Sales Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

It surprises me though that he was working in sales as an account manager and was very successful in what he did.
He really gets the sales process and manages every account with conviction and commitment.
He was among the top sales account managers during the period when we worked together.
He also worked very hard managing the accounts he obtained through his sales efforts.
John's work ethics and approach to sales and account management are admirable.
John is a knowledgeable guy in the domain of sales and account management.
His dedication to the sales process and account management is unmatched.
John is a top notch account and sales manager with great integrity.
John is a fantastic sales person and one of the best at account management.
John is one of our top sales reps and the sales point of escalation for strategic accounts.
He was always accountable, helpful and always reached his sales goals.
John consistently exceeded his sales goals while managing multinational, complex accounts.
John is an accomplished sales leader, account manager and negotiator.
This allows his sales team more autonomy in the management of accounts and territory.
John would be a valuable counterpart to any account management or sales team.
I definitely recommend his sales and account managing skills.
His excellent sales, account management and post-sale relationship management skills make him the sales leader an organisation should have.
John was a member of my organization primarily responsible for account management and sales.
He is always at the top of the sales board and brings in the larger accounts.
This makes him an ideal candidate for pre-sales and accounting positions.
John was well respected by our wholesale accounts and sales force.
He was always available and willing to sort out issues, he is by no means just a fair weather account manager looking for the next sale.
Everyone has recognized his tremendous efforts and positive results in account management and domestic sales.
He has been a tremendous account manager and an asset to our sales branch.
John's merchant accounts had nothing but great things to say about their sales experience.
John is a driven and consistent performer as a sales account manager.
John brings to the table a wealth of sales and sales management experience.
His sales planning and account management approach is considerate of the delivery organisation that has followed through on sales.
John is an outstanding sales professional that can effectively manage the most challenging accounts.
I'd recommend him with any project that requires the very best in sales or account management.
John has a strong capability in sales and account management and seamless project management.
John is extremely strategic in the way that he manages accounts and sales teams.
He has the ability to manage sales teams as well as strategic accounts.
I always found him very attentive to the needs of those accounts and focussed on the requirements of the sales cycle.
He is very strong at uncovering new account opportunities and translating them into sales.
John is much more than an account manager; he is a friend and can always be relied on to make his clients look like experts, even if he does not get the sale.
John is an extremely smart sales guy and has managed some of our large and demanding accounts very effectively.
He also proactively engaged with our sales and account management folks to gain feedback and ideas.
John is a dedicated sales and account manager, always willing to make that extra step for the client.
He managed the whole process from initial meeting through to implementation and account management after the sale.
He was quite successful in establishing sales relationships with his accounts.
He understood every aspect of his sales accounts and their inner workings.
His ability to manage the sales process and ask the hard questions sets him above the average account manager.
John has got a good understanding of sales in the international context as account management.
John's extensive background in international sales and strategic account management contributed to his success in growing the global sales of his assigned multinational accounts.
John is equally adept at sales management and managing the bottom line.
John was our key account manager for a number of significant partnership and sales initiatives.
John taught and employed key account management strategies to grow sales.
He had a strong command of the industry, sales account and national account management.
I worked with him when he was a coach, sales manager and key account manager.
He successfully hunts and manage accounts, beyond sales he also help to create, manages several marketing campaigns.
His abilities in managing customers and his team of sales account managers was beyond reproach.
His skills are such that he has and will excel in sales management and/or sales.
John is an exceptional sales manager with global sales skills.
John is the consummate sales executive, negotiator, and account manager.
John was that rare sales manager who understood both sales and the industry.
John is an all rounder with well-established sales, account and customer management prowess.
His dedication to account management, customer satisfaction and sales are second to none.
John is a focused sales manager with a panache to manage customer accounts effectively.
He is energetic and accountable in wrestling issues to the ground so that they do not impede his sale.