Research Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He would be looking at solving problems the right way by doing his own research before coming to anyone for assistance.
He is always eager to assist and willing to do research when he doesn't readily have an answer.
He asks the tough questions and makes sure he has done his research before asking for assistance.
If he was not able to assist with questions we had, he researched until he found them.
John took on responsibilities as a research assistant and a marker
John's assistance was invaluable in helping us set up the research.
He also provided assistance on how to document internet research.
John mentored each of the six participants to assist him in research for his presentation.
He is willing to assist with anything and if he didn't know the answer he would research and get back to him in a timely manner.
His recommendations were always well researched and thoughtful and he regularly provided assistance above and beyond his remit.
John and his team have been very responsive to requests for research assistance.
John's most significant contribution was in his later work as his research assistant.
John has been one of his favorite research assistants to work with.
He gives him the correct information that is well researched and provides any assistance that is needed.
His ability to research solutions is excellent and he will ask for assistance if required.
John allowed him to serve him as his teaching and research assistant for two years.
John eventually grew from a research assistant to the point where he researched and wrote one of our weekly publications.
He assisted his students and made presentations to the class helping them in their research.
His research and assistance made his change in direction a success.
If he doesn't understand something he researches the alternatives and then asks for assistance with suggestions for consideration.
John assisted as his personnel researcher during that time where daily he went above and beyond what was asked of him.
If he could not assist directly he would research down the answer and get back to him in a very timely fashion.
He would regularly offer new ideas, suggestions, or sites to assist with our research.
He became his our company advisor and was beyond helpful in assisting him with his research.
He has not only assisted by targeting new companies, but he conducted thorough research on many of our current partners.
Always assisting and giving direction to his subordinates while also encouraging them to do research on their own.
He goes out of his way to assist, gives direction if needed or does any research needed to find the answer.
Our company, John worked as his research assistant and once again went above and beyond in fulfilling his responsibilities.
Initially, he provided him copywriting, editorial and research assistance, which was always of the highest standard.
John's research capabilities are second-to-none and him assistance has been key to his success on a number of occasions.
John's dedication and assistance were outstanding and made a dramatic difference in the outcome of his research.
He researched and wrote many compelling stories and assisted in getting them placed in our target publications.
John, as a research assistant, was hard working, committed to his duties and responsible one.
John served as his research assistant in updating a casebook on tort law.
He can define problems and research and implement solutions without assistance.
He goes the extra mile with research and general assistance which is above and beyond the call.
Him ability to assist him with clients saved our company many hours of research.
John helped him as a graduate student assistant with his research and teaching.
John worked for him as a research and teaching assistant at our company.
If there was something that he didn't know, he would research and come back with all the information you needed to assist with the process.
It was a pleasure to assist his research on the digital university experience.
He thrives on research and in providing the correct information for each individual he has assisted.
He will also assist with any research, quotes and references that may be needed to supplement the content.
Him insightful, analytical research and presentations were an asset, and he provided direct assistance and counsel to visiting researchers.
John and his assistant helped us make research plans, conduct interviews as well as synthesize.
In addition, he helped him tremendously by assisting in building his own research database.