Research Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is an excellent manager and researcher.

Experienced senior manager in public administration and research management.

He has authority over time management and research.

His insights into record management, and research record management have been invaluable.

I definitely consider him to be one of the best managers of my career.

John is the manager we all wish we've had throughout our career.

I wish him all the best in his career in management.

John was my hiring manager and he was one of the best managers I had throughout my career.

He is also someone who knows how to research what he needs when he does not know the answer.

One of the few researchers who could connect research so well to practice.

John does his research and applies that research to make things happen.

He researched for new things that could be done for the organization.

Having said that, when the research is necessary, he does that too.

John since then and have been following his research activities.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for some serious research.

I knew that his research would further both research and practice.

If he didn't know anything, he researched and found the answers.

He does his research and comes up with just what you require.

You can tell that he is truly enthusiastic in this research.

Not because he got lucky, but because he does his research.

Without his help my research would not have been possible.

John's research is thorough without being too voluminous.

John is very thorough in his research and documentation.

And he's good because he's also thorough in his research.

He is very thorough and is always researching his field.

His research is second to none and always very complete.

Additionally, he was responsible for all our research.

If he cannot help you immediately he will do research.

I have found his research to be thorough and complete.

I found him thorough and independent in his research.

He is thorough in his research and always up to date.

He does his research and gets to know him a customer.

I appreciate the research he does for him postings.

John is exceptionally knowledgeable in research and management of clinical research studies.

He sets an example with the energy that he puts into his research and his management.

All this, and he still managed to support the research with very helpful insights.

John made that possible by managing and directing the entire research practice.

He is looking after all our research related work and managing it really well.

This was how he manages research programs that were assigned to him.

John is a creative and thoughtful researcher and manager.

John is a talented researcher, consultant and manager.

He always made sure that he had understood into all of the work he was managing, so that his management wasn't just schedule based.

Working first with him, then under his management, has been one of the highlights of my own career.

If you have only one manager like him in your career you consider yourself very fortunate.

I wish everyone could have a manager like this at least once in their careers.

John is one of those managers that only comes around once or twice in a career.

John has been one of the best managers to work for so far in my career.

John made an immediate impact on my career, as he was my first manager.

He provided me invaluable management, recruiting and research training.

He does this by example himself and by great coaching and management.

He is what all managers should strive to become in their career.

John happens to be my favorite manager so far in my career.

And, he was the lead researcher in the data management area.

Throughout one's career, there are many people you manage.

I am really blessed to have him as manager in my career.

John was not only my manager, but, my mentor and coach.

John was my first manager in my professional career.

John was definitely one of my best managers in my career at our company.

John goes above and beyond any manager I have had in my career.

A manager like John may come along once in one's career.