Retail Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Retail Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His enthusiasm together with his intimate knowledge of sales, retail and franchising means he can create enormous value for any retail or sales organisation.
John is very adept at managing competing priorities from multiple sales managers.
John is a successful retail manager who has a huge wealth of knowledge of sales and the retail which he shares more than willingly.
John is an accomplished retail manager who drives sales and profit with his team.
He has exceeded our expectations not only in sales, but also in regards to his management responsibilities.
John has the kind of passion one wants to see in any sales person/sales manager.
He's also an experienced sales manager who's willing to share all that he knows.
John creates a partnership with you and become one of your best sales managers.
I recommend him to anyone looking for sales focused leadership and management.
John's sales and management abilities were unparalleled to his colleagues.
He is extraordinary in every category of sales management and leadership.
He consistently impressed me with his abilities in sales and management.
I would recommend him management and sales leadership capabilities.
I would strongly recommend him for any sales or management opening.
I consider him the gold standard in sales management and expertise.
John can be the perfect technical e sales manager for any company.
He is a wonderful example of leadership in sales and management.
John is the most engaging, well versed inside sales manager around.
John is not just the salesperson, but he is beyond all sales and managing people.
John is a dedicated people manager and a focused sales manager.
He always indicated clearly what he needed in advance and together we managed to increase his sales results.
John is a rarity in both sales management and leadership, he says what he will do and then does it.
I would recommend him to any great company looking for excellence in their management and their sales.
He is definitely a candidate for taking up more responsibilities, especially on the sales management side.
John often led these discussions through his sales, management and leadership accomplishments.
He is an insightful, dedicated sales manager who is not only smart but also empathetic.
John is an aggressive and dedicated sales manager with over achievement of his quota.
He takes his quota responsibility very seriously and is an effective sales manager.
Feedback from all participants (all experienced sales managers) was very positive.
John can be described as an extremely focused, results orientated sales manager.
He is very well versed in sales management techniques and results driven.
John is a great manager who excels in leadership, particularly in sales.
John was great to deal with as a consultant/project sales manager.
John has a strong background in management, sales, and tourism.
John was a friendly and effective manager of the sales force.
He's a pleasure to manage and knows when to seek management input on solving sales problems.
John is a clear leader in sales management as well as supplier management.
He is able to manage sales teams and drive them to achieve their sales targets.
John's sales and management experience always paid off in every situation.
It is obvious that he has great sales and management experience.
John is an energetic, positive, and incredibly competent sales manager.
John is an excellent sales manager and an asset to every organization.
I would recommend him to anyone who would inquire about his skill-sets in sales or sales management.
He transformed me from a corporate sales guy to retail sales manager & learnt business in overall perspective.
John was my sales manager a few years ago and was one of the best people we had in the company.
John has an in-depth understanding of sales and event management.
I would definitely recommend him as a sales person and/or manager for any sales organization.
Recommend Ganesan for his smart sales management and customer management capabilities.
John is very dedicated and enthusiastic, always looking for new sales opportunities and is also a great manager.
He has excellent management abilities and should be considered by anyone looking to strengthen their sales efforts.
He consistently proves that he is truly the force to be reckoned with in the sales management arena.
John is a colleague that always provided me with insight in managing complex sales situations.
He really understands how selling and sales management should be conducted in today's world.
John is a very complete sales manager - he's great in most things and good at the others.
John was my manager for over a year during which we have accomplished great sales results.
John is an enthusiastic sales manager who is dedicated, sharp and focused on outcomes.
John is a tenacious sales manager who collaborates with all stakeholders to get it done.
John is excellent at following up and exceeds expectations in his sales management role.
I warmly recommend him to leadership and management roles, as well as any sales roles.
John has had a sterling career in sales management with varying responsibilities.