Retail Sales Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Retail Sales Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has given us new life in sales by teaching us to be consultative rather than just another sales person.
John is an outstanding sales consultant that any company would be smart to have on their side.
Beyond that, he is an impressive sales consultant who is always delivering solid results.
I would highly recommend him for any consultative sales or leadership position.
He takes his position as a sales consultant for my company very seriously.
John's success was driven by a consultative approach to sales.
His consultative sales approach is sincere and this is most critical in any sales process.
John is the most insightful retail consultant that we have ever worked with.
His sales approach is definitely consultative and structured around what my needs are.
John brings with him a fresh attitude to sales and consulting.
Customers consider him to be an ideal sales consultant - knowledgeable and not pushy.
He is the founding consultant and the one who ran with it when it departed the retail setting.
He is always very consultative to help all our customers to do the best things to help increase their sales.
John adds value to each transaction he is involved in and his consultative sales approach is enlightening.
John is selfless, he is dedicated, he understands the nuances of sales consulting like no one else.
He was consulted in his approach and exceeded the sales expectations set for him.
He is an experienced presales consultant who with a strong sales orientation.
He uses a consultative sales approach with problem solving methodology.
He thrives in a consultative sales atmosphere and is driven to success.
John consulted me and my staff on the importance of executing effective consultative sales and advanced sales techniques.
I strongly recommend him as a speaker or consultant, especially for sales organizations.
Our sales numbers have grown by double since our last consulting engagement with him.
John has a unique sales and consulting approach which is refreshing and engaging.
He would be a tremendous asset to any consulting or sales organization.
He helped a number of sales engagements as presales consultants.
He is very customer centric and understands the value of consultative sales.
From an individual perspective his sales style is one that is not intimidating but consultative which prospects have come to appreciate and respect.
John was primarily responsible for more than doubling consulting sales in a two-year period.
John has a very focused and consultative sales approach which proved incredibly successful.
He doesn't take 'no' for an answer and has become a successful sales consultant as a result.
He offered valuable sales consulting advice that really helped me in reaching quota.
John is a natural problem solver that leverages his consultative sales approach.
He is a gifted pre-sale consultant and truly cares about his clients both before and after the sale.
John is a very enthusiastic trainer, speaker and sales consultant.
This makes him a valuable member of any sales or consulting team.
His sales consultation to the team members was highly regarded.
They found his consultant, sales style to be professional and persistent, but never pushy.
John has provided incredible insight into the overall sales theories and approaches as a consultant to my organization.
There is no doubt in my mind, he will add the same value to any organization that is seeking sales consulting advice.
John's fantastic attitude and pleasant outlook is what makes him such a great sales consultant.
John earns him client's respect through his responsiveness and consultative sales approach.
John is a tremendous consultant with outstanding sales and leadership talent.
He comes from a family background of sales consulting - its "in his blood.
John is an excellent consultant and has achieved great successes through intelligent sales.
John epitomizes the ideal when it comes to being a sales consultant at a specialty audio-video retail establishment.
He taught me how to be a consultant rather than a sales person.
He provided them the necessary tools and concepts to help them increase sales in today's competitive world of retail.
A master of consultative sales, he models that behavior on joint sales calls.
I enjoyed being his solutions consultant and would recommend him for any group sales positions.
He coaches me to be the most effective sales consultant to our clients.
He is a great sales consultant as he comes up with new ideas, but is also flexible enough to not be bothered if that suggestion doesn't pan out.
John's entrepreneurial spirit along with his consultative sales nature yielded results which far exceeded targets.
He progressed rapidly through the organisation as a consequence of his persistence and consultative sales approach.
John is a highly successful sales consultant with a humility that is rare for someone with his success.
John is a world-class sales consultant who genuinely delivers on what he commits to.
John is an expert in sales and public speaking and consulting.
John has also received solid reviews from the retailers that he is involved with as a consultant.
John provided great sales support and was always available when needed for any type of consultation.
John brings an incredible sales talent to the table that all retailers are focused on gaining.
John helped us out for a few months as a sales consultant / interim head of sales and did an amazing job.