Research Administrator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Administrator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He should be explored for teaching, research as well as administrative efficiency.
He understood the research challenges and was always willing to step in to help with whatever phase of research.
He also isn't afraid to try out new research methodologies and techniques to get better research insights.
His passion for research was also evident, especially when he talks about why he started his research.
His research was impeccable and his calculations were extremely up-to-date because of his research.
John is a conscientious researcher; really good at what he does (research and headhunting).
He is always looking to see how he can help and willing to try new things and look at other ways to try research.
If he didn't know something, he would do the research and get back to him with the right info.
He is also someone who knows how to research what he needs when he does not know the answer.
When he does not know anything he will either ask or research the answers.
John always makes sure to do his research, and always keeps in touch.
Having said that, when the research is necessary, he does that too.
Always, thorough with his research and willing to back you anytime.
He knows what he wants and will do the research to make it happen.
He will find out whatever it is you need, he does his research.
He does his research and comes up with just what you require.
He always goes above and beyond in researching an assignment.
He is very thorough, and his conclusions are well-researched.
John is an excellent researcher with a thirst to know more and to get to the truth of the topic he is researching.
He knows how to explain research input to non-researchers, and help them stay focused on the right elements.
His ability to research and research until he finds "the angle" is very unique.
Always available for help and advice on how to do things, even if he had to research it himself and regardless of his own workload.
What he doesn't know or what he can't do, he'll very willingly research until he has the answer/solution.
For the few obscure things that he didn't know, he would research and get back to us during breaks.
The first was good, but not quite right, so away he went and researched another which was perfect.
John is responsive and gets back to him quickly, even if just to say he has to do more research.
If he was not able to help you, he would definitely do research on how to get the help you needed.
If he doesn't know the answers he's the first one to go research it and come back with answers.
If he didn't know the answer, he'd either track down who would or do the necessary research.
He is very thorough and when he discusses his ideas you know he has done his researched.
He is very clear as to what he wants from the research and how he is going to use it.
He always did his research and with his insights, he would make his recommendations.
John always took the assignment you gave him and made it better by his own research.
He always has something uplifting to say, and he is an excellent researcher.
If there was something he didn't know or understand he would research it more.
He kept up to speed with all the research within him are of responsibility.
There was nothing that he encountered that he could research and resolve.
He makes sure the inputs he's given and the research he does is thorough.
If can't, he will do the research and endeavor to help you till he can.
If he didn't have an answer, he researched it and got back to us quickly.
What he is unfamiliar with his researches, always for the best outcome.
His research and recommendations were always thorough and comprehensive.
His stories were always thoroughly researched and usually very humorous.
He does his research thoroughly, even when that's not been asked of him.
We were all so impressed by the way he researched and got to know us.
He's also clear about what he knows and what requires more research.
When he comes back with answers, they are researched and appropriate.
John went out of his way to think of and research ideas we could use.
He really proved so as he used to research the things very deeply.
John's research went further and deeper than any of us anticipated.
One of the things that impressed him most, was his love of research.
He researches what will be appropriate and makes good suggestions.
He understands well how research can be used within organisations.
He researches where you are going and can help with every detail.
He does his research well and is always in command of his subject.
John really pushed him to go further in his research and reasoning.
He's definitely done his research, is smart, and looks fabulous.
First, he researches and understands everything there is to know.
For that he does extensive research and does the things correct.
John's inputs are always very well researched and well founded.
John researches thoroughly and will defend his recommendations.
He made him want to start researching and looking for the best.
The candidates he suggested were always very well researched.
His advice is both well thought out and thoroughly researched.
John researched the best possible options for us and delivered.
The things he talks, he really researches and provides depth.
The research junkie in him could not get enough of his wisdom.
If he doesn't understand something about it, he researches it.
Our company him many more successes in his business/Vedantic research.
What he doesn't know he will research and learn all he can about an issue.
John's research was well done and well received at the conference.
John then has a fantastic ability to put real context around what needs to be researched and then how to use the research.
John is given complex research assignments and he rose to the challenges by submitting thoroughly researched briefs.
If you're looking for new and different ideas for getting more value from research, don't miss talking with him about your needs.
Whenever he did not know something, he would research it on his own and would double check with him before taking any action.
