Retail Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Retail Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

The respect that he has garnered from the fashion industry in retail and wholesale is an ongoing conversation in the industry.
John knows the retail industry inside and out and is more than happy to share his experience with others.
He can take a concept from whiteboard to retail shelf like no one else in the industry.
John's much respected roles within the retail and search industry are well earned.
He knows a lot of the retail industry and he's recognized in this sector.
John's insight into the retail industry makes him a significant asset.
John's rich knowledge of the retail industry and the problems and challenges retailers face is remarkable.
His retail knowledge and passion has been and is an asset to the industry.
His leadership, vision and drive are unparalleled in the retail industry.
John definitely knows the retail electrical industry forwards and backwards, inside out you might say.
Our company online retail industry is the better for John's input.
John's knowledge of retail marketing and the retail drug industry was invaluable.
He has specialized in the gaming industry, however, he is very multifaceted and can work in any industry, including retail.
What impressed him most was that he possessed a deep understanding of the retail industry and him as his candidate.
His insights and evaluations of retail email are among the most respected and valued in the industry.
It's clear that he knows what he's talking about and he has a lot of experience the retail industry.
He continues to be innovative, especially in thinking about the luxury retail industry.
John brought an exorbitant amount of experience and expertise in the retail industry.
In addition, he brings deep insight into consumer industries especially retail.
His vertical expertise and understanding of the retail industry sets him apart.
This was demonstrated by his ability to master the nuances of the 'retail' industry and specializing in solutions for this industry.
His counsel in the retail industry has elevated the work we deliver towards our retail clients.
John provided our team with excellent retail industry insight and analysis.
His wealth of experience in retail industry makes him an asset to the team.
He brought forth his experience in the retail industry while discussing marketing and valuation of retail companies.
His experience and wealth of knowledge within the retail industry are unsurpassable.
He possesses extensive knowledge of the retail industry that is unmatched.
If that is not enough, he is instrumental in making sure that what we do across the board is relevant and current in the retail industry.
Based on many years as a practitioner in retail and other industries, he knows exactly how to help people to succeed.
More importantly, he took the time to mentor him in his career in the retail industry.
His knowledge of the retail automotive industry is truly impressive.
John knows the retail industry deeply - what has happened, what is happening (trends) and what is most likely to happen in the next few years.
At that time he has held many high level positions with some of the largest retailers in our industry.
His broad experience in the retail industry and street savvy are proving invaluable.
His professionalism and passion for the retail industry was apparent to all of us.
John is a man perfectly made for the service industry (retail).
He has a good eye for details which is key in the retail industry
John not only understands retail, but he also understands how technology is improving the industry.
John is an exceptional industry leader in the world of retail dietitians.
John's insight and vision in retail is a benefit for all of us and the industry overall.
His big proficiency and education in the retail industry can be an example for everyone.
John has immense knowledge about the retail industry and enterprise solutions.
John became a very valuable resource within the retail industry and was assigned many different responsibilities.
His background is in retail toys, but he is well versed in the premium industry as well.
His passion for the retail facilities, industry is absolutely contagious and his knowledge about this industry is deep.
His ability to quickly adapt to industry changes and continue to be an industry leading liquor retailer is impressive.
His vast knowledge of the retail industry provided us with an analysis that exceeded our expectations.
John understands the minutest detail in the retail and the real estate industry
His work has made a major contribution to the retailer and our company industries.
As a retail expert him knowledge of the industry is phenomenal and his relationships with key retailers excellent.
Both he and his team are always very accommodating which is important within an ever changing retail industry.
He is very well connected with industry, having had a career where he has worked in many parts of industry value chain in the retail food industry.
While in the retail industry, he was perhaps the most influential person in his career.
John knows the retail technology industry through-and-through, and is (as mentioned) very well connected to the thought leaders in the industry.
John also brought industry insights into every meeting and kept his hand on the pulse of the retail marketplace.
He's able to work with a myriad of different industries ranging from entertainment, automotive, retails, and industrial.
His experience in the retail industry only makes him stronger and wiser when it comes to giving strong advices about certain situations.
John not only understands the retail industry, but has the ability to navigate through complex problems and make critical decisions.
Throughout the years his results oriented mindset has delivered great achievements in the retail industry.
John has a strong understanding of the retail industry and would be a great asset to any organization.
Godspeed to him even as he sets out to break the last mile paradigm in the omnichannel space, not only for our company, but also for the retail industry.
John knows the photo industry from all sides, retail, distribution, and manufacturing.
He does his research and really cares about the online retail industry.
He is very sharp and has always been on top of the newest trends in the retail industry as well as technology.