Research Intern Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Intern Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He contacted him during him research phase and we worked together to research internal employees.
John goes out of his way to research international locations before meetings.
John applies the highest international standards for research.
John volunteered at his non-profit for several months as a research intern.
John excels at researching and getting to the heart of internal investigations.
He always brought in external research, ensuring that we didn't become too internally focused.
His abilities to pinpoint needs for cross-cultural and international research are second to none.
He really listens to his clients needs and does his research.
He for sure did lots of internal and external research to make sure that both ends meet.
John on an ethnographic research project where the researchers were spread out across several universities.
His research project during his internship was well researched, thorough, and had insightful recommendations.
John is clearly very passionate about what he does and his material has all been thoroughly researched.
So far, he participated many national and international conferences and presented his research articles.
John did excellent research and published papers in top international conferences.
He mentored himself, as well as one of the other interns, throughout the course of this past summer.
John has an internal drive to be the best at whatever he does.
And he does not promote any assessments without thoroughly researching them first.
John does his research and has an innovative approach to solutions.
He researched the needs of internal colleagues and external audiences and delivered exactly what was required.
He expertly strategized and facilitated internal and external research.
John encouraged him to apply several international fellowships for supporting his research.
His research was exemplary and was rated very highly by a group of international assessors.
John conducted qualitative research for him with respondents that come from among our company's international user group.
This allowed us at our company to better be able to compare international research results.