Report Writer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Report Writer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's an excellent reporter and writer, but there are plenty of those around.
John's guidance and editing made him a better reporter and writer.
Top reporter, writer, watch your back if you are competing with him on the same story.
He also demanded the same level of excellence from the writers who reported to him.
His quest for precision and accuracy made him a better writer and reporter.
He's also a fine writer, and his reports have substance and merit.
John is also a superior writer in reports, book and articles.
In addition, he became the in-house our company report writer.
Not to mention, he's an incredible writer and reporter as well.
He approached editing with the same high standards with which he was a writer and reporter.
He is a tenacious reporter and writer of impressive stories and scripts.
John can bring out the best in writers and trainers that report to him.
As a reporter, he was always able to produce more than the other writers.
A capable writer and solid reporter, and very earnest in his work.
He made every journalist a better reporter, writer, photographer and editor.
He is an excellent reporter and writer who takes care of anything that comes along, and if nothing comes along he finds something.
A gifted crime reporter, he always had time to help new writers and encourage them with his words and by his example.
To him, he's an excellent reporter, writer, journalist and most importantly, a great friend.
The writer, based on our company, was excellent as well and send him a great report.
He also happens to be a talented writer, editor and reporter.
He's a thorough reporter and talented writer who will enthusiastically tackle any assignment.
He's also a dogged reporter - he doesn't take no for an answer - and a great writer.
He is an excellent editor who really gets the best from the many reporters and writers he has mentored over the years.
Because of his leadership, we became better writers, reporters, editors and, more importantly, better people.
He is a solid reporter, excellent writer and all-around team player.