Research Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Research Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His research skills are one of the best I've known.
John has excellent research skills.
John does his research and applies that research to make things happen.
John since then and have been following his research activities.
We had also done our own research to see what was on the market.
You can tell that he is truly enthusiastic in this research.
I can appreciate the research that went into the material.
John is one of the best when it comes to market research.
He is very thorough and is always researching his field.
If he cannot help you immediately he will do research.
I found him thorough and independent in his research.
He is thorough in his research and always up to date.
It was very well researched and very well presented.
He does his research and gets to know him a customer.
I'm sure he's going to be an excellent researcher.
If he doesn't know, he says so, and researches it.
John is one of the best researchers out there.
He does his research and can think on his feet.
I wish him all the best in his research career.
He is very well informed and does his research.
I did so after much research and consultation.
He is organized and thorough in his research.
He is extremely thorough does his research.
He often did this research on his own time.
He is also made up for research activities.
If not, he can research anything and advise.
I did the research and he can out on top.
John is the quintessential researcher.
John's techniques are well researched.
His research skills are truly the best and that is what makes him one of the most sought after amongst the team.
John has been instrumental in my honing my research skills.
He is always researching and learning to improve his skills.
He is quite researching and has great analytical skills.
Meticulous research skills with attention to detail.
He has very good researching and networking skills.
John has superb research and presentation skills.
His analytical and research skills are very good.
Excellent analysis and market research skills.
John is a resourceful and skilled researcher.
His research skills were an asset to the group.
He knows the value of research and if he does not know an answer, he will do the research to find it.
He does his research so if you want to get your point across you better come prepared.
He is very clear as to what he wants from the research and how he is going to use it.
He always does his research so that he is prepared and gives the best presentation.
He knows how to do the research and figures out the way to make things happen.
You could tell he had done his research into our firm and came very prepared.
He always has something uplifting to say, and he is an excellent researcher.
If he does not know the answer, he will research and get back with an answer.
He knows and keep researching about marketing and particularly advertising.
He would do his research and be well prepared for him demos/presentations.
He is very thorough in his research and very quick with his deliverables.
He makes sure the inputs he's given and the research he does is thorough.
John is one of those researchers who makes you proud of the profession.
What he is unfamiliar with his researches, always for the best outcome.
John made sure that all of his clients/students researched their goals.
John is one of the few researchers that is not just a name generator.
John does his research and comes to you with well thought out ideas.
John is thorough in his research and provides valuable feedback.
His contributions are always on time, to brief and well researched.
He is always thorough with his research when presenting his papers.
His analytical skills and research on any given thing is remarkable.
He combines excellent research and analytical skills with keen interpersonal skills.
He has excellent research skills and him writing is thorough, brief, and concise.
John's research skills are excellent and he is very thorough in his work.
John is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative primary research.
John is very skilled in research and incredibly knowledgeable.
John researched the company against his skills and knowledge.
He works well under duress, and has a breadth and depth of his skills, including researching skills.
He is skilled in research of the tax code, a skill he used daily.
He helped him learn new skills and enhance his research skills in the field.
John possesses very good research skills, and he always seeks to be the best at whatever he does.
His success comes both from experience, but also from him intelligence and his research skills.
His reputation in the courtroom is impressive as well as his research and observation skills.
His skill in researching and understanding the implications of new concepts is exceptional.
He is very smart and well organised and he is brilliant in research and analysis skills.
He is always here when we needed him and has great research and problem-solving skills.
John has very strong research skills and is passionate about what he believes in.
John research skills continue to impress him as much as his collaborative nature.
Him organizational, research, and problem-solving skills are all excellent.
He is a very skilled researcher who has a knack for taking the initiative.
Having excellent research skills and proficient in conveying his message.
His wide skills and expertise in research makes the impossible possible.
Him inquisitiveness, patience and research skills define him.
After the class, he spent his time guiding us with research skills and paper-writing skills which are very helpful and important for everyone who will be doing research in the future.
He is an exceptionally skilled client-side and all-round researcher.
He may not always have the answers, but he does the work and the research with remarkable skill.
