Sales Clerk Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Clerk Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows sales inside and out so he can help you grow your sales and bottom line.
In other words, he isn't one of those sales people that make the sale and move on to the next without looking back.
Got along with all people in the sales organization and achieved his sales objectives.
He understands how inside sales and direct enterprise sales intersect.
He's comfortable with direct sales and channel sales equally.
He "gets it" when it comes to sales and sales-related topics.
People listen to him sales strategies and try to emulate those in their own sales calls.
He knows what his sales goals are and he knows how many appts it takes to make a sale.
John also had great sales success and was consistently at or above his sales goals.
In sales, he has achieved or exceeded his sales goals for the past five years.
He teaches sales techniques that redefine how you perceive sales.
Our company and simple, John knows sales and can teach sales.
John also partners well with sales people and is superb in sales situations.
Although he had some sales experience in our domain, it was in a more scripted sales environment.
His dedication to the partnership between our companies enhanced the sales of his sales channels.
This showed through the sales success he achieved in both a direct-sales capacity as well as indirect-sales through the channel.
He always stays in contact with all parties through the sale and follows up with our clients after the sale.
He saw beyond the sale and forged relationships that lasted longer than the immediate sale.
Watching him in sales meetings is a masterclass in empathetic and effective sales.
Rather than just trying to make the sale, he makes the customer.
John goes above and beyond for every customer and every sale.
He would be an asset to any sales organisation because he knows what to focus on to achieve sales success.
His experience in sales leadership was instrumental in the success of our sales division.
Being in sales, this allowed him to constantly hit and exceed his sales goals.
John, on the other hand, will do whatever/ whenever he can to help make the sale.
This could be seen through his engagement with our sales organization.
John taught him that sales weren't just about making the sale - he taught him how to attain and maintain loyal customers for recurring sales.
John always knew what was going on in his sales territory and tirelessly looked for ways to close the sales.
John would be an asset to any company that employed him in a sales or sales leadership role.
John knows how to maneuver a complex sales cycle within an enterprise sales environment.
He guided us through a complex sale, and was always available post-sale to fix problems.
During his tenure, he effectively makes his sales plan by exceeding conversion sales.
He would always go above and beyond when it came to his sales goals for the month.
He knows how to get the momentum going and keep others focus on getting the sale.
And if you think sales isn't your thing, then you have to speak to him.
At the end of all of this, he happens to exceed him sales goals.
There is nothing he wouldn't do to accomplish his sales goals.
His customers come first and his sales acumen is strong throughout the entire sales cycle.
John truly grasps sales and sales metrics, relationship nurturing and maintaining.
John met and exceeded his sales quotas while meeting all his sales budgets.
If you're looking for someone to ramp up your company's sales, he is your man.
He took the initiative to help him make the transition to enterprise sales.
He knows about sales and how to sell; however, it is not what you think.
Successfully completed sales to his company by way of the internet.
He would most certainly be an asset to any company's sales force.
He makes sure that all the details are complete for each sale.
John consistently maintained some of the highest sales numbers of the sales force and was always ready to try new approaches and learn more sales methods.
Having had the real sales experience, he provides materials that are geared towards sales success.
Based upon this success he was moved into a direct sales role with his own sales territory.
He skillfully led pre-sales calls and on-site sales meetings.
John is well liked by all and even after completing the sale he was still available to those customers.
His experience has always been that he is always there for the customer even after the sale.
He knows when a customer actually needs it and when to go to the next sales.
He follows up with customers when there is no sale to be made.
He's taken on several different angles of the sales cycle and dominated all of them quickly, from agency sales to direct sales to partner alliances, and more.
He would even help with setting sales calls with clients and participating in the sales presentation.
John's energy alone will make you want to go out and sale immediately.
With that said, he achieves the sales volume and other colleagues look to him for advice on how they can achieve the sales goal.
He set the benchmark for the whole sales floor and never missed a sales target.
John consistently out performed sales expectations and met his sales goals.
Meaning, he is "selling" all the while, but it never shows like in most sales people.
He engages in 'sales' in the best way possible - with no expectations or pressure.
He made an immediate impact at all levels - but especially in the area of sales.
He provided himself and others with mentoring on this specialized type of sale.
John definitely goes the extra mile with him campaigns even beyond the sale.
Training seminars provided by him were of great value to our sales areas.
He took it upon himself to mentor him and helped him close his first sale.
John will change your perspective on sales and how it should be done.
John was, during that time, one of his most successful sales people.
He will always do his best to ensure sales campaigns are successful.
He displays himself as an authority in all things related to sales.
He made sure that there were no weak links in our sales department.
With his help we laid out the foundation for our sales department.
