Response To Criticism Performance Review Phrases Examples

Response To Criticism Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He took his responsibility seriously, was always responsive, and always kept me informed.
John is very responsive, despite juggling many different responsibilities.
He was always willing to take on more than what was his responsibility.
Ask anyone who knows him, and you'll get the same response.
He always made himself available and was very responsive.
He has always been responsive, responsible and reliable.
He was always responsive, helpful, and responsible.
He gets things done and can take responsibilities.
John was always very thorough and responsive.
John has always been available and responsive.
John is thorough in all his responsibilities.
Extremely responsive and timely with responses.
He is responsive, responsible and trustworthy.
He is doing more than his responsibilities.
John was thorough and he was responsive.
Even if they were not his responsibility.
John is super responsive and responsible.
He was always available to help out in any way that he could even above and beyond what his responsibilities were.
I found him to be knowledgeable and willing to help beyond his immediate responsibilities.
John has always been willing to do whatever it takes, even if it is not his responsibility.
I have found him to be thorough, ambitious and willing to take on new responsibilities.
John will go above and beyond to make sure that his responsibilities are taken care.
John has been very responsive and has always provided value for me and our customers.
He always provides quick responses to questions and is very thorough in his response.
Believes in getting the things done and never shirks away from any responsibilities.
John is very thorough and always goes above and beyond his job responsibilities.
However, what he has done here was way beyond his designated responsibilities.
He always was responsive to our needs and willing to help in any way he could.
The best thing about him is that he is not afraid of taking responsibilities.
Since then he has taken on several new roles with different responsibilities.
He was very responsive and always accepted responsibility where appropriate.
He went above and beyond in helping me through it and was very responsive.
He was always looking for new challenges and taking more responsibilities.
He was responsible and always followed through on what he said he would do.
He was very responsive to our needs and always came through when needed.
In all things he's done for us, he's always been timely and responsive.
He is also willing to learn new things and take on new responsibilities.
John is very helpful and always willing to take new responsibilities.
John also made himself readily available and was always responsive.
I found him always responsive and willing to help in any way he can.
He is responsible, responsive and most importantly very professional.
He is very willing to take over new challenges and responsibilities.
John has always been very responsive to the needs of the business.
John is very responsible and responsive to questions or concerns.
John is willing to take on new responsibilities and challenges.
I couldn't ask for anyone more straightforward and responsible.
John was both thorough and dedicated to his responsibilities.
When he is responsible for something, it is done and done well.
He was always available and ready to take up responsibilities.
When he came to our firm, he took on some new responsibilities.
John is very responsive to any and all needs from employees.
He did this even though it was not his direct responsibility.
He has the will to take any responsibility and is hard working.
A quality that impressed me most, is that he is very responsive.
He was very responsive and followed up on things very timely.
Leadership and responsibility are some of his characteristics.
He will help you take responsibility for your own well being.
John knows really well his business and is very responsive.
I found him to be very responsive to our needs and deadlines.
He is always available to help out and extremely responsive.