He is not afraid to make changes when needed and he does his research to make sure the changes make things better.
John is always there with the answers and if he didn't have them he would do the research to find them.
Furthermore, he even advised him to do more of his own research before proceeding any further at one point.
He does extensive research into whatever new assignment, he is given and is very thorough and successful.
And when you give him an assignment, you can be sure that he's researched and gone through every angle.
He researches situations so that when he is militating to get something done, he knows it can be done.
If he doesn't know the answer to something, he will research it until he finds exactly what he needs.
Not only does he know exactly what he's talking about, he has the painstaking research to back it up.
His research went beyond what we were expecting, and came up with options that we had not considered.
He would go beyond the necessary and find new literature or come up with novel issues in research.
When he didn't know, he promptly found someone who could or did the research to find the answer.
If he does not know the answer, he will go away and diligently research every possible angle.
And if he's not familiar with something, he'll research it until he can figure it out for you.
Without his partnership, it would have taken several more months of research and discussion.
He is admirably fearless in the best way because you know he's done his research first.
He concluded his research by saying that we did not have an issue with what we had done.
John researched the guts of the framework and came out with the right way to do this.
When everybody gives up, he continues his research and comes up with brilliant ideas.
His input was well researched, and yet, he had the ability to think outside the box.
He stood out as one of the researchers that was not only clever but also pragmatic.
He is always curious and does extra research to make sure that he knows the facts.
John went above and beyond to explain and research all the elements in his offer.
John always does great research and he knows exactly what he is talking about.
He doesn't hesitate to do some research to see if the idea can be done on his end.
John always has the answer or can do some quick research and come up with one.
John distinguished himself by having exceptionally well-researched arguments.
John handled some of his returns issues, he was always thorough in his research.
He researches him subject very well and always has the facts, before proceeding.
He does thorough research to find the most appropriate topics for his audience.
The research that he does for us is incredible, and him partnership invaluable.
He researched the available options and always seemed to push the right buttons.
He encouraged us to do our own research and take pride in what we accomplished.
He is very open to trying new ideas and thoroughly researches whatever he does.
The difference between like to do and love to do can be felt from his research.
He has done thorough research on all available options before suggesting something.
He did his research and the first round review far exceeded his expectations.
John is an enthusiastic researcher who puts his best in everything he does.
His research and diligence to the tasks that are before him are extraordinary.
John provides significant insight and value beyond the research he conducts.
He shared with him the research throughout and allowed him to make suggestions.
He always ensured we had the right research methods available for our needs.
He continually researches and pushes himself to be the best at what he does.
For those he cannot, he researches and promptly responds with an answer.
He did some awesome research and was always open to many different ideas.
He researches each issue thoroughly and gets to the bottom of every issue.
John knows his stuff and if he doesn't know, will research and find out.
He carefully researches his arguments and in the end, gets it done right.
His assignments are often well researched which helps him think differently
He's incredible at researching and not scared to take on new challenges.
John's research, suggestions and objectivity have always been exemplary.
He literally becomes almost an expert in whatever topic he is researching.
He hit all him dates, was attentive to our needs, and did his research.
He did his research, and was readily available whenever we reached out.
He researched his initiatives and he clearly articulated his positions.
He understands research and knows how to get to the heart of the issue.
Furthermore, he was able to show the added value of his own research.
He did his research and was attentive to our specifications and needs.
He does his homework and he is always on the cutting edge of research.
John's expertise is unparallelled when it comes to genealogy research.
John is passionate about research and is an expert at what he does.
He did plenty of useful research and provided very relevant examples.
He far surpasses what most would define as an exceptional researcher.
His excitement is contagious when it comes to research and findings.
His research was always meticulous and his contribution significant.
Kept seeing his name pop up in his research, and decided to connect.
One of his articles was fabulous which he wrote for new researchers.
He brings the same passion for research as he does for exploration.
He researched quite consistently and extensively for several years.
John is an excellent researcher-very hardworking and conscientious.
He thoroughly analyzes companies, and provides excellent research.
In addition, he has the researched facts to back up his conclusion.
You can be sure he has researched the facts and "knows the story".
As such, he would be an excellent addition to any research group.
His research made us as well as the seller feels very comfortable.
He has strong opinions that he comes to only after deep research.