Safety Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Safety Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of his key advisors, even though he may not know it.
Takes his position very seriously and will not take shortcuts regarding safety.
He is responsible for the safety and well being of his troops.
John is conscientious and thorough in his approach to safety.
Especially for safety related matters, he made his role as safety personnel is cushy.
He can be counted on not only for results, but for being an advisor and friend.
He's as much an advisor as a photographer, and he knows what he is doing.
What sets him apart as an advisor is his humility and approachability.
Along with that he has been a key advisor to him over the years.
John's dedication to safety and the promotion of safety to his clients is outstanding.
John's attitude to safety is second to none it's always in the forefront of any task.
John would be an asset to any organisation that is truly committed to safety.
John's determination of safety on our site is second to none.
He is successful in this position as he was in his safety role.
Second, 'psychological safety', he is an unparalleled listener.
He also was an advisor on his novel being published soon and if it isn't successful then.
More than that, he was and remains to be his trusted mentor and advisor.
Clients respect, value and trust him as both advisor and mentor.
John is an insightful mentor and one of his trusted advisors.
Employee safety was first and foremost to him and is passionate about his job.
He is highly safety conscious and any decisions he does make always reflects safety as job one.
Really appreciate it when at times he will send him a thank you card for having him as his advisor.
He made everyone passionate about the course and also a very good listener and advisor.
He is both a sensible advisor and sensitive listener to all those he encounters.
Combined with his listening capacities, it makes him a good advisor.
We value and respect his time and role as an advisor tremendously.
He is decisive and trustworthy and a really excellent advisor.
John has been a critical advisor to our company since our inception.