Sales Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He hadn't come from a sales background, but quickly picked up all sales procedures to successfully execute in a demanding outbound sales role.
John is an organized, experienced and motivated sales executive.
John is the type of account executive that every successful sales organization needs to build around.
He is the quintessential mentor, and knows how to bring out the best in his account executives.
He is accountable and responsible and executes his duties with vigour and determination.
John's persistence and dedication make him an extremely successful account executive.
John made the transition from the account executive position to the sales trainer position very seamlessly.
John is an exceptional sales executive, but what impresses me the most is his leadership ability.
John is a seasoned sales executive who consistently goes above and beyond what is expected.
He is dynamic and confident, which is exactly what you need in a top sales executive.
John is a seasoned sales executive that understands sophisticated, value selling.
John is an impressive sales executive that takes initiative and makes things happen.
John is an outstanding sales executive and his results are evident in his success.
I would strongly recommend him for any role in sales or executive leadership.
John is the man when it comes to outbound sales strategy and execution.
I would love to have him on my side while executing complex sales deals.
He was clear in his sales strategy and consistent with his execution.
He understands the need for, and executes, strong sales strategies.
I can confidently say that he is a rare to find sales executive.
He is truly a sales executive that shows incredible leadership.
John is an extremely experienced sales executive who can always make commitments.
He moved rapidly from inside sales to outside sales, then onto our national accounts team.
He consistently exceeds sales goals and truly goes above and beyond for him accounts.
He has a sales-oriented mindset that will ultimately make him one of any organizations 'go-to' account executives.
John is a top notch sales and account executive; one of the very best in the business.
John is a phenomenal asset as a strategic sales and account executive.
John brought sales structure, accountability, and sales methodology to the team.
John is one of those printing account executives that you run across infrequently.
John is an outstanding financial and accounting executive as well as an executive mentor for entrepreneurs.
He also held some round tables with sales executives at some of our member companies.
John always impressed me as an astute, clever and enterprising sales executive.
During that period, he was the top sales executive in my entire organization.
John is an aggressive, highly motivated, yet professionally minded sales account executive.
John is an excellent account executive; he is always aware of his clientele and helpful in all situations with is the sales team.
John is very attractive, knowledgeable and trustworthy sales executive.
John was one of the top account executives in our office by always achieving sales well above quota.
John's accounts know him by name and are always happy to see him, which also translates into consistent sales placements.
Even after the sale, he continued to maintain account ownership and make sure things were addressed.
John has helped us bring visibility and accountability to our sales organization.
He was also instrumental in sales cycles with existing accounts.
He is a powerful and strategic account executive and would be an incredible addition to any sales force.
He is known to execute and delivers results both when he was in sales and as an enablement partner.
I wish all of our reseller partners had such fantastic sales executives like him.
He has very good sales instincts, follows up on the plan and executes.
With his expertise easily can help in sales, planning and execution.
John is the one helping you get things done and a committed sales executive in the deal making.
In addition, he is very hardworking and dedicated to being a successful sales executive.
A hungry sales executive who exceeded the targets and 'hustled' his way into larger deals.
He is highly experienced in executing on sales strategies with success.
He is a charismatic, empathetic sales executive who delivers results.
Not only is he a first-rate sales executive, he's also a great guy.
John is, simply stated, a sales executive of the highest caliber.
He also has the ability to farm existing accounts well for repeat sales.
John is a very experienced and professional sales executive that knows how to handle an account and get deals closed.
He was very good at hiring and training new account executives as well organizing the sales department.
I would recommend him in any sales environment where consistency and accountability were critical.
John made a huge difference in helping me transition from accounting to sales.
Always thinking about his sales numbers and growing his account deck.
John's work ethic and results have always been outstanding as a sales Mgr and Sr account executive.
He hired a strong account executive and worked with him to successfully fill the sales funnel.