Resource Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Resource Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was a good manager who manages their resources well and deliver on time.
John is a superior resource manager as well as client manager.
He knows how to manage people and get them the resources they need, when they need them.
With minimal resources he has managed far more projects than most with far greater resources.
His vision, creativity and resourcefulness in managing with exceptionally limited resources were exemplary.
He always knew how to manage his time as well as that of the resources available to him efficiently.
John was one of the few agency resources who managed to stand out all the time.
He is also an excellent manager of time, resources and manpower.
He was balanced in his approach of managing resources and time.
He is an exceptional people manager and is able to get the best from his resources.
He's calm and organised and knows exactly how to manage people and resources.
And for the team he was resource on whom management can relay on.
John is an experienced manager and a good resource to have in your company.
He has leadership abilities and can manage his resources very well.
John is an awesome, efficient manager of resources and time without being overbearing.
John is resourceful, managers him time well, and is always happy to answer queries.
He is resourceful and always managed to deliver on time, exceeding expectations.
His time management and his ability to prioritise resources was second to none.
He effectively managed his time and resources within inflexible timelines.
His ability to manage his time and other resources is highly evolved.
John managed time and resources and exceeded all expected outcomes.
John was great at managing his resources to reach final objectives.
John is a sincere and serious manager-of personnel and resources.
He knows the arts of managing all stakeholders and resources toward success.
Plus, he has the attributes of a very good manager of both people and resources.
He is an outstanding resource and asset to any manager or employer.
He is resourceful and could manage many clients at the same time without difficulty.
John, when provided with only with enough resources to make small molehills, somehow manages to churn out majestic mountains.
He proved to be an absolutely invaluable resource for change management.
He is good in resource management and has this ability to not only engage his resources but to also reach out and influence different players across the organization.
John is engaging and resourceful when it comes to managing his work efforts.
To this day he is my go-to resource for affiliate management for any of my clients.
He was a go-to resource for his clients, him managers, and his peers.
He is a target-oriented individual and manages his resources well.
John is very professional and always willing to share his expertise with others to help them become better at managing their resources.
John is a very professional, responsible and resourceful manager.
He took the time to ask questions and make sure everyone was handling a manageable load and had necessary resources.
John understands time and resource management and will easily get you on track should you get lost.
John has a deep understanding of time management and resource allocation.
John is also a highly effective manager, who knows exactly how to balance and manage the demands and requirements of multiple resources.
He is a very effective manager of resources and knows how to focus on what is most important.
John is a knowledgeable resource in the document/content management arena.
John is an incredibly energetic, resourceful and creative manager and entrepreneur.
He can pull together the necessary resources to build successful and effective management.
John is an excellent person and resource manager, he has truly global understanding.
He is a good manager and manages the people and resources allotted to him to get the maximum output out of them.
I have seen him managing tasks and resources effectively and efficiently even in the hardest times.
He manages time, tasks and resources in an incredibly efficient way.
John unquestionably is a great use and investment of management's resources.
His focus on the priorities and the management of the resources, were clearly cases of success.
He is an organised, resourceful and diligent worker who needs very little managing.
John made managing our temporary resources easier, from sourcing to fill the positions.
He is excellent in managing his resources when it comes to selection of team members.
John is a very good resource manager and gets the best out of his team members.
He's a great resource that likes to get things done, while still managing to managing to have fun.
He knows very well how to manage resources and is very understanding of the needs of his subordinates.
He manages the resources effectively by getting to know their needs and limitations.
Communicates well, gets the message across and manages his resources efficiently.
Tririga is very lucky to have him managing their most valuable resources.
He manages his resources very well and really gets the "big picture".
He always strives to bring out the best in each resource he manages.
John manages his resources efficiently to get the most out of them.
He is an enthusiastic, yet pragmatic, manager of his resources.
Hands on when he needs to be and a solid manager of resources with the understanding of how to direct and manage.
A resourceful manager that makes himself available to his team.
He managed resources across and within each of the partners very effectively.
He also helped to manage expectations and champion requests for resources among upper management.
Not only was he one of the most effective resource managers, we ever came across, he was known for his friendly nature.
A tenacious manager and always looking ahead, he expects the best and provides you with the resources to get there.
This directly correlates to his ability to get the most out of the resources that he is trusted to manage.
Yet, he managed them all and is always pushing the boundaries and gets more out of existing resources.
He looks out for the best interest of the company while managing resources very effectively.
He provided much of the management escalations to get us additional resources we needed.
He also always managed to leverage resources to get the best results for the company.
Operations folks listen to him since he knows how to manage resources efficiently.
He made sure each employee, he managed had the resources they needed to succeed.
