Sales Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Within three months he was one of his top solar sales associates.
John always made sure that each sales associate had the tools necessary to be successful.
His ability to close the sale, and his dedication to doing so, made him excellent in sales.
People matter to him, not just sales numbers, and this is why the sales numbers follow.
Him after sale follow up was even better than the pre-sale expertise he had exhibited.
His contribution to our company sales improves our sales targets.
His channel sales initiatives have significantly increased our sales.
His vision for what a sales associate should be and what an office should look like is unparalleled.
He would be an outstanding associate for any organization in a sales role.
Him first and foremost thinks about the effect for the sales associates.
His perseverance and aggressive make him a successful sales associate.
In addition, he challenged him to grow his associates sales abilities.
John joined our organization as an entry-level sales associate.
John is one of our top selling sales associates in our company.
He always goes above and beyond what is required and gets the sales.
In fact, he understood sales better than most sales people, him being one of them.
He's one of those unique sales people who are not satisfied with the actual sale.
He's always exceeded his expectations both is sale time and sale price.
John works with his sales team and wants them to succeed and he celebrates success with each of his sales associates.
He definitely found his calling as a real estate sales associate.
We are a more effective sales department through our association with our company.
Couple that with great sales acumen, and it makes him an all round solutions sales experts
He understands the solution sale, which is rare, especially in pre-sales.
It is never about the sale, but about what is best for his partner.
He drives sales and sales drive him is how he can be summed up.
Great at building confidence and motivation in his sales associates.
He quickly became one of our best customer advocates and inside sales associate.
His sales experience is also second to none and he knows every angle on every kind of sales, deal that can be done anywhere in the world
For those with sales experience, he will greatly improve their understanding of the methodology of sales.
John brings all of the above, along with an extensive sales experience and an innate sales ability.
Technically proficient and sales savvy, an asset to any sales organization, he will be missed.
We enthusiastically endorse him for any key sales or sales leadership opportunities.
John follows a consistent sales methodology and closes seven figure sales.
John`s experience, with trustee sales, and lender approved short sales.
He goes well beyond what is normal for a sales associate and creates opportunities where little exists.
John's sales associates were loyal to him and consistently achieved their monthly quota.
John quickly became a mentor to new sales associates and his success was evident by the sales and closing rates they attained.
John is not in sales, but does everything he can to help close deals.
He can have an immediate impact on your sales after just one call.
His experiences are second to none, especially in the sales arena.
He also came with him to do the signing of the close of the sale.
John has it all and, moreover, use it to close complex sales.
John should be your go-to source if you need help with sales.
When it comes to sales he does what really matters, he closes.
Persuasiveness is only one of his many keys to sales success.
He would go out of his way to help us distributors win sales.
His natural ability to discover the strengths and weaknesses of his sales associates is incredible; allowing him to grow the sales associate's ability while achieving company objectives.
Over the years, most sales associates have called him "coach".
As a result, our new sales associate exceeded his sales goal for his first month out in the field.
His sales background allows him to understand the sales group needs and to better partner with them.
His ability to help new and experienced sales people through difficult sale was his specialty.
John's strengths are in his sales leadership and hands on approach through the sales cycle.
He's a team player that can bring his sales passion on to his salespeople
John did a three day sales workshop at our national sales meeting.
His cultivated sales acumen positively impacted his sales cycles, resulting in large enterprise-wide sales.
John's can-do attitude was instrumental in seeing off the competition in a tough sale sales situation
His methodologies and sales tools have become the standard for the entire sales organization.
His sales intuition and leadership potential was always apparent on the sales floor.
He is very focused on the solution sale and has a strong sales aptitude
He would never ask his sales people to do anything that he wouldn't do himself.
It should also be noted he did this without an outside sales partner.
An example of this is how he partnered with him on sales enablement.
Aggressive and persistent, he is always driving towards the sale.
John has been always one of his best and most dependable sales people.
He understands sales and how to get the most out of his people.
John knows sales, but even more importantly, he knows people.
He makes the sales people around him that much more effective.
He's demonstrated our company and again well beyond the sale.
He provides the best of support for his sales associates and always puts our company interests first.
John added value to every sales opportunity and was someone you could count on to deliver the value message and advance the sale.
John's passion for sales allows him to shine in any sales environment and this passion would add value to any organisation.
John's adaptability within and outside of his role as salesperson allowed him to excel in sales and even in pre-sales.
