Sales Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Coming from sales himself, he is in tune with the needs of sales and did everything he could to make sales successful.
Not only in sales, but most important to him, he also knows how doing this in after sales.
He knows exactly what sales and our clients are looking for since he used to be in sales.
John supported the sales staff and was always willing to do whatever it took to get the sale for his salespeople
John followed through every step of the way and was always available for help before, during, and after the sale.
John goes out of his way to better himself in both his processes and the way in which he sails
John performed in both inside sales and outside sales while under his supervision.
John is always willing to help, going above & beyond to help out the sales team.
He is truly someone you can count on, both before, during and after the sale.
John is one of the sales that always looking for the end-to-end perspective.
He does what's right when no one is looking, which is less common in sales.
He's definitely someone you want to know and our company with, if you're in sales.
He followed up after the sale as well to make sure we had what we needed.
John is very effective in following up on sales leads and getting sales.
He has also been willing to help us with questions following the sale.
He is better than all the books and knows as much or more about sales.
John is also a sales focussed and is always looking to close the sale.
John has enough experience in sales to help any sales organization.
He always goes above and beyond what is required and gets the sales.
Thank you for all that you do for him and every other woman in sales.
John is by far one of the best sales professionals in the sales area.
He is always looking for the right solution and not just the sale.
John knows his stuff when it comes to sales and sales management.
John's approach to "sales" is not the same as most sales people.
Rather than just trying to make the sale, he makes the customer.
He won't tell you what you want to hear just to get the "sale".
He is very supportive, and with his help we made several sales.
Both before and after the sale he has always been there for us.
John's sales are not the only thing that makes him so successful.
There's nothing better - is what he said - than software sales.
John followed through on the sale well after it was completed.
John should be your go-to source if you need help with sales.
He is who you have been looking for to help boost your sales.
John is one of those must have people when it comes to sales.
He is always willing to help him in many sales opportunities.
He is very thorough and knows how to follow up to make sales.
John goes above and beyond for every customer and every sale.
More than all of that, though, was the way in which he followed up and continually let him know where things were in the sales process.
Doing what you say you will and following through are most important to him comes to business, especially for someone in sales.
John is the consummate sales professional as he is forever looking out for the next new sales opportunity.
He understands that sales aren't just about making a sale, but about the sales process and the sales life our company.
His passion for sales is second to none and he can help any business get the best out of their sales team.
It really impressed him that he is not just out for the sale, but truly what is best for us as the client.
If he says he has something that can help you believe him because he is not a guy just out for the sale.
John is instrumental in his development from inside sales through channel sales and into direct sales.
John always was thinking about how he could help his business, even after he had already made the sale.
John always got it done when it came to his sales goals and going above and beyond for his company.
John is the sales magician and would recommend him and only him to anyone looking for sales training.
It's all about relationships when it comes to sales and he has exactly that with each of his clients.
He has always provided awesome support throughout the sales process and knows how to get the sale.
John is the best type of manager that someone could ask for, and not just when it comes to sales.
John has been there, done that and will get you the results you want from your inside sales team.
John is one of those few in sales that could really bridge the gap between sales and our company.
John has been never afraid to go above and beyond for his sales team or anyone else on the sales floor.
John will be an asset to any sales organization that wants to take their sales to the next level.
John has been very coachable always willing to learn and do whatever is necessary to make the sale.
While his job was sales, after the sale he made himself available to us for support, advice.
His experience has always been that he is always there for the customer even after the sale.
John always got to know him client's and their needs before taking on the sales process.
Generating solid sales leads was just one of the many things he did to help our sales grow.