He manages his resources aggressively so that he can come through in a pinch.
As an experienced manager, he is dependable, resourceful and responsible.
He manages all resources in the best way to give the best efficient output.
With his help, we were able to effectively manage our capital resources.
He could easily manage our resource needs, even in unexpected situations.
He knows how to manage our resources for that magical win/win formula.
He somehow manages to get results even faced with minimal resources.
He is a very immaculate manager and knows the relevance of resources.
He understands how to manage resources efficiently and effectively.
He is an extremely resourceful, dedicated and dependable manager.
His management of resources, both on-site and remote is exemplary.
Then he put together a workflow to help him manage his resources.
And he marshalled his resources superbly to manage deadlines.
John has helped him enormously in his role as resource manager.
He thought creatively and got to know the resources he managed.
Often found him to be quite resourceful and a good people manager, managing not only downwards but also upwards on difficult issues.
He managed the limited resources that were available quite well.
Not only does he know how to manage resources, but he can also roll up his sleeves and get into the code.
John also managed priorities and resource conflicts for him very smoothly.
John's greatest asset as a portfolio manager was resource optimization and management.
Not too many managers understand resource distribution the way he does.
John successfully managed these resources, while continuing to manage a critical initiative for the company.
He is excellent at seeing what needs to be done and then managing resources to accomplish the fulfillment of his dreams.
The best part of his management is that he knows how to get the best out of his resources and the same happened with him.
He managed his resources very well to deliver the best value possible, regardless any other contributing constraints.
His management ability is second to none and truly understands what it is to be a resource to his fellow employees.
John manages the available resources to their full potential & is always ready to take up new challenges.
He understands the problem thoroughly and then manages the situation and his resources almost flawlessly.
And due to minimal resources, he did not have an immediate manager to help alleviate responsibilities.
Beki was very resourceful, he never backed away from a challenge and always managed him commitments
He knows how to manage resources, whether they be sparse or grand and he can collaborate with anyone.
He has a vision for what he wants to achieve and effectively manages resources to get things done.
John manages his resources very well, and is strongly recommended in leadership positions.
He manages expectations extremely well, and would be an invaluable resource to any company.
Internally, he was invaluable in getting a handle on resource allocation and management.
It is his can-do attitude that makes him stand out and a wanted resource for any manager.
Also, he is very adept at resource management & understanding the stakeholders' asks.
During his tenure, he proved himself resourceful in managing his varied assignments.
He could manage resources efficiently, always keeping the best route to go in sight.
His management style is great - he is quick, resourceful and always willing to help.
He managed to create and sustain an amazing organization with very little resources.
He's also influenced him in many ways to be a more positive and resourceful manager.
He's very highly regarded by all levels of management and an invaluable resource.
John manages to juggle multiple responsibilities and is an amazing resource.
His always strictly follow up given timelines with management of resource chain.
He very successfully managed his resources and opportunities to maximum effect.
He especially excels at giving feedback and managing resources remotely.
He can manage the limited resource effectively, and deliver as promised.
He is a very good manager & a very valuable resource to any organization.
He's a really proficient resource on leadership and management roles.
In addition, he was a tremendous resource to him as a new manager.
He manages challenging resource pressured environments with ease.
John managed the secondary suppliers, overall plan and resources.
He always manages to finish with tight resources and knows how to deliver an our company.
John, an excellent manager of resources at hand, no matter how limited resources are, he will make plenty out of it.
He manages on and off shore resources with aplomb and can discern when to have a work flow of these various resources.
Health analytics have been one of his resources and he has managed our contribution with poise.
He looks for creative ways to manage his resources by right shoring.
John is also a great resource manager with the ability to extract the best form the people he managed.
Not only is he a consummate manager, but a strong resource for his peers and those who manage him.
Not only was he resourceful, but he manages to get his team very much aligned with the objectives.
It was known that we needed more than one resource manager but he handles it very well.
John shared with him his experience in management of customers' expectations, resource and conflict management.
John manages resources well and collaborates well across various departments and tracks.
He manages several areas without sweat and is an incredible resource for all of us.
He's excellent in terms of managing and motivating resources and is very proactive.
His leadership & insights on resource management areas are very impressive.
His ability to manage resources, people, and priorities are exemplary.
Our company idea of people management and resourcing is what we admire from you John.
John makes very good use of resources available to him and always manages to Co opt additional resources; people like being on his team.
He proved to be an excellent resource manager and managed all aspects of the offshore function seamlessly.
As a manager, he allows him direct reports the freedom to manage their own time and resources.
He ensured the right resources were available at our company and managed our budgets appropriately.
His ability to prioritize and manage outside resources to get the job done are admirable.