Reporter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Reporter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John both reported through someone and then later reported directly to him.
He is liked by his reports, those he reported to, and other employees.
John reported to him then, and still reports to him in his new role.
His report with himself and other reports was second to none.
He is very organised and very well respected by both those who report to him and to whom he reports.
And you should hear him about reporting, especially about what makes a useful report.
He follows up with the client and with him, even when there is nothing new to report.
John is also always available, even for him who did not directly report to him.
John always made sure that it gets done right rather than just reported done.
He is always there for assistance and was very thorough with his reports.
He will do whatever is necessary to help those who report to him succeed.
John always gets the best out of his immediate reports and stakeholders.
Whether you report to him or not, if you need him, he will be available.
John did not report directly to him or else he would still be with us.
He will never ask anything of his reports that he would not do himself.
He is always willing to help others, whether they report to him or not.
Everyone has always reported back to him that they were very satisfied.
He has always been there for all of his reports in more than one way.
Starting from him reporting directly to him and later as co-workers.
John is one of those reporters who you want to have on your staff.
Roughly the first half he reported to him and the second half we were peers.
John always knows exactly what to say - or not say - to a reporter.
Though he never reported to him directly, but we were in the same team
His report was thorough and went over and above his expectations.
He gets the best out of his reports without even having to ask.
John reported directly to him and was always willing to learn.
John and used to directly report into him at that our company.
He follows up on issues that have been reported and is thorough and concise in his bug reports.
He is a former reporter himself, and knows about the deadlines reporters face.
He stands behind the people reporting to him, as well as those he reports to.
John is a reporter's reporter, and is in his opinion, one of the best.
John learned reporting and creating his own reports and dashboards.
He reported to one of his managers, who in turn reported to him.
Sometimes directly reporting to him and sometimes going to him for guidance with his assignments.
He took the our company to get to know everyone even though they may not have reported directly to him.
He leads by example and also keeps the well being of all that reports to him at the forefront.
We would go out on assignment together often, him as the reporter and he as the camerawoman.
He did his best to help those who reported to him and all of his coworkers for that matter.
He says what he will do, does it, then reports what has been done with valuable analysis.
He will even assist those that do not report directly to him in whatever way that he can.
John is all about business that makes sense and will do the right thing for his reports.
He makes sure that once you report to him, you will be coached and will be well guided.
He has now reported to him to the our company two years and has become his second in command.
John has been working with him and directly reporting to him for the past five years.
While he did not report to him, that hardly mattered; we were both in this together.
As such he did not directly reported to him, but we interacted at different occasions.
Every one on one we had, he would ask about each one of the people reporting into him.
He always knows what's going on, but gives his reports the leeway to do their jobs.
He is thorough and can always back up everything in him our company with solid reporting.
John is an excellent and thorough reporter and always willing to try new things.
He is very attentive to our needs, even though we didn't report directly to him.
He is also very approachable and took the our company to get to know all of his reports.
When there's something that needs reporting on, he turns to it and gets it down.
He is always willing to listed in the comments/recommendations from his reports.
John provided service to his department directly and through one of his reports.
He did not report directly to him, but we did our company together on several projects.
John is one of our best interns, better than some of our regular reporters.
However, he reports to him are always thorough, and he clarifies when needed.
John brings out the best in those that report to him directly and indirectly.
He is also transparent with reporting and all the changes that he was making.