Researcher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Researcher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Using him gets you the best without having to do the research.
He is always looking to see how he can help and willing to try new things and look at other ways to try research.
If he didn't know something, he would do the research and get back to him with the right info.
John is one of his best researchers and him research expertise was really valued.
We would certainly use him again, if we need further research into this market.
When he does not know anything he will either ask or research the answers.
He is very thorough in his research and followed up when and as promised.
He does his research so that he knows everything about their operation.
He is getting things done while others are just researching the challenge.
John does his research and applies that research to make things happen.
John always makes sure to do his research, and always keeps in our company.
Having said that, when the research is necessary, he does that too.
Always, thorough with his research and willing to back you an your company.
John since then and have been following his research activities.
He researches where you are going and can help with every detail.
He will find out whatever it is you need, he does his research.
He always goes above and beyond in researching an assignment.
John has clearly done his research and was very well prepared.
He is very thorough, and his conclusions are well-researched.
Always available for help and advice on how to do things, even if he had to research it himself and regardless of his own workload.
He likes to call the things for what they are and if he doesn't know something he will say that, and then will go and research.
If he didn't know how to do something, that was no problem; he'd just go away and research it and come up with the answer.
If he does not know an answer right away, he's more than willing to research and get back with the best possible solution.
What he doesn't know or what he can't do, he'll very willingly research until he has the answer/solution.
John is clearly very passionate about what he does and his material has all been thoroughly researched.
He knows the value of research and if he does not know an answer, he will do the research to find it.
For the few obscure things that he didn't know, he would research and get back to us during breaks.
John has gone out of him way more than once to introduce him to possible research collaborators.
If he was not able to help you, he would definitely do research on how to get the help you needed.
He is very knowledgeable and always willing to research that which he is not already familiar.
He is always very thorough and does his research, so he comes in better prepared than anyone.
If there was something he didn't immediately know, he'd research it and come up with solutions.
He is supportive, don't let things go till its done, whereby he always does the research first.
If he didn't know the answer, he'd either track down who would or do the necessary research.
When he is not working, he is researching how to be better at what he already does very well.
He researched several different types of franchises, and let him research them on his own our company.
If he doesn't know, he'll let you know and then go research the answer or possible solution.
His concepts and the research found in his books were and is well observed and researched.
John will do the necessary research for the project, is very thorough and follows through.
This had surprised him as normally research staff is strong, mainly on back end research.
He is very thorough and when he discusses his ideas you know he has done his researched.
He is knowledgeable and very willing share what he knows or found through research.
John to any of his peers looking for only the best when it comes to our company research.
He does his research so if you want to get your point across you better come prepared.
He knows so much about research, that it's truly like working with a research partner.
John is one of the most intelligent and talented researchers in our research group.
John has done his research and made sure the training was appropriate for our needs.
John always took the assignment you gave him and made it better by his own research.
John is very thorough and detailed with his research that goes into his articles.
John seems to be very thorough and researches things before making recommendations.
John and have been working together on several research in the past two years.
John is an enthusiastic researcher who has an awareness of, the research journey.
John is thorough in his research and knows what is important to our clients.
John always did his research and was knowledgeable of what he was teaching.
John has always come through for him - even on the toughest research recruits.
He always has something uplifting to say, and he is an excellent researcher.
As an interviewer you know he does his research and knows him interviewee
He also went out of his way to help us with recruiting for the coal research.
He does his research and really becomes one with what will engage the target.
He is very current on what is going on in the market and does his research.