Risk Management Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Risk Management Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows when and how to take on risk, but mitigate and minimize the impacts of that risk.
He was especially good with assessing risk and risk mitigation.
He helped me to become an effective analyst and a better manager.
He is willing to take risks and try new things and he is very coachable.
He has a thorough understanding of risk management concepts and fundamentals.
John facilitated an in depth review of our risk profile and risk management capabilities.
He knows and foresees the risks and finds ways to mitigate such risks.
During his time here, he showed to be an excellent student and an excellent risk management analyst.
I would have no reservations in recommending him, in particular in the risk management space.
John follows his dreams as we all want to but few will will ever venture to because of the risk.
He was always willing to stand up and say what needed to be said, regardless of the risks.
Generous, risk-taking, willing to put himself out there and be exactly who he is.
John has always encouraged me to take risks even when things seem impossible.
He was always encouraging me to take the appropriate risks and get my name out.
John always encouraged me to push myself, to try new things and to take risks.
Not that he has taken risks, but they have only taken him to newer horizons.
He is focused on the right things, and is willing to take calculated risks.
He is willing to take risks, but will not compromise himself or others.
John is someone who is willing to take a risk and get uncomfortable.
He is very thorough and able to look at risk from many perspectives.
John empowered even the most discouraged among us to take new risks.
He is willing to take a risk, but usually they are well calculated.
But he is also not afraid of taking risks and of new challenges.
He always puts others first, and is not afraid to take risks.
During that period when effective governance and risk management was required, he actually excelled in management capabilities.
He then managed the risks and dependencies effectively among all the impacted stakeholders.
John also taught me how to analyze risk and ways to reduce the risk as much as possible.
John is an outstanding manager, an excellent analyst and a very fast learner.
With that said whenever he did have concerns he made sure to proactively let me know and do whatever he could to mitigate any risks.
He encouraged me to be more confident & take more risks with my clientele.
He is certainly someone you can bounce ideas off without the risk of prejudice.
John does not mind taking risks and he also doesn't mind asking for help.
John knows when trouble is near, definitely the queen of mitigating risks.
John isn't afraid to make changes, to tackle challenges and to take risks.
He's not afraid to take risks and knows how to make his ideas profitable.
He always challenged me to think outside the box and take measured risks.
He always followed up on issues and risks that had been raised with him.
He never backs down from a challenge and is very willing to take risks.
He is a self starter and is willing to take risks to do the right thing.
He encouraged coworkers to be inventive and to take appropriate risks.
He never gives up and is able to take risks without hesitation and win.
He would explore and come up with unconventional with calculated risk.
He is always looking at every situation to balance risk with reward.
He is not adverse to risk and balances this by doing his homework.
He is not afraid to try out new things and take risks when needed.
I appreciate his use of candor and his willingness to take risks.
John has guts, an ability to take risks and makes things happen.
He is brave and willing to take risks, yet pragmatic and sensible.
With willingness to take up challenges and risks he will go places.
He's never been afraid of taking risks to achieve the unthinkable.
I could be aggressive and take risks knowing that he had my back.
He has taken calculated risk which were pragmatic and realistic.
He is not afraid of the unknown and is not shy to take risks.
He is not afraid of changes and minimizes the involved risk.
I have found him to be adept, and mindful of mitigating risks.
He is adept at managing stakeholders, complex requirements, risks and timelines.
He is very strong in being able to flag risks and then mitigate those risks with possible solutions.