Sales Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's sales consulting is a must for any company who wants their sales team to get to the next level.
He has benefitted from his entrepreneurial endeavors, hunter and farmer sales and sales consultant roles.
We can heartily recommend him for any and all advertising/marketing sales consultation positions.
John is one of the few sales / biz dev consultants who introduced me.
With always a smile on, he is superb in the role of consultative sales.
I would without a doubt recommend him in any sales or consulting role.
John has my highest recommendation as a sales consulting guru.
John is one of those pre sales consultants who will go the extra mile for a client even after the sale has been made.
John was the true example of the professional sales consultant.
John was always extremely passionate about sales, and consulting his clients.
John took me under his wing and worked with me to become a sales consultant.
His consultative spin selling approach to sales would be of great value to any client or sales organization.
He has helped me to really focus and look inside myself to find the true "sales consultant".
John's results speak for themselves and truly separate him as an elite sales consultant.
He was thriving at complex solution sales using a consultative approach.
The consultative approach to sales has been key to his big wins.
He maintained an excellent rapport with our sales force during his consulting period.
We were looking for someone to fill a highly consultative sales role and he was it.
His approach to consultative sales ideas always leaves you wanting more.
He is an articulate, focussed and has a knack for consultative sales.
John is able to create "buy in" with his sales consultants quickly.
He has brought the true meaning of consultative sales approach back to our company.
John is a consultant with whom you can really learn the sales job.
John is an excellent presenter and very consultative with prospects during sales cycles.
He knows how to uncover opportunities, consult with clients and close the sale.
We did several joint client visits together where he led the consultative sale.
He is not only a sales expert, but also sales consultant, trainer, and coach.
John is an accomplished sales consultant, with a wealth of experience and understanding of all aspects of residential sales.
He readily and easily shared his knowledge of consulting and sales.
John is a dedicated sales consultant with the highest integrity.
John is one of those people who you always wanted to have on your sales consulting team.
John is an insightful consultant and has an approach to sales that is worth investigating.
John approaches sales and consulting from a true solution-focused perspective.
He understands the intricacies of both sales and delivery sides of consulting.
This allows him to deliver a more valuable consultative sales approach which is appreciated by all.
John is a terrific speaker and consultant on all things sales related.
John is an extremely good sales consultant and a brilliant manger.
He always takes a consultative, value-based and analytical sales approach.
John is an exceptional sales rep who consistently delivered strong results through a consultative sales strategy.
John is very knowledgeable in sales, as well as employee benefits consultant.
In fact, he was so proficient he moved from sales enablement to the sales team as a solution consultant.
John is an outstanding consultative sales professional who always over achieves targets.
John is an incredibly insightful, energetic, and consultative sales professional.
John is a professional sales consultant who always delivers as promised.
He is a natural sales professional and an excellent consultant.
John is a well organized, highly motivated, consultative sales rep.
He had an organised and structured approach to sales / consulting that inspired confidence.
He challenged me to go outside my comfort zone as a sales rep and become a consultant.
He is accomplished by applying it to client needs in a consultative sales approach.
John was a great consultant, with both technology and sales abilities.
John is one of the few people that has been directly involved with both the sales and delivery aspects of consulting.
John worked for me as a sales consultant for a couple of years.
John is particularly strong at team building and consulting sales.
He is well-respected as a sales consultant and has hundreds of ideas to innovate sales methods and make connections with clients.
John is much more of a consultant and adviser than a sales person.
His knowledge on sales training and consulting is invaluable.
I was proud to have his best in class presales and consulting team in our sales organisation.
John is a rare breed of pre-sales consultant that is both perfectly and able to think outside of the box.
I'd put him at the top of my list for consultants to help increase sales without having to pay for more traffic.
His sales approach is consultative in nature, thus always finding the pain points our prospects have.
John is a no nonsense innovator as it relates to sales consulting.
John is part of the foundation of the inside sales group at our company before he moved into an outside sales consultant role.
All these make him excel in the consultative sales process.
He is definitely a sales oriented, but let you feel that he is more of a consultant than a sales person.
John sales organization definitely will benefit from his sales expertise.
He moved us from being purely consulted into a consultancy and software sale organisation.
His sales approach is definitely consultative and structured around what his needs are.
John taught him the true meaning of consultative sales and how value is derived.
He uses a consultative sales approach that is rarely used in his profession.
We won many of our opportunities due to his consultative approach to sales.
He takes his position as a sales consultant for his company very seriously.
He positioned himself as a consultant rather than a "sales individual".
He is an asset to any company looking for strategic sales consultancy.
He would be a tremendous asset to any consulting or sales organization.
John understands how truly conveys any sale in a consultative manner.
John finds innovative ways to impact sales with his consultants.
John brings with him a fresh attitude to sales and consulting
John typifies the character required for pre sales consultancy.
John's success was driven by a consultative approach to sales.
