Retail General Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Retail General Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John management is the "power track" at our company in general management and beyond.
As a manager, he is generous with praise and is well-liked and respected.
His leadership capabilities made him to the general manager position.
He is highly respected in both academia and general management.
He has been an understanding, generous manager, and committed to his employees.
John is a very generous and at the same time challenging manager.
John was at that time just begun in his role as general manager.
John has a management style that is both generous and demanding.
He is very experienced and talented manager of a new generation.
In him department and in general management, he always seems to go above and beyond what was asked of him.
John has always found the right mix between the impulse generator and the department manager.
I found him to be diligent, thorough in everything he did and a general top class manager.
Above all, he is a fine and generous manager with humor and dedication.
Even when under this pressure he is still one of the most rigorous managers in the agency and always generous with his time.
John has generated enormous progress in our campaign management procedures.
John was a 'hands on' general manager that was always willing to help.
John can be highly recommended for management and revenue generation.
He is extremely generous with advice and expertise, and just a top-notch retailer.
John is very generous with helping other managers within the group, and we all value his input, and enthusiasm.
His veteran approach is especially surprising considering his relatively short tenure as general manager.
Regardless of the demographic, scale or constraints, he has always managed to generate flawless results.
John was an intelligent, extremely organized, general manager.
John's in touch with retailing and the retail community at so many levels.
Such was my case as he gave me my first general manager's job.
He's an excellent hands-on general manager who brings out the best in people.
He is an expert in retail with tons of experience in the area of retail ops.
John is an accomplished general manager with an outstanding track record.
He's very generous with his time and advice and what he doesn't know about issue management is probably not worth knowing.
On top of that, he is very responsible, well-organized, purposeful and an outstanding manager in general.
He was able to effectively balance the link between management and general employees.
John managed both outbound & inbound demand generation with precision and finesse.
He understands all facets of revenue generation and man management.
He manages through humor and is ever ready to generously share his knowledge.
A very generous manager who shares his knowledge to those who seeks it.
Have learnt a great indepth knowledge while working with him about the retail and management in general.
John was a general manager who took extreme pride in his team.
John's ability to compartmentalize and manage issues at multiple retail locations is astounding.
He has been an adviser and a mentor to many of our managers as well as to our young generation of hoteliers.
His general management abilities come to the fore as he deals seamlessly with all stakeholders with ease.
He has a unique ability to generate commitments from individual contributors and managers.
I think he's an excellent businessman in general, an excellent leader and manager.
I strongly recommend him for anything related to start ups and to general management.
John was a great manager to have in the company and a good colleague generally.
John is a strong general manager in every sense that this title implies.
John's big picture mindset and strategic approach have also generated results at retail.
John is an outstanding general manager that produces great results.
John has deep experience across the entire electricity value chain from generation through to retail.
He gives generously of his time and experience to his team and colleagues in general.
The fan following he generates wherever he goes is something to learn from.
He draws on his past experience and achievements in general management to great effect.