Sales Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John strives to be a trusted advisor with all of his sales prospects.
John has been advising our team as our primary sales advisor.
John sent out daily recaps, sales numbers and techniques to help keep the advisors on track.
He understands sales at a very deep level and knows how to be an advisor to his prospects.
He truly is an asset to our company sales and a trusted advisor to him.
This makes him become a customer advisor thus going far beyond usual sales activities.
Always open to new ideas, he has become a trusted advisor to both himself and his sales peers.
He always made you feel that each and every sale was important regardless of the sale amount or size of the deal.
Having a solid sales background allows him to speak to advisors with credibility.
His sales approach is a true personification of the term 'trusted advisor'.
He also is a trusted advisor when it comes to sales strategy as well.
Our company sales training, John has truly become a trusted advisor.
He looks beyond the initial sale to discover how he can become a valued advisor to all his clients.
His customers look up to him as a trusted advisor rather than as just another sales rep.
Him enthusiasm to see the career sales force advisors succeed was infectious.
John is a trusted advisor, valued mentor and an ally in the sales cycle.
First, as a sales advisor within the department that he led, and then in collaboration from a different department.
John knows how to become a trusted advisor, he exceeded every sales objective and quota assigned to him.
He navigates sales organizations easily and quickly establishes himself as a trusted advisor.
John quickly became a trusted advisor on sales leadership and training.
Through this he was always the best advisor for all kinds of sales planning, and customer segmentations & analysis.
He didn't jump ship after the sale was made, he clearly saw it to the end.
As an advisor, he will provide straightforward advice and feedback.
John is the guy every professional would want to be his advisor.