Research Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was, hands down, one of the sharpest research associates in the company.
He researched several different types of franchises, and let him research them on his own time.
He researched for new things that could be done for the organization.
When on an association research assignment, his in-depth research and analysis was not only thorough, but he was extremely creative in his presentation.
John also has research focus & looks at problems from a researcher's perspective.
His comprehensive research made us rely solely on his research inputs, which were always well on time.
If he didn't know how to do something, that was no problem; he'd just go away and research it and come up with the answer.
John seems to be very thorough and researches things before making recommendations.
In doing so, though, his decisions are always thoughtful and well-researched.
He will research thoroughly what needs to be done and complete it quickly.
He always made himself available at any time for questions and research.
Nor was it his briefs which were always well-researched and well-written.
He came to us with an interest in research, but little experience.
What he says is well-researched, tried, and can fully be trusted.
John's research is thorough and his decisions are thoughtful.
Always on time and the research he provides is very insightful.
He will research the value and then get the correct appraisal.
John did excellent work at our company as a research associate.
You can tell he does research and homework before presenting.
He also consistently asked insightful questions about the research, which frequently spurred further research.
He knows how to listen and if it is something that needs further research, he doesn't waste any time.
If he doesn't have an answer to their question, he does his research and then follows up timely.
If he didn't know the answer, he thoroughly researched the question and got back to us quickly.
He knows what questions to ask, and his articles are well-researched, thorough, and readable.
John provides translations that are not merely accurate, but well written and well researched.
If there is an obstacle in his way, he will research and analyze everything down to the core.
He is well prepared for our first call and clear, he had thoroughly researched his domain.
It was so refreshing for him to see someone who had taken the time to research his condition.
However, if you were to take the time to research him, the mystery would soon be solved.
He's always there to share with us his experience so that we can do our research better.
John provided the guests and researched their background to help him with preparation.
Paulie as he was popularly known amongst us is very intellectual and research oriented.
If he doesn't know something, he will take the time to thoroughly research the subject.
He follows through, thoroughly researching and responding to questions or concerns.
He is well prepared and researches how he can provide more value to the prospect.
He takes the time to research your particular needs and gets back to you promptly.
His research was thorough and compelling and was useful to our decision making.
He made each and every decision with conviction and had research to back it up.
He understood how research could help him and how to use the results effectively.
Try and tell him there is no time or money for research and see what happens.
John has always done thorough research on any topics he has written on.
He does his research on complex topics, and is willing to ask many questions.
He does his homework and is organized and well researched in his endeavors.
His research and insight into this particular problem were extraordinary.
He does his own research and experiments, but always with action in mind.
John is thorough, timely and enthusiastic in his research efforts.
They are based either on neurological research and his own experience.
His articles are always well researched and geared towards the reader.
He knows his stuff, researches, confirms it, and gets it done on time.
His recommendations were always based on the research and experience.
He took his time on the article he wrote and did thorough research.
He closely follows briefs and clearly researches the given subjects.
He has put in the time and research and he really knows his stuff.
He researches and prepares thoroughly and then nails it every time.
His research and follow up on problems is thorough and thoughtful.
Him messaging is always clear and he is diligent in his research.
John listened to the initial brief for research on two occasions.
Each piece he delivers is well-written and thoroughly researched.
John is spot-on with his research, recommendations, and results.
He did considerable self research, and asked sensible questions.
He provides thorough research and delivers results that matter.
John's at the hub of entrepreneurial research and connections.
He could always answer or research the answer to his questions.
He did his own research and challenged the brief many a time
He has shown truly a passion about the research since at the university.
He would thoroughly research issues and think through problems.
All his decisions are backed up with researches and insights.
He did his research not only on the campaign, but the players that could help.
John's presentation was was impressively well researched and very insightful.
His presentation was thoroughly researched and clearly targeted our needs.
His presentations were thoughtful, compelling, and well-researched.
He's used research judiciously and made it count in the campaign.
John's code is well researched, well thought out and well written.
He presents clearly his ideas and the findings of his research.
He is an adaptable, passionate and well-researched presenter.
He excellent at researching and presenting on various topics.
His findings were well researched and always nicely presented.
He will take on any challenge and research it until he knows enough to complete the job.
He will go above and beyond to research and learn how to go about solving an issue.
By doing his research and homework, you know he is going to get the job done.
John does his research, makes his case and always keeps his eye on the prize.
