Sales Development Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Development Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

The coursework/curriculum he developed for our sales organization was first rate.
John looks for sales opportunities and employees to grow and develop.
John is an expert in all aspects of the sales development cycle.
John understands that sales are about developing relationships.
He excels in leadership, sales, and organizational development.
He is always coming up with new ideas for developing sales and he is willing to share that insight.
John has helped in two of my companies to develop our message and sales collateral.
He is a "hunter" who is always looking to develop and close new sales opportunities.
He listened to the gripes and discovered new opportunities for development and sales.
I have developed an admiration for his innate charisma and sales capabilities.
Finally, he developed a number of prospects that will soon turn into sales.
He utilized those contacts to increase sales and develop new opportunities.
His development of super salesmen and women was particularly noteworthy.
He can feel comfortable in a sales situation as he can in development.
I would highly recommend him in any sales development type of role.
John understands the difference between cultivating sales representatives and sales professionals and how developing the latter yields far better results for all parties involved.
He develops a great connection with all his representatives and is available to us at any time.
He gets it when it comes to building and developing sales organizations.
Programs developed under his leadership have resulted in increased sales to our organization.
He provided a wonderful balance and translation from sales to development.
He represents the model for what a senior sales representative should be.
He knows how to build, develop and keep the best sales people.
His sales knowledge is reflected in the development of those around him.
John was very strong at developing relationships and closing the sale.
John is not your typical sales representative, he is naturally analytical and inquisitive.
His dedication to the art of sales development is truly unparalleled.
He knows how to effectively develop a sales strategy and had the highest percentage sales close rate.
John help me develop new and seasoned salespeople and get them to the next level.
John also developed sales opportunities that turned into key deals.
He does not develop the solution, close the sale and walk away.
He has helped develop the sales team into what we are today.
In his role as a development representative, he excelled when he looked at every opportunity through the lens of a sales rep.
Our sales organization grew and developed under his leadership and guidance.
He is very effective in hunting for and developing sales opportunities and closing them expeditiously.
John has the ability to develop new sales opportunities and convert them to substantial returns.
Our website that he developed was cutting edge and it also drove our sales upward.
John emphasized development with progressive sales techniques and proven metrics.
He was fresh from a development background and had almost no idea of pre-sales.
John has taught me how to develop an effective, low pressure sales strategy.
John has consistently shown his ability to develop his sales territory.
John is a results oriented sales representative who has developed profitable relationships with his contractors.
He also developed several sales/marketing pieces that could be used as templates for sales proposals.
Many of the tools he developed on his own, to solve some of the problems that the developers face, represent his ability to come up with innovative ideas.
John is successful in sales development because he understands how sales people digest information.
John is one of the best there is on developing relevant sales strategies to increase sales within any type of business.
John definitely was vital in developing my career as a sales representative and as a professional.
His experience in the fraternity, sales, and leadership development is second to none.
He was always enthusiastic about sales campaigns and was consistently near the top in pipeline development.
Under his leadership, we were able to develop to meet the needs and priorities of the sales force.
He has continued to develop strong sales penetration and growth everywhere he's been since then.
His aggressive style suits him well for sales, development and driving new initiatives.
He helped us develop and deliver powerful sales techniques during the session.
He can develop talent into superstars and take sales to the next level.
He can be instrumental in developing a successful sales campaign.
John is a terrific sales leader, who hires and develops tremendous sales people.
His main focus is to help develop others and exceed sales goals.
We have chosen him to represent our learning and development company in this area.
He was great to work with in developing opportunities and closing sales.
I have found him helpful in developing systems that get sales results.
He is detail oriented and develops outstanding sales personnel.