Revenue Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Revenue Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

While constantly bringing new accounts, quarter after quarter, he also increased the revenue from him existing accounts.
His figures for new revenue and account growth were always above target.
He can almost triple the traffic for your account, and at least double your revenue.
John is always the true professional and when he went after an account, you could consider the account delivered.
John continuously drove revenue from his account as well as others that he was involved in.
He then continues to grow the account bringing in additional revenue.
His efforts were directly responsible for driving and maintaining revenue at all accounts.
John helps increase accountability across departments that increase revenue.
He's always accountable and holds him team accountable as well.
In addition, while doing all of this, he was successful in increasing the revenue of his account portfolio.
It is for this reason that one of his accounts has grown to be one of the largest contributors to our revenue growth.
One in particular, he more than doubles the six figure revenue stream with the first year of handling the account.
He achieved this consistently while maintaining those accounts and growing them organically for further revenue.
John held all of us accountable and those of us who took action experienced exponential growth in our revenues.
He threw himself into his new defined role and quickly increased revenues in nearly every one of his accounts.
John would penetrate the account and maximize our revenue potential while minimizing competition.
He's taken a major account with negligible revenue and grown it into one of our largest.
He has proved he can open new accounts and realize a significant level of revenues.
The account continues to grow and bring in revenue purely off of his dedication.
He takes full accountability as the "owner" of revenue for the company.
He constantly broke new accounts, increasing revenue year-over-year.
Grew the our company account from almost nothing to a major global revenue stream.
John increased revenue and expanded our relationships in the accounts we shared.
Ensures that all coupons him duly accounted for and the company's revenue does not get into the wrong hands.
He grows revenues by building trust and respect within his accounts.
Working with him on account penetration strategies and connecting the dots within some of our larger accounts was always rewarding.
John proved to very professional and effective with our existing accounts while being determined by our new accounts.
His ability to connect and cover the account for revenue achievement for the quarter was excellent.
John landed marquis accounts that still regularly provide new license revenue for our company.
Of him care, the number of accounts increased and both profit and revenue went up.
He consistently grew revenue while maintaining profit margins with key accounts.
He successfully broke into new sectors and accounts and delivered strong revenue for our company.
He turned the account into a referral account and they then moved an our company contract from one of our competitors to ourselves increasing our revenue.
John ensured that he accounts produced significant revenue for the company.
Overall, he is very accountable as well as extremely professional.
John is an excellent accountant that provides thorough service.
He is always contactable and accountable towards his service.
Our company all accounts John has been always been very professional.
Meticulous, creative and target-oriented, it is no wonder that he is one of the key revenue contributory to the account.
John built strong relationships with him new accounts and over-achieved on him revenue numbers.
This has always led to strong relationships and aggressive revenue growth on his accounts.
John's role has included opening new accounts, increasing revenue from the install base and renewing existing accounts.
Under his leadership the account grew in terms of revenue as well as team size.
He encourages dialogue, collaborative discussions all of which drive revenue, accountability, and self-improvement.
His knowledge and experience in revenue accounting was a great plus for our company.