His role was to consult with ownership about sales performance.
Our company a consultative sales perspective, there are few on par with John.
John led a consulting delivery team and then ran consulting sales.
With his facilitation of many workshops for our sales reps and sales consultants, he was masterful in the way he engaged his audience.
He knows sales and how to build an effective sales organization.
John's consultative sales approach always has the client's best interest in mind, which truly sets him apart from other sales people.
John's enthusiasm for sales and the sales process is contagious.
John has a strong sales acumen and has taught him very powerful lessons on strategy and the consultative sale.
A master of consultative sales, he models that behavior on joint sales calls.
He worked with our sales team to ensure they understood the value of a consultative sale.
He provides leadership and guidance to his peers, to the new and more seasoned sales consultants.
He demonstrated particular strengths through his consulting and collaborative sales style.
Customers consider him to be an ideal sales consultant - knowledgeable and not pushy.
John worked in sales and consultancy and made an impact on both.
The sales strategy and tactics he shared would be an asset to anyone in sales.
He knows how the consultative sales game is played and provides tremendous value to strategic sales campaigns.
John consulted him and his staff on the importance of executing effective consultative sales and advanced sales techniques.
John would be a true asset for any positions requiring sales, pre-sales or consulting and comes with his heartfelt recommendation.
His consultative sales style combined with his consistent follow up made for a top sales performer.
He's since moved on to become a top consultant and sales trainer in the world of in-home sales.
As a sales consultant, he goes out of his way to make sure customers are getting what they really need all the while providing pivotal pre sales support to the sales teams.
His attitude towards his goals is what makes him one of the most tenacious sales consultants in the group.
His dedication to the sales staff and consultants is unwavering.
Him consultative sales approach reduced time and stress through the enterprise sales process.
John's consultative sales approach and mantra of putting the customer's needs first has helped him improve his sales skill set
John supported opportunities in his patch as the sales consultant.
He always has great strategies for sales and how to meet our sales quota.
His methodology & sales consulting is extremely beneficial & would be an asset to any organization that is looking at taking their sales team to the next level.
John stands out, because he's not all about closing the sale, and he makes sure his consultants provide value, and is willing to stand behind that.
John's sales style is consultative, all the while he is looking for an opportunity to close the deal and up sell.
Because of his excellent sales & consultative abilities, he can be successful in any challenging assignment.
John's refined consultative approach, also allows him to uncover and identify opportunities during the sale.
John adds value to each transaction he is involved in and his consultative sales approach is enlightening.
John is selfless, he is dedicated, he understands the nuances of sales consulting like no one else.
John's experience, consultative approach, and teamwork make him an asset to any sales organization.
Him the ability to close sales through effective consultative selling has been outstanding.
He can act both as a consultant when appropriate, but also drive the sale to a close.
His sales and consultative abilities come highly recommended to any future employee.
Him consultative sales style, tenacity, and can-do attitude paid off in the end.
He ended up being his top performing sales consultant at the time.
He is basically a great consultant with very good sense of sales.
He thinks strategically, and his sales approach is consultative.
John is a top notch sales consultant in every sense of the word.
He takes a consultative approach and never tries to push a sale.
His approach in sales and implementation of solutions is very consultative.
John has a brilliant mind for sales and marketing, particularly in a consultative sales environment.
His sales training and consulting will have an immediate positive impact.
He understands consultative sales and values the relationship with the client/customer.
John has been an excellent sales consultant in his role as his prospective customer.
At the time, they were one of his largest customers for sales methodology consulting.
He becomes a consultant more than a just sales personnel to his client.
John's approach to sales is consultative and totally customer centric.
John takes responsibility; follow up the sales cycles from pre sales, sales, and the post sales cycle thus making sure the customer is satisfied through the phases.
He brings an extensive consultative sales background among many other things to his team.
He is one of the best sales consultants we had and he leads the board most months.
John would be an asset to any company's sales, consulting and fulfillment team.
He is a huge proponent of sales and he did everything he could to help the sales process.
He understands the sales process and is a pro at asking for the sale.
His approach to sales is steadfast and with the excellent sales process
He wore the cap of a sales rep, pre-sales consultant and industry consultant on numerous occasions.
He built the sales, presales and consulting teams and started the partner channel at our company.
His intent to help is apparent when first meeting him, the definition of a sales consultant.
Our sales numbers have grown by double since our last consulting engagement with him.
John's mentoring also allowed him to make the move from consulting to a sales role.
And it was a big one regarding his emerging career in consulting and sales.
In the end they saw him as a consultant more than a sales representative.
This makes him stand out as a very knowledgeable pre-sales consultant.
He helped a number of sales engagements as presales consultants.
John worked for him at our company as a sales engineer/solutions consultant.
Our company respected by all that have worked with John in sales and consulting roles.
He gets along extremely well with other sales and non sales staff, as well as colleagues at his own level.