Respectable Performance Review Phrases Examples

Respectable Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is someone that you know that you can disagree with and still be respected.
John respects different cultures around the world and we respect him for doing it.
He has not only his respect, but the genuine respect of his staff and customers.
He showed respect to those who reported to him and was respected by them as well.
He's always been respectful, always prompt, and always willing to help in any way possible.
He knows practically everyone and is well respected and well-liked throughout the industry.
John is someone who was truly respected and genuinely liked by all within the company.
As such, he was respected both within and outside of the engineering organization.
John has treated him and others with nothing but respect and is always encouraging.
When you talk with them about him it is obvious he is well liked and respected.
John is genuinely liked and respected by all with whom he came into contact.
John is always cordial and was well-liked and respected by his colleagues.
He has been well respected across the organization as well as our partners.
John is very experienced and is well known and respected in the industry.
He is both liked and respected, which are often competing characteristics.
John is well respected and known for his integrity and professionalism.
John listened to his needs and his hesitations, which he respected.
He gave him back self respect and made him see himself in the best light.
John is one of those genuine people that you both like and respect.
He has always been encouraging and has certainly gained his respect.
John is very popular with his co-workers and was well respected.
He is certainly well respected by both his supervisors and peers.
He will always be respectful, courteous, and most of all honest.
John is well respected by everyone he works with because he demonstrates absolute respect for those around him.
John is a very respectful to his colleagues and well respected by both peers and supervisors.
He is well-respected by our company by management as an efficient and respected resource.
He is poised, respected and will gain clients respect on the first meeting.
He is respected because he demonstrated a great sense of respect.
He is well respected by everyone around him and especially by those of us who report to him.
He is conscientious, always willing to help and is respected by those around him.
He is very confident, respected, and well liked by everyone in the organization.
He's thorough, respectful, and brings out the best in his reports.
He is personable, communicates clearly and is well respected.
He demonstrated much respect and friendliness towards his colleagues and, was well-respected and well-liked in return.
He understands and respects people's culture and that gives him respect in various different communities.
He is highly respected by all who report to him and has completely earned that respect.