Sales Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's experience and knowledge in sales make him a phenomenal sales coach.
His sales coaching eliminates the root causes of a sales challenge and he gives you the tools to succeed.
John's approach to coaching and sales solutions is different than most.
He was twice coach of the year for both his outstanding sales results and his leadership.
John provided excellent coaching on the essential aspects of the sales introduction.
John is an extraordinary sales coach, with incredible charisma and congeniality.
His sales initiatives and his coaching sessions have helped me considerably.
He also is very effective with one on one coaching with your sales leaders.
John is an energetic, outgoing, sales coach that can guarantee results.
John was an incredible coach, with respect to sales and leadership alike.
He is also a great sales coach and always ready to help his colleagues.
John conducted one-on-one sales coaching with members of my inside sales team on multiple occasions.
John's pragmatic approach to sales coaching has helped me to take my sales career to the next level.
John provided sales training and coaching for some of my young sales professionals.
John is a great sales coach who adds value at every step in the sales process.
John is an innovative sales coach that can motivate and open the eyes of all types of sales people.
He challenged me to take new approaches within our sales organization and was there to coach when required.
He is so dedicated to the new hires, and he always provided additional coaching to the sales reps.
He has been able to coach others and help an entire sales organization get better.
In addition, his coaching has helped me deal with the stress of being in sales.
His successful background in sales and his innate ability to help people make him a perfect sales coach.
John helps to identify the which sales tools and/or coaching him sales partners need to be successful.
John is an experienced sales coach who has been instrumental to the success of our growing sales team.
He coaches well and is always one step ahead of the competition on how to improve sales.
His enthusiasm and intuitive sales coaching approach proved to be inspiring for me and my sales staff.
First, he is a great coach and was very important to me during my coaching certification.
John is second to none when it comes to inspiring, guiding, and coaching sales teams.
He was always more than willing to coach the sales team and position us for success.
John is a great coach and knows how to get the best out of his sales team.
He has coached me and many others to excel in sales, and team leadership.
He's not just our coach, he's an extension of our sales leadership team.
John will increase your company's sales through his invaluable sales training, coaching and mentoring.
John's guidance and coaching would be beneficial to anyone looking to strengthen their sales organization.
John's most distinguishing characteristics are him empathetic approach and his laser-like sales coaching.
I was told that he is not your typical over the top sales coach but someone you can trust and believe in.
John is very passionate about leadership, coaching and the sales profession as a whole.
His enthusiasm and sales passion is a few ingredients he used to coach us to the top.
In addition to being an excellent listener, he was also a fantastic sales coach.
John offers an easy to understand, non complicated approach to sales coaching.
For those reasons, he wins my wholehearted recommendation as a sales coach.
He coached and mentored new hires as well as seasoned sales professionals.
He not only blows him sales targets out of the water, but coaches the team on sales techniques so that everyone can have success.
With years of sales experience, he is great at coaching and grooming sales leaders.
John not only loves sales and has his own proven track record in selling, he loves sales coaching.
John brought about fresh sales ideas as well as new technology, making the sales coaching even more effective.
His talents and expertise extend from sales effectiveness of sales leadership, coaching, and mentoring.
He's a stellar sales coach, bringing tried and true sales methods to his audience in an engaging way.
His coaching helped me to further improve my sales techniques and become an effective sales leader.
He transformed the sales and media sales departments with coaching and hiring decisions.
John is very passionate about coaching sales people and also seeing them succeed in their jobs.
His intuition and deep understanding of sales cycles and how to coach sales professionals is phenomenal.
He has a way of coaching that keeps you passionate about sales and makes you want to excel and improve.
I found his sales coaching to be extremely valuable to my everyday work.
John would be a true asset for any position requiring sales training, sales coaching, and sales leadership and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.
Most of his sales staff is either at or above their goals due to his coaching.
He has been responsible for coaching successful sales teams for many years.
John has been coaching our sales team for the past year with great results.
John's coaching abilities are fantastic and he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and make sales himself.
Having been in sales, he is a true "players, coach" and understands what it takes to be successful.
His approach towards sales coaching and consistent feedback has helped me rise through the ranks.
John coached our sales team on how to achieve and maintain a high level of sales success on strategic sales.
John built our initial sales pipeline, motion, culture and coached all the new sales folks into the company.
His sales success can only be attributed to his thoughtfulness and caring as a superior sales coach.
Qualities that he uses extremely well in an ordinary sales process but also when it comes to coaching his sales team.
Far too often his the sales coaching world, you are plagued by those who could not do, yet think they can teach.
His sales coaching and training upped his sales is a measurable way.
During that time he was instrumental in providing guidance and sales coaching to our franchisees and their sales people.
John, having been in the "sales trenches" understood the day-to-day sales challenges and related well to his sales force.
John also brings that confidence to his employees when coaching on different approaches to sales.
John's love for coaching through the sales cycle is second only to his love for selling.
As an individual contributor, he has coached him through the peaks and valleys of sales.
He knew his sales individuals and coached them to be the best sellers they could.
All in all he would be a great sales coach for any company that wants to grow.
He became the coach for all new sales hires in addition to closing deals.
