Sales Agent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Agent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been his agent for three separate sales and purchases.
Statistically, agents complete one sale in their first year, which he has greatly superseded.
John worked well with his sales agent and was always punctual and polite.
John sales agent fortunate enough to have him as their leader will be very successful.
He started nearly two years ago as a commission only sales agent.
John went above and beyond what you normally expect from an agent, both when buying our first home and again when listing our home for sale.
But, in the capacity for which he was hired at our company, he became our most dedicated sales agent for the college.
He's definitely an agent of change and a positive influence upon any sales organization.
John tirelessly drives sales activity and tracks results to further help his agents be more effective in their sales campaigns.
During our time, we have visited many sales agents and they always look forward to seeing him every time and learning from him.
Time and again he made us better sales agents by investing in us, and it is rare to find someone like him.
Before listing our home for sale, we interviewed several our company agents.
To an agent, each told him it was some of the best sales training they had ever received.
John provided him with a thorough explanation of what each item of coverage was without the high pressure sales from some agents.
Our company finalized the sale of his home, and John was an exceptional agent for him every step of the way.
He knows that sales is an art form, and as such deliberately seeks to continue honing his craft, and inspiring his students and sales agents to do the same.
We were building our company ourselves with our local and international sales agents.
John number one in real estate agent in buying and sale transaction.
John believes that sales are contingent to the attitude of the sales guy and not the buyer.
John would conduct sales meetings while overseeing sales agents targeting local and national markets.
John did a one hour sales training presentation for our agents.
He received numerous sales awards in our organization for being at the top of our sales rankings.
John works well with both his sales agents and directly with customers to satisfy all their needs.
John helped get the process moving, while the lawyers and sales agents didn't do much of anything.
John's sales experience was passed along to his agents through mentoring and coaching.
Supporting his sales forces is very important to him and he has always been right there to help him do that.
This is important because it shows that he's not just interested in the immediate sale.
Far more important than that, however, is his continued dedication after the sale.
He is very committed to everything he does, and most important is he close sales.
He adds to his credibility and nothing could be more important to his sales.
Furthermore, he was responsible for some of the most important our company's sales.
He also maintains an amazingly positive attitude even while dealing with very demanding and egocentric sales agents.
He would be a great asset to any gift company looking for an enthusiastic and experienced sales agent.
John ran the national sales organization while at our company.
John partnered with him on several projects to help drive sales enablement and train sales agents.
John leads by example and is not afraid to link arms with one of his agents and help them close the sale.
As a sales agent, he is flexible, creative, and customer-driven.
His knowledge and willingness to help agents with transactions and navigation through difficult sales is valuable.
Leading by example, he quickly ended up becoming a much needed change agent for the company's sales force.
John agent would be fortunate to work with him and any seller could trust the sale of their home to him.
He not only had knowledge and sales ability, but the credibility with a veteran group of agents.