Retail Sales Performance Review Phrases Examples

Retail Sales Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His enthusiasm together with his intimate knowledge of sales, retail and franchising means he can create enormous value for any retail or sales organisation.
His knowledge of retail was not only helpful on the sales side.
He oversaw rapid growth in direct sales through our website and retail sales from our gift shop.
John implemented internal sales strategies and guidance to the retail sales organization.
John understands how to drive sales across multiple retail locations and increase the average sales per customer.
His ability to drive sales from the retailer and consumer perspective is extraordinary.
His passion and extensive knowledge of retail sales is apparent.
Him sales and retail experience resulted in over-achievement of his sales goals and high client satisfaction.
John comes up with solutions that create sales opportunities for our largest retailer, our company.
During that period he was able to significantly increase our retail sales while minimizing all expenditures.
John would always think outside the box, and was also a great retail sales professional.
John recently transitioned onto a consolidated retail sales team and continues to do a great job, he is one of our best retail sales people we have.
John also radiates an optimism and passion for retailing that are reflected in his sales team.
John happens to be one of the key strategic thinkers among the retail sales team.
Not only did he help him make the transition from retail to telephonic sales, but he taught him how to be successful selling in his own skin.
Him direct understanding of the retail environment also gives him the sort of insight that makes an immediate sales impact
John has consistently increased wine sales at retail locations where he interacts with consumers.
John is very innovative in growing sales and margins for the retailers he worked with.
John brought a different and refreshing perspective to retail automotive sales.
He has a comprehensive understanding of retail marketing and sales.
He provided them the necessary tools and concepts to help them increase sales in today's competitive world of retail.
He always keeps his eye on future opportunities, and as a result, directly influences the increase of retail sales.
John would be a true asset for any positions requiring retail sales and comes with his heartfelt recommendation.
His ability to be a top performer in both retail and enterprise sales is unique.
As a retail and sales professional he has added a lot of value to our company.
John brings an incredible sales talent to the table that all retailers are focused on gaining.
In addition to the above, his sales abilities strongly contributed to increase the retail revenue.
Additionally, he had a real knack for the retail sales portion of the business.
He understands sales techniques from a retail and business approach.