Him skills and knowledge is impeccable, and he is always willing to research further.
And his research skills were only exceeded by his writing, which is graceful and clear.
John knows how people tick, his observations and research skills are unmatched.
Him skills in presentation and research is of a very high-calibre.
His research work being the strongest skill he is most known for.
John is an outstanding researcher with excellent computer skills.
Same goes for his skills in deep diving into data and research.
His skills and advice was instrumental in his own success as a researcher.
You'd be hard-pressed to find someone with his research and storytelling skills.
John applied himself to his studies and demonstrated skills of research, compilation of evidence and written presentation skills.
He uses that research skill - asking questions - to break assumptions and get colleagues to consider new ideas.
His insight, feedback and through response was of great value to the research and reflection of his skills.
He always comes up with ways to quickly sort out problems and his research skills are extraordinary.
John's entrepreneurial, managerial, research and diligence skills and experience are unparalleled.
His research skills are very good and he would be able to find information/data for any topic.
He shines in his approach to skilled research and has an infectious spirit of collaboration.
John has an impeccable attention to detail and his research skills are second to none.
In addition to solid research skills he was insightful and always pushed for clarity.
John also has great research skills of the audience composition for specific needs.
He finds answers to everything due to his high research skills and perseverance
John is an exceptional young man with great research and leadership skills.
His levels of research and planning skills on any topic are exemplary.
He his research skills helped create many successful pursuits for us.
John has strong strategic thinking and thorough research skills.
His organizational skills, programmatic approach, research abilities and collaborative skills are far above what you would find in someone with him years of experience.
He would work with him to hone in on his research skills and highly advocated research best practices.
His research skills are very impressive, and he bends over backward to make his clients happy.
He's one skilled and talented guy, who is always researching new techniques and ideas.
John is a skilled, disciplined, passionate, and creative researcher.
John brings amazing talents and skills to any research challenge.
John's research and communication skills have always inspired him.
John has exceptional skills at identifying passive talent as he is skilled at internet research and sourcing.
Him research skills and overall strategy to help students succeed is exceptional.
Him interviewing and research skills enabled him to present his background and skills in a way that was both thoughtful and thorough.
He can undertake any our company, related issues and resolve it through his skills and research.
Him skills and knowledge were second to none during the research and wire framing of the new website.
Because of his research capabilities, he was also known for putting him 'sleuthing skills to work.
Working with him has helped him to grow and enhance his skill in qualitative & quantitative research.
John is very well versed - he has phenomenal writing, researching, editing and leadership skills.
While he is a more than capable researcher, it is him people skills that sets him apart.
John's knowledge, research skills and passion for him profession are second to none.
He combines exceptional presentation skills with first rate research capability.
One of his best skills is his ability to prepare excellent research reports.
John asked to demonstrate research, analytical skills, depth and vision.
His research skills and tourism knowledge definitely increased.
Our company, John is incredible with research in addition to great people skills.
He knows how to motivate others, seeks solutions to challenges, very skilled in research and has strong analytical skills.
John never lost his planning skills from his earlier career in research and employed those skills in all he did.
He continually impresses him, too, with him content curation and research skills.
His superior research and analysis skills make him an integral part of any research team.
Participants not only learned library research skills, but came to value the library through his leadership.
Him researching skills and willingness to share his learnings have been invaluable to him on more on one occasion.
His research skills are excellent and he is also very capable of absorbing and learning from new approaches.
He is an incredible researcher and interviewer, thanks to his thoughtful and amazing listening skills.
He took to consumer research amazingly well, learning the needed skills very quickly.
Him initiatives, ownership, meticulous research, language skills are all commendable.
His research, candidate identification and interviewing skills are expert level.
His skill set is boundless, and he researches the job until "lift off".
John in the first instance used his candidate research skills to find him for his new employer our company.
He has advanced skills in research and application of new technologies.
This can be attributed to his exceptional networking skills and research into the our marketplace.
His research and networking skills are second to none which always ensures a right match.
He has advanced research skills and is an accomplished blogger and editor.
In addition to his excellent writing skills, he is outstanding in research and in presentation.