Sales Development Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is an avid learner that is constantly working to further master his craft of sales management and sales development.
He also spends time developing his managers as well as the sales team.
I have seen him continue to develop as a sales manager by embracing the feedback he has received from his manager.
John is extremely capable developing and managing a sales plan to achieve sales goals.
His knowledge of developing and managing sales channels is second to none.
John was instrumental in my development within the sales organization.
John quickly got on to develop a pipeline of prospects and manage the sales cycle.
John has developed rock solid fundamentals for sales and client management.
John is a very good manager and helped develop a new sales organization.
He taught me an amazing amount about territory management, sales pipeline development, and dealing with sales people.
He's a respected expert in leadership development, competency development and managements, and sales training.
Not only did he manage his tasks very well - he also took upon himself to develop our sales training into an entirely different form.
John is brilliant at sales and sales management - he understands the customer and is able to develop repair very quickly.
John was always a very involved sales manager who was always interested in the success and development of his people.
He also has a great deal of experience managing and developing sales manager talent.
John is a hands-on manager and very active in the development of the salesperson and their sales discipline.
John is one of the best managers you could hope to work with as a development manager.
His sales management and selling skills are very well developed.
He developed me into a top sales rep through his motivational style of management.
Because of this understanding he is able to develop relationships that drive business across inside sales, outside sales, channel sales, and enterprise sales.
John has a solid understanding of sales, sales management and how to combine sales processes with key sales metrics to drive results.
John is focused on sales for his company, and develops opportunities wherever and whenever he can.
John is also an excellent client relationship and sales development manager.
He set new records in sales development was one of the quickest promotions into sales, we've had.
I'd be comfortable recommending him in any capacity of sales and sales management within the global enterprise space.
I don't know how he manages business development, significant sales revenue, sales management and giving everyone time who needs it.
I have watched him excel and develop into an outstanding manager.
He also has a strong grasp of the sales and sales management processes and able to develop new strategies.
I have seen him develop over the years to expand beyond sales channels and strategic management.
Over the past few years, he has developed himself further into hard core sales management professional.
During which he recruited, managed, and developed my own sales management skills.
John has the capability to develop and grow his own sales pipeline organically.
John is an outstanding performer in his focused field of sales strategy and sales management development.
John knows almost all there is to know about sales and business development.
I would recommend him for any sales, business development or management role.
He developed outstanding sales collateral to enable our sales team to go out and sell our new capabilities.
His input to the development of sales strategy is highly valued by the sales team, both the individual contributors and the managers.
He is also a great mentor, and helped me develop both sales and sales management skills.
I have enjoyed the challenges he has presented me with, as well as the freedom to manage my team and develop as a sales manager.
He has developed several sales executives under his leadership into sales managers with successful teams of their own.
He has outstanding sales instincts and also develops tremendous trust and rapport with prospects (pre and post sale).
John has become my benchmark for this type of sales development and strategic sales thinking.
John is a development manager who has his candidates best interest in mind while still achieving sales goals.
John's strengths include opportunity assessment, new and existing sales, people management and development.
He has also a proven track record of successful sales and developing sales channels.
He not only developed his sales team to be the best in the company, he had your back in every situation.
John was instrumental in developing the right connections in all countries - within management and sales teams.
I am pleased to have worked with him and have developed under his management.
He developed sales management skills and became my stand-in during my absence.
His experience in sales management and channel development were key to his success.
John brought us new sales development approaches, refined our thinking around strategy development and implemented a more rigorous attitude toward management development.
He mentored me in my first sales management job and taught me how to develop and lead sales people.
John was a successful sales person and has since developed several successful sales representatives during his time as a sales manager.
John was always extremely dedicated to his position and to developing the talent of the people around him, sales and non-sales alike.
John developed a database of sales and sales management candidates that make a real difference.
He developed new customers from the scratch and successfully managed all sales until the end.
The resulting sales that came out from these strategies that he developed are testimony to his capabilities.
John maintains a highly developed pipeline and has exceeded all sales targets set by management.
He wore many 'hats' combining sales, management and software development.
John is very motivated and passionate about developing his sales team and delivering strong sales results.