Sales Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the smart, well-connected sales director that every company needs.
John is the type of go-getter every company needs as a director of sales.
He is a great sales director who knows how to deliver results.
John is an amazingly driven, extremely capable sales director.
John would be an excellent addition to an organisation looking for an experienced and inspiring sales director.
He is not only a hard working and energetic sales director, but also an inspiring expert.
John is renowned in Italy as an awesome sales director who brings results.
A superb sales director with a relentless passion for the role he does.
He knows how to come to a closure with a sales director point of view.
John is a brilliant sales director with many years of experience.
He was an extremely driven sales rep and director in his respective roles.
John is a fantastic and incredibly talented director of sales.
John was without shadow of a doubt one of the most successful sales directors the company has seen in many years.
And this is one of the most invaluable assets that makes him a unique, successful sales director.
John is a director who excels at understanding the underlying meaning of a sale.
Everyone from the hotel owners to the sales directors was very fond of him.
He is a highly analytical and operationally minded sales director.
John is an extremely talented sales director who is smart, witty and passionate.
He's a creative director who don't shy away from the detail and will always get you the sale.
The other characteristics that made him such a great sales director were his analytical capacity and enthusiasm.
John is dedicated sales director who has a quiet tenacity to achieve his objectives, whatever it takes.
John's primary responsibility is that of being a sales director for a large division of his company.
In his opinion, these were all things that led him to being one of the company's top sales directors.
His contribution to the organization goes far beyond that of a typical sales director.
If you are looking for an fmcg or toiletries sales director, he's your man.
The sales numbers he reached far exceeded any previous directors.
John served in various sales directors-level roles at that time.
If you need a sales director that "gets it", he is your woman.
All the sales directors, including himself, have benefited from his efforts.
His personal touch is not found in very many sales directors.
John is an exemplary sales director completely owning the sales process from start to finish.
John's background makes him one of the best sales directors in the business.
John worked extremely well with both his sales directors and our prospects.
He is a highly effective solutions sales person as well as sales director.
Marketing, during which he (deservedly) earned a promotion to sales director.
John's guidance to him started in his regional sales director role.
For him personally, as a sales director, this has directly led to winning tough sales deals.
John-son was able to achieve this because he did not rely only on the submissions by the various sales directors.
John displayed a variety of strengths, which made an excellent sales director.
He is the ideal sales director to put in front of your customers.
There are not many sales directors out there like him and he would make a fine addition to any team.
He is a senior sales director with impressive track record of global sales.
He's not only a very capable sales director, but someone prepared to roll his sleeves up and get into a deal with a sales rep.
John always surpassed his sales targets and was commended on numerous occasions by the company directorate.
John exhibits a pragmatic can-do attitude in completing his sales director assignments.
John brings a sense of fun and enthusiasm to his role as the director of sales.
The results he achieved as a sales director are a testament to his leadership.
He professionally and humanly filled the role of sales director.
His confidence and thorough understanding of him customer's needs is what makes him a great sales director.
John, one of these days you need to teach other hotel sales directors the way to achieve success.
John is a dynamic and very knowledgeable solution sales director.
His ability to help mentor raw-talented sales reps and seasoned sales directors was key to our success.
He is an extremely savvy sales director and will be an asset to anyone team.
He asserted a clear vision for what direction would be most effective as our director of channel sales.
Both times he has shown to be one of the best sales directors a report could ask for.
As a sales director he is task oriented yet caring for his people.
The energy he is an invaluable asset for any sales director if what you want is somebody who can think out of the box and add extra value to your sales process.
He is his regional sales director and he was a great help on closing a deal
John's role as a regional director of sales was multi-layered.
In his opinion, he is one of the shining stars in his field and should be a director of sales.
John has an infectious enthusiasm for everything he does and along with his 'get it done' attitude makes him an incredibly effective sales director.
It's rare to find someone that is not only a successful sales director, but also someone that truly cares about his teammates.
John also helped other new sales directors come up to speed, and he's always maintained a "company first" attitude.
He is a rare sales director in as much as he creates the environment for "others" to be successful not just himself.
John is an absolute professional and testimonial to the successful sales director he is.
He fulfils oneself very strong and high professional sales director.
John is an experienced sales director who is at the cutting-edge of biometric technology.
Due to this he has found opportunities and arranged appointments for sales directors in some of the top banks.
An excellent sales director with a keen understanding of his target customer.
He is a very innovative and consistent sales director and he quickly became a diligent operations director.
He also helped to ramp up multiple sales directors so that they, and the business, were successful.
As sales support director, he has the strong ability to drive the sales team in closing the deal/proposal.
If you want a high level sales professional to achieve impossible goals, please call him, he is the right sales director.
John is a results driven sales director with the highest levels of motivation and loyalty.
John worked as his sales director during a period of great transition for the company.
He worked in the capacity of sales director and was a very focused and intelligent.