Research Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is thoughtful in his research approach - and always keeps the research objective in mind.
John is responsive and gets back to me quickly, even if just to say he has to do more research.
He is always looking for more responsibilities and researching problems.
John is a great analyst, and really researches your needs before he recommends the best solution.
I have learnt a lot about research and research writing from him.
He does his research and really becomes one with what will engage the target.
In doing so, though, his decisions are always thoughtful and well-researched.
He was very thorough in his writing and his research was impeccable.
John's research is thorough and his decisions are thoughtful.
John was painstaking in his research, digging up nuggets for each of the companies on our list via secondary research.
He is always thorough with his research when presenting his papers.
You can tell he does research and homework before presenting.
John sees things that others do not, which you can say about a lot of great researchers, and he is a great researcher.
He's a diligent and brave researcher who devotes himself entirely to his study & research in Geomechanics.
John is a researchers' researcher when it comes to finding hard to find talent.
If he does not know the answer, he will go away and diligently research every possible angle.
He was always diligent in his research and was always willing to go the extra mile.
When he advises you on any issue, it's always well thought through and researched.
I'm certain his new role will only help him in becoming a complete researcher.
He is one of the few speakers/educators that completely researches his topics.
He did some awesome research and was always open to many different ideas.
He's thorough in his research of new things and ideas and open minded.
His research and follow up on problems is thorough and thoughtful.
He thoroughly analyzes companies, and provides excellent research.
He never takes anything for granted and always does his research.
John provides translations that are not merely accurate, but well written and well researched.
He can write on any subject because he does the research to make sure he is credible.
However, if you were to take the time to research him, the mystery would soon be solved.
When everybody gives up, he continues his research and comes up with brilliant ideas.
He did the research and was extremely thorough in his analysis and recommendations.
He did his research not only on the campaign, but the players that could help.
He is always prepared, always asks the right questions and does his research.
John can always be relied upon for clear and well-researched writing.
His thorough research, analysis and meticulousness are outstanding.
He's used research judiciously and made it count in the campaign.
He's done everything from tweeting, to research, to blog writing.
His writing is exceptional, well-researched and always accurate.
His nonfiction writing is straight forward and well-researched.
John's presentations were thoroughly researched, entertaining and up to date.
You know you're getting the truth when he speaks and delivers his research.
John's presentation was was impressively well researched and very insightful.
I have referred more people to his books, as they're thoroughly researched.
His analyses and recommendations were always well researched and presented.
His presentations were thoughtful, compelling, and well-researched.
He is an adaptable, passionate and well-researched presenter.
He excellent at researching and presenting on various topics.
John prepares for his role well by researching thoroughly well ahead of time.
He provides research and analysis that are actionable and timely.
His post is well prepared and researched and always on time.
To wrap up the round of research, he analyzed and organized all the research insights, which we immediately put into use.
John was always there to answer all of my questions, whether they were small and simple, or something he had to further research.
If there is something that he doesn't know or understand, he makes sure that he researched the item until he completes it.
He was always thorough in his research, and he was comfortable and confident in asking the tough questions.
John finding me through his diligent research was one of the best things that could happen to me.
John is an an accomplished and intuitive researcher and is always very pragmatic in his approach.
I was always confident in his recommendations, knowing they were well thought out and researched.
He is a thorough researcher, very considerate and he's always open to suggestions.
He had already completed the research on the issues prior to our session.
He a wealth of knowledge and what he doesn't know he'll research completely.
In every research issue, he has provided significant thought leadership.
As an analyst, such insight proved truly useful to improve his own research.
John pioneered our analyst research and was extremely effective.
This has enabled him to present us with relevant research and appropriate analysts.
John has clearly done his research and was very well prepared.
As a researcher and analyst, he provides innovative insights and recommendations.
John maps sophisticated analyst research to individual companies.
He likes to call the things for what they are and if he doesn't know something he will say that, and then will go and research.
He is always very thorough and does his research, so he comes in better prepared than anyone.
He does his research so if you want to get your point across you better come prepared.