He not only made the sale, he followed-through far above any expectations post-sale to ensure a positive outcome.
Without his leadership, we could not have achieved the dramatic growth in current sales and sales pipeline.
John also has the ability to close a sale, something that can often be a challenge in the sales lifecycle.
Being someone who 'hates sales' means any mention of sales, or selling, would make him question everything.
He helped him prepare for a successful transition from inside sales to his role in outside sales.
His company provided a profitable way for our company to increase sales at the point of sale.
His enthusiasm and sales proficiency was a tremendous asset to have in our sales division.
He always had an idea and was a true sales asset on every sales call we made together.
John introduced valuable sales methodologies and structure to our sales effort.
His breadth and depth of expertise in pre-sales and post-sales are unmatched.
His sales efforts often helped buoy the company in times of lagging sales.
As a result, he performs very well in pre-sales and sales roles.
Our company in the most demanding times John provides the best pre, sale, and post-sales actions.
His positive attitude and willingness to do what it takes to set him far apart from the average sales associate.
John helped him avoid many mistakes that new sales associates find themselves running into.
John would make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a professional sales associate.
Anybody who considers themselves in sales will be let behind without his tools.
He's always there before anyone else on the sales floor and the last to leave.
He also stepped up when we did not have anyone in catering sales.
He follows through at every stage, not only at the sales stage.
He truly understands that the sale is made before, during, and after the consummation of the transaction.
And after the sale, he will always return your call and help you if things aren't going as expected.
He would rather be candid and up front than to tell you what you want to hear to get the sale.
He obviously knows the concept and did everything he could make the sales group successful.
John delivers the message that everyone is in sales, and he does it without pontificating.
John will increase sales and will has the ability to get the most out of any territory.
Thank you so much for, over and above, you have done for that sale &buy his current home.
To say that he would be an asset to any sales organization would be an understatement.
John gets it and you will too if you hire him to help your company's sales soar.
It is no wonder why he is at or near the top of every sales achievement category.
Always responsive to his needs and made recommendations to better his home for sale.
Without him persistence the sale would likely have gone to an alternate vendor.
If you're looking for someone to help your sales division grow, he's your guy.
John knows internet sales better than most and he is passionate to the bone.
His follow up and thoroughness is indeed what makes him successful in sales.
John went above and beyond to help him short sale his home after his divorce.
John's sales have always been made with the company's best interest in mind.
Time was critical as this had to be done to effect the sale of our company.
Relationships are the key to sales success and this was also his strength.
His background and experience would be of value to any sales organization.
John's insight into the sales messages all around us was very profound.
John made a difference from his concept of something as abstract as sales.
He did not need handholding or have to be reminded to make sales calls.
Many of his recommendations contributed directly to the company's sales.
He is very helpful in the sale of the company and its overall success.
In our sales calls together, he certainly lived up to the reputation.
John's sales acumen goes well above and beyond his paper experience.
He performed very well in both inside and outside sales assignments.
His sales division was always either at or near the top every month.
John will truly expand the sales and capabilities of his company.
John made his first sales call to be most enjoyable and memorable.
John taught him to be more confident not just in sales but in life.
John' "clear sales message" does exactly what it says on the tin.
With his guidance, sales achieved what at first seemed impossible.
Meet with him, hire him and watch your sales go through the roof.
When you want to improve sales, he's the one to guide you there.
His follow up is top notch, he really knows how making the sale.
John would strive in any sales environment and be successful.
He does whatever it takes to get his sales numbers on the board.
He brought him on several sales calls, most of which we closed.
John has really been an asset to his role in affiliate sales.
John does see the big picture with every call and every sale.
Most importantly, he has proven himself by closing many sales.
He is an excellent asset to have while starting out in sales.
He is a great help for him because of his experience in sales.
He is always willing to grow and improve his sales experience.
This further strengthens and increases sales for his company.
His experience on the many different facets of sales is deep.
Being in sales, they are key elements & he is always onto it.
Always approachable for guidance for all his sales personnel.
The John sales organization would benefit by having him on board.
Look forward to once again associate with him professionally.
He's an outstanding sales rep, business associate and father.
John worked well with associates in sales and with external customers.
John's non sales, sales approach is what makes people gravitate and sign up for whatever he is talking to them about.
He understands sales intimately and the trigger that enable successful sales people.
We constantly referred to his sales materials long after the sales seminar.
Our sales associates and sales leaders benefited from his understanding of what the field needed.