Risk Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Risk Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I was the claim manager and he was the risk management leader.

John was working on risk management and the implementation of new risk management software.

John is very proactive in managing risks and bringing them to management's attention.

He understands how to support his management and to be proactive in risk management.

John was managing and implementation, operational risk management within the bank.

He managed my portfolio with consistency and perfect risk management.

He's almost fearless, but won't risk what's not hers to risk.

He truly understands how to make risk and risk management create value for the client.

He knows how to manage and take advantage of the appropriate levels of risk.

John provided invaluable advice to me concerning risk management.

John is extremely knowledgeable within risk and value management.

Open for new ideas and willing to take and manage (limited) risks.

He is very well educated in all aspects of risk management.

He also was effective at identifying and managing risks.

Always manages risks and tries to find the best solution.

Most companies have hidden risks that should be managed.

John is the consummate risk management professional.

He is innovative, yet manages risk with capability.

John is one of the best risk managers I have ever known.

John is a 'true' risk manager not only dealing with insurance, but also involved in risk management.

He was managing the escalation meetings showing progress and managing risks.

John is a manager and thought leader in risk management and insurance.

Along with this John has masses of experience in risk management and incident management.

He brought a deep knowledge of risk management, requirements management, and program management to our company.

We served together on risk management, quality management and senior management teams at our company.

He is willing to take risks and try new things and he is very coachable.

He has always been willing to take risks and new challenges.

He allowed you to think for yourself and take some risks.

He is honest and will tell you ahead what are the risks.

I have seen him courageously try new things while at the same time properly managing the associated risks.

John is not afraid of taking risks which is what differentiates him from the mediocre managers.

I would have no reservations in recommending him, in particular in the risk management space.

John takes challenges and manages the risk associated with it well and comes on top.

He is very good at identifying risks and implementing strategies to manage those risks.

He is very knowledgeable in the field of risk management and always very professional.

In my opinion, he is probably one of the best risk and safety managers around today.

I have always found him professional, sincere and passionate about risk management.

John was very knowledgeable in those positions and very proactive in managing risk.

He consistently focuses on risk controls and his risk management responsibilities.

Additionally, his professionalism in risk management and insurance is exceptional.

He then took on additional responsibilities around insurance and risk management.

John has always put himself ahead of the curve in credit and risk management.

He has a thorough understanding of risk management concepts and fundamentals.

John is very organised and disciplined in managing the risks and issues.

He brings those things up to upper management and risks the fallout.

Has insurance experience that gives him an edge for risk management.

John is something of an international expert in managing fleet risk.

John also managed the inevitable risks and issues very well.

John has been instrumental in making risk management effective.

John has expertise in risk management and is technically adept.

John's quantitative and risk management knowledge is excellent.

John is a pioneer when it comes to risk management consulting.

John is an excellent risk manager with many years' experience.

He made risk management and insurance fun - believe it or not.

John is an experienced risk, controls, and compliance manager.

John has solid experience in operations and risk management.

John is an incredibly knowledgeable risk manager for our team.

John is truly a visionary in the field of risk management.

John successfully managed to balance risk and opportunity.

John is very practical about information risk management.