Research Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He not only focused on the company's research needs, but also focused on his research interests.
In bringing his experience in consulting and research, as well as his love for the context in which we were consulted, he ensured our success and enjoyment.
Instead, he researches, consults others, tries different approaches and finds a way through the challenge.
If there was something he didn't know offhand, he researched the answer or consulted a colleague.
His consulting expertise is always valuable and his coverage is accurate and well researched.
He also excelled in research and proving a consultative perspective.
John closed several key consulting and annual research for deals.
John's consulting, research, and analytical aptitude have definitely been an asset.
His contribution to the research and consulting the team did was significant
John's strengths lie in his ability to consult and research new areas.
He took the time to research the type of consultancy that would be able to help, and contacted him
His quest for research, consulting and extension activities is something unparalleled.
He takes the time to thoroughly research every situation he's asked to consult on.
His research background helped him arrive at some robust consulting frameworks.
He makes sure that the research reflects the needs of your company.
And always looking to find new routes through him own research.
John did all the necessary research for us in terms of consulting us in every aspect of our training.
His work, whether consulting, speaking, or research is exceptional.
Asharaf had done a comprehensive research on the topic that made his own research direction redundant.
In many ways, he helped shape his career in research and consulting.
He does his research and really becomes one with what will engage the target.
And he can do this in both academic research and commercial consulting environments.
He's a diligent and brave researcher who devotes himself entirely to his study & research in Geomechanics
He consistently met or exceeded quota for both research and consulting, an incredible achievement.
If he doesn't think he has enough experience with something, he will research and study until he's an expert.
He knew what he was talking about had researched all aspects of the company.
He always went above and beyond any expectations for research or planning.
He's done so much research on it that you can trust his judgment blindly.
He is constantly studying and researching so he will always be the best.
He does the research and charges into, and always with great results.
He will follow up with research and analysis to your questions.
John distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched consultants for our clients.
Delivery is what he is about, after careful research and detailed consultations with the client.
John and his team are real down to earth consultants who tell it as it is based on research and experience.
John earns his highest recommendation as a researcher, consultant and strategist.
As a researcher, his papers and research monographs have been published at home and abroad, two of which with mine as co-authors.
He scratches the earth and then explore gold-mine for research and consulting work.
John is an expert statistician and research consultant who provides superlative work.
He consistently does all the necessary research before any engagement and is always prepared.
He did his research on all of the candidates before he presented them to our company.
John's presentations were thoroughly researched, entertaining and up to date.
He is exceptionally well when it comes to research, analysis and presentation.
He writes very well and his posts are always well thought-out and researched.
John does his research and is thoroughly prepared to engage him audiences.
Granoff who provided direction in his research questions and methodology.
His talks were always engaging, contemporary and very well-researched.
If he doesn't have the information he needs to get the task done, he will find it, either through his own research or by consulting his colleagues if necessary.
He will go the extra mile to get the job done, do the extra research, consult colleagues - whatever it takes.
During that summer, his comprehensive and wide view towards research has opened his eyes to see what research is really about.
John's presentation style is particularly engaging and clearly well researched.
John made a fluid transition from research to consulting and was almost always billable, reflecting him value and ability to contribute.
Almost from the very beginning, he made a significant contribution to our research and consulting services.
He researches every possible avenue for placing him consultants resulting in a tremendous success rate.
His research, conceptualization abilities have made him a good consulting professional.
If there is something that he does not know, he will research and see to it that he finishes his tasks and follow the deadline.
John is the kind of researcher that knows what he wants, why he wants it and more importantly: why his company needs it.
He will research their competitors and how they can position themselves above the rest as if it was his own company.
John research and preparation was second to none, with the messaging delivered exactly as per the brief provided.
What is more, once he has taken charge, he would go all out, research, reinvent and get the desired results.
Not to mention, you could clearly tell that he actually did his research on the company before coming in.
He particularly impressed him with how he researched our company and how he could add to our organization.
He went out of his way to provide excellent, complete research, above and beyond what was expected.
He took the time to research our company and could be relied upon with little to no supervision.
This is where he did his research, made him plan and made it happen where others had failed.
We have seen him go above and beyond in research and sourcing for partnership opportunities.
John's workshops are not only entertaining, but beautifully crafted and well researched.
If he does not know how to do a task, he will study and research until he does.
Him years of research and analysis experience would help any organization.
He does his research and puts your company's best foot forward each time.
Thorough research, preparation, evaluate options, etc. are few of his forte.
His research is very thorough and he truly has a passion for sourcing.
John researched the companies and the roles we discussed thoroughly.
Doing research for him ad the company was really fun and meaningful.
He proactively collaborates with his teammates on research studies.
His analysis is thorough, well researched and very detail oriented.
He would also research items to make sure it was sourced properly.