Sales Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

During that time, he went out of his way to assist me and do whatever it took to help close difficult sales.
John was always available to give advice and assist in sales cycles.
Does his homework and well prepared to assist in closing of the sale.
I would highly recommend him for any sales assistant, inside sales, international sales or marketing positions.
John was instrumental in assisting our sales team with great sales results.
He assisted me with many sales opportunities and made my job easier.
John would go out of his way to help his team and assisted me in every aspect of sales.
He was always very willing to assist me with anything needed to close a sales opportunity.
John didn't just assist with a normal sale, he went above and beyond to save the deal.
He assisted me in making millions of dollars in sales over the last several years/.
John also assisted with the most significant sales efforts worldwide.
His assistance on sales deals was instrumental in our success.
John was hired to assist us with sales coaching and sales strategy setting.
He is thorough, detailed and willing to help assist in the sales effort any way he can.
John recently assisted my clients with the sale of their franchise.
His drive to achieve assisted him in achieving his sales targets.
We have had much success with him assisting us through the sales process.
John worked diligently with us, and assisted in all angles of the sale.
Post-sale, he was always available personally for questions or assistance.
John then followed along with me every step of the way, always providing assistance and feedback where appropriate, up to and well after the final sale.
He is always available to assist and provide valuable advice with any sales situation.
John wore two hats that assisted me in my solution sales role.
He has turned quotes around for me within hours and is dedicated to assisting me with the sale anyway he can.
He was hands on and always keen to assist closing individual sales deals.
John's assistance with the sale of my business was invaluable.
He was one of the first to respond when help was requested by his peers, and he assisted sales in the same fashion.
His assistance in creating and setting up our sales department and metrics was invaluable.
Not only does he assist those resellers to close sales, but he also provides assistance for them to be able to grow their businesses.
I recommend him to any agent who needs assistance in short sales.
Him organization and desire to assist him clients above and beyond the sale is more than impressive.
More importantly, his after sales care and assistance have been excellent.
He offers great advice, is willing to go above and beyond to assist in the sale and never fails to follow up.
John provided my group insight and techniques which assisted my sales efforts immediately.
John has greatly assisted us with an understanding of the sales process and we are seeing the enormous benefits from his assistance.
He was held in very high regard by the sales force and was frequently asked to assist in sales efforts and pitches.
He assisted on sales calls, creating collateral, and trained the sales organization.
Each time he has gone above & beyond in assisting with what the inside team here needed to close the sale.
He was always there when we needed him assistance and brought new ideas and energy to our sales efforts.
He would willing to do whatever was legally possible to assist in the positive advancement of our sales objectives.
He was always willing to assist in any phase of a sales cycle and would go to bat in instances where needed.
He was very valuable in assisting me to attract and retain top sales talent.
John has assisted me in sales methodology workshops as a coach.
He can, and often does, offer his assistance to his colleagues to help in making their commission and sales goals.
He was always a pleasure to work with and eager to assist in our sales pursuits.
His assistance led to increased sales as soon as we started working together.
John has helped me grow as a sales professional, assisting me in making my annual sales goals.
He was always available to assist my sales efforts and was a champion for our customers.
Without his assistance, the territory pipeline, subsequent opportunities and sales would not have grown as they did.