he reported to, and always on task.
During the years, he has either reported to him directly or to his subordinate.
He expected the best, and got the best of all whom reported to him directly.
And actually having to report back to someone seemed even more foreign to him.
Anyone reporting to him should consider themselves lucky for the opportunity.
John just does not take requests for reports or changes to how we do things.
Unfortunately, he was reporting to someone else who didn't want to lose him.
His reports always know where they stand with him and what is expected.
He never micromanaged; he expected the best of him and him reports.
John has been approachable, always available to talk with his reports.
Working with him, and reporting into him, has truly been a pleasure.
People reporting to him, give him our company as he truly inspires.
He knows when to intervene and when to let his reports take point.
He's thorough, respectful, and brings out the best in his reports.
John's reporting is what differentiated us from our competitors.
Yet, through it all, he got the shot and protected the reporter.
He keeps him updated even if there is little progress to report.
John reported to him in different roles for about five years.
His reports appreciate the freedom he gives them to grow/learn.
To say he is incredibly respected among his peers, those he reports to, and those that report to him is an understatement.
John developed the reports and fine tuned them at the clients request.
He develops great talent and loyalty in those that report to him.
John also undertook courses in report writing for our company which helped us develop our own in house reports.
He always made sure that his direct reports had the tools they needed to grow and develop.
For the whole period where he reported to him, he managed himself and just reported to him on developments as they unfold.
John developed a reporting system to track problems and report back to the stakeholders on the status.
John help develop robust reporting tools and structures, making monthly reporting very efficient.
This is also true of the culture he developed in the teams reporting to him.
His drive for his own professional development is outweighed only by his drive to develop his direct reports.
He also set high standards for every direct report to develop robust objectives and development plans.
Of the three of us who reported to him at that time all of us have developed our careers and have gone on to bigger and better things.
Andre', while a direct report to, was nothing but open and responsive to his development and overall improvement.
Not only does he look after his direct reports he helps them to develop into better professionals.
Constantly doing side-by-side selling and pursuing the development of his direct reports.
His direct reports are developed with an idea of mutual collaboration and admiration.
He really cares about his direct reports, their development, success, and well being.
He also is always concern about developing his direct reports to be top performers.
He developed and deployed interactive reports based on user/business preferences.
His desire to see him direct report's excel and develop was clear for all to see.
Every one on one we had, he would ask about each one of the people reporting into him.
This included those that reported directly to him, as well as his peers.
He is available to mentor others, regardless of who they reported to.
Those who report to him look up to him as their mentor and guide.
If he isn't, the people reporting to him won't believe in him.
John worked with his organization, reporting to one of his direct reports.
His report and recommendations were very helpful during the development project.
His reports contained very relevant information for the developers when he had found defects.
He has always displayed the utmost respect for those around him, whether they report to him directly, he reports to them, or they are at a distance.
His impression was that most of his reports (himself included) were very happy reporting to him and would do so again.
John is never late, nor was he ever incorrect is his reporting, which was a huge help with his role up reports.
Additionally, he conducted reporting needs analysis for strategic and tactical reporting.
His daily reports were punctual and succinct, and his final report was very thorough.
As him direct report, he focused on developing him and working together to develop more efficient processes.
He appreciates those who report to him and it shows in the relationships he develops with people.
John encourages his direct reports and fosters their creative development.
Strong in people development, his direct reports were some of the strongest in the region.
John reported to him for nearly five years and during that time developed multiple applications, one from inception.
Internally, he goes out of his way to mentor and develop him direct reports - sometimes with sympathy, sometimes with tough love.
John always strove to develop both the strengths and opportunity areas of his direct reports.
Lastly, he developed his direct reports to advance their careers within the organization.
He develops direct reports to achieve and surpass goals, and is very good at developing promotable candidates.
It is always clear what the problem with his report and this allows the developers to fix the bug quickly and efficiently.
John gives very useful and balanced feedback that helps his reports to make progress in terms of personal development.
John actively encourages his reports to challenge themselves in their development and is well respected by his coworkers.
John also listened to the folks who reported to him, and he took a keen interest in their development and growth.
During his time reporting to him, he was always eager to help and concerned about his professional development.
John always takes the time to understand the bugs he is reporting on from a developer's standpoint.
John's attention to detail was invaluable for the development of company reports and procedures.
His genuine interest in helping his reports develop and be successful in their roles is evident.
Despite not reporting to him, he contributed greatly to his professional growth and development.
His bug reports are extremely clear and make it easy for developers to reproduce the issue.
As a manager, he sets realistic parameters within which his reports can succeed and develop.
He's now developing a very good understanding of sustainability preferably on reporting side.
John clearly cared deeply for his growth and development during his time reporting to him.