Research Interviewer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Interviewer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John took the interview seriously and did his research before our conversation and it showed.
John interviewed him for an article, he had done his research and was prepared.
He came to the interview fully prepared and really did his research.
John got him his interview and made sure everything went smoothly before and after his interview.
He is always willing to help with things from company research to mock interviews, and he is always available.
He evidently did research on our organization and was well-prepared for our interview.
His approach to interviewing guests is thorough, well researched and friendly.
John knows what you need to say, when best to say it, and how you should come across in an interview.
He always kept in contact with him in regards to how the interviews were going and suggestions on how to better the interview.
After interviewing, he followed up with interviewers' feedback very quickly.
He provided him interview tips and the profile of interviewers.
He knows how to interview research and write an amazing story.
John really researches him information before he does an interview on air.
Prior to every interview round, there were four total, he would prep him by requesting him to research the interviewers and specific topics.
He did an excellent job researching the company and his interviewers.
He walks you through what to expect during your interview and will even get you started on researching the company/interviewers.
John knows how to do his research on a candidate and have them pre-qualified well before the first interview.
Genuine openings and if he has one that's right for you, he gets you the interview.
He does everything you wish could be done before an interview happens, and more.
He also followed up with him after the interview to see how things were going on.
He followed up with him and provided him the feedback from the interviewers.
But best of all he usually gets you through the door for an interview.
He also went above and beyond to check in with him on each interview.
He's basically done everything for you except go to your interview.
He came on one of the interviews, as well, which was very helpful.
Whenever possible, he also provides feedback from the interviews.
He made him think of things to ask and challenge the interviewer.
Advice that helped him through both first and second interviews.
John will help you improve your changes of getting an interview.
Appreciate the help he has given him for his interview segments.
Each interview- the research has also allowed him to refine his master narrative, and tailor it for each interview.
Before and after his interview, he contacted him to get feedback about his interview experience.
John also provided him with mock interviews that were invaluable to his final round interviews.
He interviews the candidates so they are ready for the interview when they get with us.
Our obvious introduction was during the interview, where he was interviewing him.
John jumped through hoops to make the interview and delivered in that interview.
He interviewed him about his latest book and the interview was very well done.
His interview techniques put him at ease during the interview.
He went above and beyond in gathering research and interviewing people that would help us refine our innovation.
His articles are thoroughly researched and well-written, and he is a competent interviewer.
John always augments him reports with additional research and interviews.
His knowledge of the subject matter, and pre-interview research makes for a better interview.
He interviewed us thoroughly on our company's solutions and the outcomes for the research that we sought.
John is a meticulous and thorough researcher, interviewer and editor.
He gave him tips on how to research the company and make connections within the company before the interview.
He listens and his research is impeccable and thorough which genuinely helps you to prepare for interviews.
Him preparation and research for stakeholder interviews ensures an efficient use of time.
His ability to research a topic and make impromptu interviews is very impressive.
He researches him topics well and has a warm, inviting interview style.
During the interviews he would make sure to tell him why he was doing what and even asked for his input.
He followed up after interviews to better understand what went well and what didn't - and why.
All that's left is to get him in for an interview where, yes, he will keep on impressing.
He always kept in touch and provided one to one help and guidance before the interview.
None the less he convinced him in the interview that he was more than up to the task.
Apart from that, he also provides the candidates some useful tips for the interviews.
When interviewing he followed up almost immediately and let him know what to expect.
John's magazines as well as being interviewed by him for one of his telesummits.
Doing an interview is scary for someone like him that has never done one before.
He went out of his way to make him comfortable and at ease in the interview.
John will get out of you your unexpressed wishes after your interview.
His interviews were often seen as the most challenging and yet comfortable.
If you want to listen to the interview we did then just go to his website.
At the interview, he would almost not get hired because of his humbleness.
He really does interview his candidates before they are sent over to you.
As and interviewer, he was very thorough in bringing out the best in him.
He thoughtfully and thoroughly debriefed with him after each interview.
He's even gone on to be our simultaneous videographer and interviewer.
Never once did he try and shoehorn him into the "interview of the week".
He makes sure that the candidate is comfortable before each interview.
He even used his past contacts to help him get interview opportunities.
His briefing sessions have been always useful before and after interviews.
John guided him through each interview and was always there to help.
John made an incredible impression from the first round of interviews.
His interview with him very focussed on the needs of the position.
If you have the chance to interview him or get to know him, take it.
And was almost always able to get him an interview for the position.
He sent him on many interviews and always kept him feeling positive.
During the interview with him, he was enthusiastic and passionate.
He also too feedback about the interviewee from the interviewer.
There is much more to him, which you'll find by interviewing him.
John even went as far as to sit through the interview with him.
John is actually one of the individuals that interviewed him.
If he feels you can get it trust him and go for the interview.
John's representation through his most recent interview cycle.
John found him two interviews within the first day of contact.
He interviewed him until he found the best hook for his story.
Walked him through the interview maze and followed up with him.
After his two interviews the feed could not have been better.
He stood out from all of the other candidates we interviewed.
Most of his former colleagues also went through him for their own interviews with our company.
He went out of his way to get him an interview that landed him in our company.
He researched each of the guest speakers thoroughly and interviewed them live, really well.
John recently introduced him to someone who had previously interviewed him, and they are interested in interviewing him now.
He gave him several tips on how to interview well and provided immediate feedback when an interview was over.
John is stellar in his interview and it seemed he could have written the interview questions.
You made him so comfortable during the interview that the flow of the interview felt natural.
Most of the candidates, he brought to interview were not a surprise during the interview.
He helped him to get a perfect interview and he encouraged him throughout the interviews.
He took the effort to have a mock interview with him before the actual interview.
He sent him on one interview - an interview that resulted in a great opportunity.
John made suggestions for researching companies prior to interviews and also was creative in coming up with questions to ask interviewers.
He works very well with all levels across an organization and is very thorough when conducting research interviews.
He goes above and beyond in researching resume writing, thank you letters, and face to face interviews.
He's great at research and has an insatiable curiosity that drives his interview style.
John participated in the interviews for his doctoral research project.
John is thorough in his research and ensures he has up-to-date information when interviewing guests.
During his interviews, the interviewers have always been very impressed with the depth of his resume and professionalism in his interview.
He knows his stuff when it comes to content and knows which questions to ask because he thoroughly researches his guests to get the best possible interview.
We also appreciate his ability to create content from research, interviews and other means.
He follows direction, does excellent research and interviews exceptionally well.