Reporting Performance Review Phrases Examples

Reporting Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He follows up with the client and with me, even when there is nothing new to report.
He reported directly to me and was always prompt and precise with his reports.
He has always been there for all of his reports in more than one way.
He was very responsive and thorough in all of his reporting.
John reported directly to me for more than three years.
He is well liked by his reports as well as his peers.
He knows how to bring out the best in his reports.
And thanks as well for the very detailed report.
John has reported to me for the past two years.
John never let me down while he reported to me.
John was reported to me for this engagement.
He did this for everybody that reported to him.
John reported to me at two different companies.
He reported directly to me during this period.
He was senior to me, but not directly report.
John reported to me for several years.
I did not report directly to John, but those who did reported to me that he was thorough and efficient.
Thanks for going above and beyond for us, the client found the reports very useful and this would definitely not have been possible without you.
I have seen him as extremely responsive not only to those to whom he reports, but for those of us who reported to him.
He has now reported to me for the last two years and has become my second in command.
I wasn't reporting to him directly, but he made sure we can approach him at all times.
He always knows what's going on, but gives his reports the leeway to do their jobs.
John has reported to me for the last few years and it has been by pleasure.
I reported directly to him and always found him to be honourable and fair.
John was new to the organization when he reported to me in this role.
They were extremely thorough and their reports have been always on time.
People reporting to him, give him their best as he truly inspires.
John learned reporting and creating his own reports and dashboards.
He knows when to intervene and when to let his reports take point.
John did not report to me, but he was as responsive as if he did.
While reporting directly to me he became my go-to problem solve.
John was always very helpful, especially with my custom reports.
The client was very impressed with our report and recommendations.
He was directly reporting to me for most of his time here.
And he is well regarded by those who have reported to him.
He is always well prepared and balanced in his reporting.
John knows perfectly when to report to his superiors.
I also had the opportunity to report to him subsequently.
Happy to report that it always averaged out in the end.
It was amazing how he always had time for his reports.
John on the creation of several interactive reports.
John reported both directly and indirectly to me.
I reported to him, but never felt like he is my boss.
I have referenced his reports on several occasions.
He is well liked by his reports, peers and seniors.
On certain activities he reported directly to me.
He was very supportive to those who report to him.
I'd be happy to report to him again in the future.
Looking forward to read his book and his reports.
He is objective and responsible in his reporting.
He empowered those that reported directly to him.
John is quite good at accounting and reporting.
He is a trailblazer when it comes to reporting.
I interned for him and reported to him directly.
He has been succinct in reporting his research.
He makes him reports detailed and to the point.
John indirectly reported to me for one year.
Liked and appreciated by his peers and reports.
I would be very pleased to report to him again.
After he joined us, he directly reported to me.