John obviously did his research and prepared well for these sessions.
He comes to assignments well prepared and having done his research.
All he says and does is based on research, therefore, reliable.
And, he will always be his first call for his research needs.
Because of his passion for research, he gets others excited about (true) research as well.
He consistently delivers on what he promises on research and providing time with analysts.
Interacting with him is unlike any interaction with a researcher.
He is one of the best quantitative researchers on the planet.
John is a dedicated, resourceful, experienced research analyst.
John is well researched, responsible and always prepared to take on new challenges.
Certainly someone who could, and should run his own research agency one day.
He also made several contributions to innovation and research initiatives.
John's research on prospects was very meticulous, he is always prepared.
He always sought to be innovative and groundbreaking in his research.
As a journalist, he was always known for his well-researched articles.
He prepares his research well and is eager to try new alternatives.
John has done his research and it shows in this fantastic book.
You can tell that he dedicates hours of preparation and research.
He researched and sent us pictures and opinions on many homes.
His help has been critically important in maximizing the value of our access to our company's research and analysts.
John worked as an analyst on our research team at our company.
He would try and use a blend of qualitative and quantitative research to bear upon research issues.
He is a solid research analyst with a passion for your clients.
His research efforts have always been commended as being one of the best amongst his peers.
His research is excellent, well known and well regarded among his peers.
He did allot of research for us by getting us statistics, all accurate.
John is an extremely accomplished practitioner and researcher.
By far he is very well informed and does his research with diligence.
He makes sure he does the research before he puts out the information.
The information that he provides is accurate and well researched.
In each area he's done his usual thorough research and gone well beyond the typical analyst's surface level insights.
John and his group of research analyst have done some really good work for us on numerous occasions.
John will research to match your employment needs and requirements.
His dedication to both research and teaching has been impressive.
Furthermore, he knows exactly how to apply our research to our company's overall strategy.
He's helped us get more value out of their research services, their analysts, and events.
He is supportive, don't let things go till its done, whereby he always does the research first.
It was a pleasure interacting with him during his research interaction.
He would do his research and make sure himself and his teammates were also prepared and knew exactly what to expect.
He covers all the bases and then some when it comes to the research and preparation he does for him positions.
John took his role very seriously, doing upfront research and preparation above and beyond his requirements.
And he truly wants to make the best decisions and have always done a lot of research on the subjects.
John thoroughly researches every situation and comes to the table prepared for any circumstance.
He provided us thorough research on our website optimization and what our competition was up to.
His research is often complex and sometimes niche, but he can always see the wood for the trees.
We always turn to him for advices, not only about research, but also for every aspect of life.
He can take an idea and make it not only stronger, but with the impressive researched background
John is one of the pioneers of shopper research - what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing.
Lohan is often called upon to talk about resilience which is one of his research interests.
His research papers have always been appreciated for their exhaustiveness and innovation.
John consistently over delivered when he provided background research for his group.
John's guidance and guidance during every aspect of his research was next to none.
He's always done the research, concepts are strong and the results are tangible.
John is an clever he is an asset, he will do very well in a research group.
His research and his suggestions are innovative, comprehensive and insightful.
He could always provide answers, either immediately or after quick research.
He shared with him lots of thoughts throughout our research collaboration.
He is collaborative, innovative, thorough and he is a research genius.
His experience and willingness to research any issue makes him an asset.
Never give up and challenge the challenges make him special in research.
Consequently, he always prepares thoughtful and enabling research briefs.
At one resort he researched and made recommendations for non ski season.
John dove into the research of new categories with great enthusiasm.
His authentic enthusiasm was matched by his research and preparation.
His material is well researched both scientifically and practically.
He did a lot of handholding for him as far as research was concerned.
He does his research, has a clear vision and always comes prepared.
He conducted much of the research required for the file extract.
John is exceptionally good at research and article composition.
His insights are on target and justified by reliable research.
John came to us prepared, researched, and ready to add value.
He will go a great way in the world of research and innovation.
He helped him cover all his bases in preparation and research.
He is very understanding and helped him a lot in his research.