Sales Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

There were times when we would have to coordinate our sales efforts with certain prospects/clients in his territory.
John coordinated the initial sales enablement efforts here at our company.
During our company, he coordinated with our team on many sales opportunities.
He exceeded sales expectations consistently and coordinated well with other departments.
He always has his eye on sales and how his role coordinates with others' jobs.
His sales support literature and sales promotions were extremely helpful to his sales efforts.
He is diligent in following up with everyone and coordinating the many details of our sales offset for which he was responsible.
His organizational ability helped significantly to the coordination of successful sales.
John's regular pre-sales coordination calls were helpful on several levels.
He helped him to make one of the single largest sales of his sales career.
He coordinates very well with all levels to people to make a successful sales outcome.
John focused on inside sales and sales support and was extremely effective.
One of his strengths is his strong coordination with sales since he is always working to support the sales department.
Most important; he helped him, others on our sales team, and our company makes sales.
John did a fantastic job coordinating our sale, appraisal, and showings.
If you're in sales and are lucky enough to work with him, you should include him in your sales strategy.
John understands and can teach the sales process to those with even little or no sales experience.
John knows the ins and outs of sales and how helping others learn the sales process.
John has been with him for his entire journey during his sales career and he has taught him sales like no other.
His sales leadership, integrity and dedication make him an asset to any sales organization.
His long and distinguished career in sales and sales leadership is noteworthy.
He will only do the right thing at our company and his integrity is not for sale.
And most of all, he knows when to ask for the order and how to close the sale.
People like being around him and he was very successful in his sales career.
He's somebody everyone should try to emulate in their sales career.
He probably taught him more about sales than anybody in his career.
Feels like he will get many more laurels in his sales career.
Traits that have served him very well in his career in sales.
His very tactful persistence won the sale and his after sale support was great.
He then served in numerous roles as needed, both in sales and sales support.
John truly supported the sales motion, positioned as a sales enabler.
It is invaluable when you come across someone who truly understands the sales aspect (promise) and the coordination aspect (delivery).
He always did everything he could to support him in his sales efforts.
John sales organizations interested in sales results would do well to have this high achiever on their team.
He is never concerned about the sale, only about the service.
John's experience and expertise in sales automation took our sales process to the next level.
John always gives his best and receives the best from his sales team.
He made sure that the post-sales experience matched the pre-sales build up.
He also provided a detailed sales workbook to field sales that has proven to be of immense value in shortening the sales cycle.
He understands the sales process and is a hive of sales activity.