His ability to both research and translate research findings into actionable insights is truly world class.
He has the answers to your questions and if there is something he is not sure about, he will research the answer and get back to you promptly
He almost always has the answers to his questions at his fingertips, and when he doesn't, he researches and gets right back to him.
John is always there to answer all of his questions, whether they were small and simple, or something he had to further research.
He will research on things he doesn't know and make sure the project/module given to him is completed on time with his best efforts.
If there is something that he doesn't know or understand, he makes sure that he researched the item until he completes it.
If he doesn't know the answer, he will take his time and research it for you and add more value than you could imagine.
Each time he has provided him with excellent options to consider, each one being very well researched ahead of time.
John is self-driven to do whatever research might be necessary to solve problems, if he didn't know the answer.
He would take the time to really think through what was needed, research it, question it and get under its skin.
He's always enthusiastic and willing to do anything, even if he has to spend time researching on how to do it.
He teases out what you want the end outcome to be, not just the research questions you think you need to ask.
He will also take the time to research and make recommendations for you with your best interest in mind.
His suggestions and questions made him think more deeply and look at his research from different angles.
When we had questions he would always come back to us with a well-researched and considered response.
Whenever he has to research anything he does it thoroughly before making any kind of final decision.
John is the kind of guy that will do his research and ask questions if he doesn't know something.
John understands the value of research and how to leverage it for the good of the organization.
He's thorough, an excellent researcher, and always was making sure the smart thing was being done.
If he doesn't, he makes it a point to research the topic and get back to whomever had the question.
He always gets to the bottom of problems quickly, and will research things thoroughly when needed.
His main strength is his curiosity to know things better which makes him an excellent researcher.
He gives some questions to answer first and then researches your answers in several references.
His research was thorough and we constantly delivered the right message to the right audience.
John provides researchers with an entrepreneurial framework that brings out the best in them.
He puts in an effort to do thorough research on anything and everything that he sets himself to.
If there was ever any obscure research, he always came through with an answer or tape result.
John researches his subject thoroughly and is very conscientious and diligent at all times.
John also provides another layer of insight and experience for those new to panel research.
There was clarity of thought and the questions indicated that he had done proper research.
We can always count on him when there are issues to be solved or researching on new things.
He will thoroughly research and take the time to understand any task that is given to him.
John always took the initiative to seek out answers by asking questions and researching.
John researches that he is, trust him to dig out things from really unexpected quarters.
He does thorough research about each guest on both an intellectual and emotional level.
John listens well and finds connections with his research and the needs of the audience
He always does his research and covers every possible angle before making any decision.
He fully researches everything he is involved in to make the best decisions possible.
He never shoots from the hip, and instead makes reasoned, well-researched decisions.
He never passes judgment until he does his research, then shares with his colleagues.
He will perform the necessary research and promptly come back to you with an answer.
If he doesn't have an answer, he researches your question and finds someone who does.
John researches topics to clearly understand the impacts and changes to the environment.
Furthermore, his enthusiasm for scientific research is appealing and very promising.
He takes the time to research all avenues and willing to make changes where needed.
His questions were well researched and the rest of the magazine is also excellent.
His research into leadership and what makes organizations effective is extensive.
He is also meticulous in whatever he undertakes, giving enough time for research.
He will question and research until a way is found or he's exhausted all options.
He always tries to research any problem as deep as possible and solve it properly.
John's welcoming attitude and thoroughness made our research go very smoothly.
His articles were always well-written, captivating and meticulously researched.
He did research to ensure that the audience will be connected to his message.
His recommendations are effective because he listens before researching ideas.
Your organization's research will be better off for having had him play a role.
He researches the challenge well and once he commits, he delivers on time.
John always has a fresh perspective and does thorough research ahead of time.
His research and timing is impeccable, we all know how valuable this can be.
John actually translates the research & info in front of him into an insight.
He is a thorough reader and researcher and knows what he is talking about.
If you have any problems during your own research, he will gladly pitch in.
He also always researches his topics and panelists carefully ahead of time.
He does his research, he asks his questions and tackles it with perfection.
He will ask a lot of questions as well as do his own research if necessary.
John researched our organisation and thoughtfully listened to our needs.
He researched and provided insights on programmatic questions and issues.
He takes the time and does the research to thoroughly understand the problems
He a wealth of knowledge and what he doesn't know he'll research completely.
John followed up on issues, researched questions and was "user friendly".