He would be good at sales, though he has yet to pursue that area.
John is one the best sales mentor anyone could have asked for.
John is respected by all of the sales people that he supervises.
John is great at seeing changes that will result in more sales.
He really mentored him and taught him to make sales the right way.
John has been an invaluable mentor in his transition to sales.
John came in to our half year sales meeting and was brilliant.
He is getting the sales attitude, many people would like to have.
He mentored him through the beginning of his sales experience.
Lastly, he negotiated the sale of the company to our company.
John demonstrated that sales could be fun while increasing sales margins and stock price.
His efforts to drive sales were a driving factor in the sale of our company.
He goes above and beyond to help clients as well as sales partners.
John is great to take on sales calls because he kept a salesperson's perspective helping to close sales.
His ability to uncover sales channels and powerful sales messaging is his brilliant gift.
In changing roles from presales to sales he quickly realised the need for strong qualification and clear sales planning.
While he may have made less for the company and his own commission, he more than made up for it by repeat sales.
He always was willing to learn new techniques and took pride in the value he provided to sales.
John made sure we had everything we needed to do our jobs and keep increasing our sales.
John doesn't make anyone feel that they should be doing a better job when it comes to sales.
He truly wants you to succeed and goes over and above to help you realize your sales goals.
John makes sure that at the end of each sales quarter, he has surpassed his goals.
John provides and teaches techniques that can be used in any sales scenario.
He'll always get the job done and him finesse for sales is second to none.
John always has the right focus, which is reflected in his sales results.
He always exceeded his sales goals because he knows what so many don't.
Always looks for ways to get things done and exceed his sales goals.
John will be successful in any sales position going toward any goal.
He invariably understands exactly how he will make his sales goals.
That being said, he is sharp and always on top of his sales goals.
He does not force an expertise or strategy just to make the sale.
And, he listened to their needs for sales tools and collateral.
It is no wonder that he has doubled his sales goal this year.
Since then he's been helping him with advice on sales strategy.
He is the sales guy you actually look forward to speaking to.
His approach is that sales is all about numbers and strategy.
Thanks to him, achieving his sales goals is that much easier.
He understands the "art of the complex sale" and is relied upon as an asset within the sales cycle.
He is entirely customer focused and has a true understanding of sales and sales leadership.
In this manner he increased sales and sustaining continual sales from satisfied customers.
Within months, him boutique sales partners exceed both their sales goals as well as his own.
He is not only a sure thing to drive sales, but he also gets the best from his people.
John knew how to get the best out of the departments that partner sales.
A strong mentor that always wants the best for his partners in sales.
John is not only his friend and sales peer, but he has been his mentor.
He would be an asset to any company and truly knows his stuff when it's comes to sales and being the best.
John can help anybody make better connections - and more sales - by confidently using the phone.
Dogged follow-through on his converted sales opportunities to make sure they get to close.
John can add value to companies because of his more than two decades of sales experience.
Him division creates the right conditions so the company can make more sales.
His two biggest assets to him were him sales experience and him encouragement.
But, it's his consistent follow up after the sale that truly sets him apart.
He understands that sales will take care of themselves once that happens.
This allows him to be self sufficient in most of our pre-sale activities.
An asset to any company, or if you want freelance sales, he will deliver.
He does so with genuinity and care, not only for the sake of the sale.
He truly cared about our success, it wasn't just another sale to him.
Working on his key messages and sales funnels was especially helpful.
John brings his zeal for sales with him in all his activities.
John's follow-up are consistently responsible for closing sales.
His approach to the sales pipeline is scientific and methodical.
John has one of the highest close rates in our sales division.
He is a serious asset to any company that is driven by sales.
John could run the sales of any company, an outstanding asset.
His ability and experience in channel sales are unparalleled.
His drive and determination are unquestioned and combined with his sales acumen he was and is an asset to any sales organization.
He is responsible for the amazing growth in our sales department; it was clear that he knew the world of sales.
His approach to sales is second to none & openly seeks to involve all departments when concluding a sale.
He sees better-than-average results and success with listing sales and short sale negotiations.
Beginning with only a few sales people, he built a large multidimensional sales organization.
He helped drive sales, which no doubt had a lot to do with our exceeding sales expectations.
He created a complete sales toolkit for both the direct sales force and our resellers.
In his opinion, he was one of the best sales people our company had and would be a great asset to any sales organization.
John is very thorough in everything he does, he always met his sales targets and got on very well with the customers.
He truly knows what his customers want, how helping them, and make them happy, while growing sales.
John provides great value to customers and that value was very often converted into sales.
He's someone who wants to make sure his customers remain happy - well after the sale.