Reporting Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Reporting Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I believe he knows how to get the best work out of his reports because his reports feel valued and heard.
This included those that reported directly to him, as well as his peers.
I would urge the folks reporting to him to make the best out of their opportunity.
John came through with a report that was even more comprehensive than required.
His reporting was always thorough and he was always open to change.
He is respected by his peers, his direct reports and those he reports to.
John is an excellent reporter who knows how to get the full story.
John has been working with me and directly reporting to me for the past five years.
He is thorough and can always back up everything in his work with solid reporting.
He always makes sure him reports have what they need to do good work.
I went from working with him for reporting to him and it was an honor.
John is enthusiastic about both his work and that of his reports.
John was always diligent and thorough in his work and reporting.
While he did not report to me directly, him work was excellent.
Additionally, he is admired by his peers and those which report to him.
One where his committee reported to me, and one in which he was a peer.
The easy part of reporting to him is you get to party with him, very often.
He reports what he needs to report with with confidence and honor.
John gets to know not only his direct reports, but also, their direct reports.
It's great to report to someone who really gets what his direct reports are doing.
Such thing makes all his direct reports comfortable in reporting to him.
He held the respect of those he reported to and his own direct reports.
He always was well liked by all and especially by his direct reports.
John also knows how to get the most out of his direct reports.
He took the time to get to know everyone even though they may not have reported directly to him.
He says what he will do, does it, then reports what has been done with valuable analysis.
Despite not reporting directly to him, he was always approachable and willing to listen.
He is also transparent with reporting and all the changes that he was making.
Ghazaleh is the one whom you always can count on him reports & analysis.
He knows how to influence others that do not report directly to him.
He is thoroughly conversant with the topics on which he reports.
While reporting directly to him, he became his go-to problem solver.
John reported to him both directly and indirectly during our company.
He follows up on any problems we reporter with him immediately.
During some of our company he was reporting directly into him.
John reported directly to him for much of his time at our company.
First, as him direct report and most recently, reporting directly to him in a role reversal.
John restructured and automated our reports to allow for uninterrupted and accurate reporting.
The report was instrumental for him, in drafting an interesting overview report.
Therefore, he will get the most out of his direct reports, and make everyone around him better.
John always looks to make everyone, not just his own direct reports, better at what they do.
As such he did not directly reported to him, but we interacted at different occasions.
Although he wasn't his direct report, he was always available when needed.
Someone who encouraged him to be better and get to know his direct reports.
His direct reports appreciate that he is there to help them succeed.
John directs his reports to be our company and allows them to do so.
John's reports were always thorough, accurate and well presented.
He goes above and beyond for his colleagues and direct reports.
John is in his organization and reported to one of his directors
His direct reports will miss him, and so will his colleagues.
John quickly earns the respect and confidence of who he reports to, and those who report to him.
John led his reports well, and won the confidence and friendship of those he reported to.
His attention to detail, even with him report's reports were nothing short of amazing.
He is truly an incredible reporter and genuinely cares about the stories he reports.
John understood, which issues to report and reported them in a timely manner.
He always knows what's going on, but gives his reports the leeway to do their jobs.
He reported to him and had been his stand-in in some regions.
He always made himself available to help and mentor him and other direct reports.
He's always looking out for those who report to him and making sure there's opportunities for them to grow.
Whether or not you report directly to him, he encourages conversation and is very approachable.
He always takes the time to help everyone regardless of whether they report to him or not.
His overall analysis and recommendations report was very thorough and insightful.
During his time reporting to him, the most notable of those three was inspiring
He is willing to help any way he can and reports it back in a timely manner.
John reported directly to him and always delivered results above expectations.
John truly cares about those who report to him, and all of those around him.
Whether you report into him or not, he is willing to listen and offer advice.
John always allowed him, and his other reports, the freedom to make decisions.
He could have done the minimum in his role to just get reports in on time.
He also does his best to respond to reporters' questions by their deadline.
He strives to get best out of his reports by leveraging on the strengths.
John reports in regularly on his progress and needs little supervision.
Although he was reported to someone, but, he was the pillar for sourcing.
He provides the right mix of autonomy and supervision of his reports.
He knows what he is doing and he cares about those who report to him.
His decisions were always considerate of those who reported to him.
John reported to him during the most exciting times of the "bubble".
His assessments and reports have always been insightful and honest.
His reports are very detailed and we have found them exceptionally
That said, honesty compels him to report that he has not improved.
Sizhu reported to him directly and was one of his top performers.
John helped us with the reporting and analysis of our website.
He is very thorough on his tracking, follow-ups and reporting.
John's reports were insightful, well written and entertaining.
He provided insight beyond what was written in the our company report.
He drives his reports to be better and to grow while delivering superb results for those to whom he reports.
Although he didn't directly report to him, he was one of his most valued resources.