John delivered an outstanding sales coaching workshop for his group.
His coaching is particularly helpful to better navigate any sales landscape.
John has given him one on one coaching in sales and personal mentorship.
He increased sales in the dealerships internet sales department.
John can actually sell as well as coach and enable sales teams.
He took every opportunity to coach and mentor his team, often accompanying his sales reps on sales calls.
He could motivate a sales team through good coaching and sales role playing.
John gets the "sales environment" and can coach around that using his knowledge and expertise.
He understands sales people and knows how to coach and inspire winners.
His one on one coaching has been incredibly helpful in his sales career.
He is a great coach and mentor and is number one in all things sales.
John provided coaching and mentoring for improving his sales approach and his use of our company.
Complementing him on sales calls and sales strategy sessions was his pleasure.
He also played a key role in his transition to sales, taking the time to coach him through various sales tactics, etc.
He provided him with valuable coaching on how to organize his sales process.
John is so much more than a sales leader, he is also an excellent coach.
He taught him processes that made him a much better sales coach.
You can read all of the other recommendations about his coaching and sales ability, that's very apparent.
His breadth of experience in sales, coaching, and teaching is quite incredible.
John understands the impact a sales cycle can have on non-sales resources while still actually making progress with the sale.
He doesn't just empower his sales force, he emboldens them, coaches them and generates enthusiasm for sales objectives.
John is always very supportive and available at anytime for sales coaching and advice.
John helped him with many pre-sales and post-sales customers.
John immediately identified his strengths and coached him on how to use them specifically for his sales role.
He's a great sales coach with significant experience and someone who's willing to help any time.
John understands the enterprise sale and brings that perspective to our coaching sessions.
He set's clear expectations give appropriate feed back while coaching his sales reps.
After a short period of coaching with him, his sales number has gone up dramatically.
He is clearly one of the premier sales coach and trainers on the planet.
He energized the sales force with his 'coach' type leadership style.
John takes a refreshing approach to sales and coaching others.
John came into our company as a sales coach with tonnes of experience and enthusiasm.
John's sales, leadership, coaching, business acumen, and tenacity, most certainly make him an asset to any sales organization.
John directed the sales strategy that continually increased sales.
He consistently achieved his sales and margin targets and served as a mentor and coach to many new sales employees.
John's enthusiasm for sales training and coaching is infectious.
His coaching talents are amazing, and his sales instincts are without comparison.
You can contact him as your personal sales coach at any time.
Our company that, John is an impressive sales person and coach.
John truly has a sales acumen which is unrivaled by most, in any sales related environment.
He will be an asset to any organization with either direct sales or channel sales.
Because of all of his coaching and wonderful leadership we became one of the best sales team at the organization.
He provides leadership and coaching to his sales team that allows them to be highly effective.
He also coaches us in a way to set us up to be the most successful sales team.
He coached him and his team to increase our sales with excellent results.
With many years of success in various sales roles he knows exactly how to motivate, coach and empower him sales team to be the best they can be.
John could always be counted on to coach new sales reps and contribute to the overall good of the department.
He reviewed his profile and spoke to him once over call then he become his coach, mentor for sales.
John's knowledge of how to sell and how good sales coaching should be done is outstanding.
John is likely to succeed in any work he does with sales coaching - he is a natural.
John has been working with him as a sales coach for several years now.
John provided on-point sales coaching for a real estate agency.
He is adept at coaching and runs a first class sales meeting.
In less than three years, sales through his new model were exceeding sales through our established channels.
His strengths in sales are him sales plan/process, follow up and achieving his goals.
Above all, he is generous with his time and is always available to coach new sales people.
John is a true sales professional and a very valuable sales performance coach.
Great leader and coach makes him an asset to any sales led organisation.
As an example, he had sought him out for some coaching to get an external perspective on how he could be more effective in him sales efforts.
John also makes himself available for one-on-one coaching and will role-play with you prior to important sales opportunities.
His sales coaching advice was not only spot on, but it was real world and very applicable.
Our company here you go, John is the man for your sales coaching and goal achieving needs.
John not only provided excellent sales training which improved his sales abilities, he continues to be a wonderful coach.
He knew how to coach and train even the most inexperienced sales reps into masters of the complex sale.
For those of us who are not in sales, he's always a great sales resource and very eager to provide tips and ideas for the non-sales individual.
His route experience and sales tenacity make for a tremendous sales asset.
John takes the fear and paralysis out of sales by coaching, mentoring and making the sales process fun.
John is and has always been a great mentor and sales coach to his teams.
In addition, he was mentor and coach to a number of his colleagues in sales and non sales function to help them deal with the complexities.
John always got it done when it came to his sales goals and going above and beyond for his company.
Refreshingly, he is not about the sale, but about delivery, which he does very effectively.
John is such an earnest human being, you wonder what is he doing in sales.
Whether it's sales or delivery, he can do it and has done it successfully.
He knows that in the end - it's that focus that translates into sales.
He knows how to build, coach and motivate sales teams that consist of all levels of sales expertise.
His coaching to the sales and pre-sales, as well his contribution to the product direction was extremely valuable.