Sales Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As an individual contributor, he was clearly one of the best sales engineers in the group.
He can make sales be acceptable and understandable even for an engineer, for him.
John is the best pre- and post-sales engineer that we ever had.
His years of experience in sales and sales engineering have made him into one of the best guys in the business.
For organizations, he is the master sales, mechanic you need for your sales engine.
John's ability to work with customers, sales, and sales engineers is outstanding.
As such, sales reps now ask for him specifically, which is one of the highest honors a sales engineer can receive.
Both our sales people and engineers liked the approach he recommended.
He can take an average sales team and make them into sales superstars.
He knows sales and sales teams and he is an incredible collaborator.
He would be an asset to any sales team or sales organization.
He will have your sales team cranking out the sales using our company.
John attacks his duties as a pre-sales engineer with enthusiasm and interest on each and every sales cycle.
John played multiple roles in our company successfully in sales leadership, sales, engineering, and sales operations.
His sales engineering support to the sales team will surely be missed.
John and his sales team have partnered under several sales cycles.
His expertise led to him being assigned as the primary sales engineer for our enterprise sales team.
We were often in the trenches together as he ran the sales, engineering group during that time.
He keeps the sales pressure on the engineering outfit and is wonderfully unreasonable.
John is an extremely gifted sales engineer and is driven in everything that he does.
His combined sales and engineering experience will be invaluable to any company.
During our company he was acting in both an engineering and pre-sales capacity.
John ran his sales, engineering organization several years back.
John is a top-notch sales engineer who goes above and beyond.
More importantly, he has the ability to apply that insight to successful sales and pre-sales engineering campaigns.
His sales acumen and tenacity earn him the utmost respect of his engineer peers and the sales organization.
Either way, he is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any sales, pre-sales or engineering environment.
His relationships with engineering, editorial and sales were always fantastic.
He links engineering to the sales organization and to our customers.
He will be an asset to our clients in his new role as sales engineer.
John exemplified these characteristics and was sought after by people in sales as well as in engineering.
He came into sales and reorganized all the various sales groups around good teams.
In his view, sales effectiveness is all about the sales leadership team.
His sales team always ranked at the top for sales versus quota.
He made life easier for engineering by serving as an excellent liaison between engineering and the sales force.
This system was used by engineers, our company, and sales all over the world
John hired his firm to evaluate his company's sales people and re-engineer their sales processes.
John's combination of energy and drive make him among the best sales engineers.
This ability allows for him to help create a buying atmosphere when you are around him, which of course is what any sales person wants from their sales engineer.
John clearly demonstrates what an excellence in engineering can bring to sales people.
John succeeded in turning his sales team into a highly effective and polished sales engine.
John goes above and beyond what is necessary to ensure his value and growth continues in his role as a sales engineer.
He can talk with sales and engineers alike, making sure everyone is focused on the right thing.
John did just that and was able to effectively cover the west coast as our sales engineer.
His engineering background coupled with his sales experience was very helpful over and over.
John's background was pure engineering, but he quickly showed an aptitude for sales.
This has provided a strong foundation for his continued success in sales engineering.
In his role as a sales engineer, he had an influence well beyond his title.
John takes the sales engineer role to a completely new level.
Whether he is building a company sales culture, sales strategy or sales pipeline and partnerships.
He provided us a first-rate support, both for our actions in sales & after-sales.
John's sales, marketing, and engineering contributions kept our organization ahead of the curve and accelerated the sales cycle.
We have benefited more than once from his ability to bridge the gap between engineering and sales.
One of his best characteristics is his ability to communicate with both engineering and sales.
He's the prototype sales engineer and makes customers at all levels confident.
And very important - he can handle and engineering and sales work.
He made sure sales was approachable to engineering and ensured alignment between the teams.
We had some sales and engineering staffing requirements, and enlisted him to help us out.
John's success will stretch the capabilities of any sales team and technical sales engineer.
Customers and employees enjoy their interactions with him and he has the knack to make sales engineering look easy.
John successfully mentored him in the transition from an engineering to a sales role.
His direct approach and willingness to help make him a very effective sales engineer.
He spent the time with him and his other reports to grow as sales engineers.
He showed him how to get the good attitude and speech of a sales engineer.
John is a knowledgeable sales engineer that exceeded in his role.
John take's pride in his work and is an excellent sales engineer.
John allowed his sales team to sell, he dealt with many of the non sales distractions.
He helped him differentiate sales documentation from the activity of sales.
His sales stories are inspiring and fun which keeps the sales team going.
His holistic sales approach contributed to the success of the sales team.
He makes more sales calls in one day than many sales teams do in a week.
Him and him team is true gifts to the world of sales and sales ops.
He will be a great addition to any presales, sales, engineering or solution engineering team.
He understands the sales cycle and the interrelation of sales to marketing.
This makes him a perfect fit anywhere along the spectrum from sales to engineering.
He is as comfortable talking to an engineer as he is ahead of sales.
As a sales engineer, he's been critical in launching some of our most important deals.
John showed him the fundamentals for his first job out of college as a sales engineer.
He made his job as a sales engineer as easy and focused as possible.
John handles sales with integrity and maintains relationships after the sale.
His constant communication and full transparency were also greatly appreciated by the sales engineers and the sales organization.
In the meanwhile he has grown to an experienced sales engineer with worldwide network.
John can help any sales leadership team get better results from their sales teams.
He may be competitive in sales, but he's always there for his team.
He always brings out the best from everyone on the sales team.
John worked both hard and effectively, and is an outstanding sales engineer.
John has a unique ability in that he is an engineer with sales qualities.
He can talk with sales and support, yet converse with engineers fluently.
This, in his opinion, is the most admirable quality of a sales engineer.
During our monthly sales, engineering calls, he carefully collects our contacts' needs and follows up with each engineer for more detail.
The John sales organization would be fortunate to have him as a member of their sales team.
He not only understands his role, as a pre-sales engineer, but he also takes it very seriously as part of the sales team.
He engineered a turnaround of a decade-long sales decline, and revitalized the sales team.
In doing so, he inspires sales engineers to be their absolute best, and earns their loyalty through his actions and commitment.
John acted as his sales engineer on many occasions, although that was not the title he was carrying at the time.
At that time he was employed as a sales engineer, but had to take on the role of salesman almost immediately.
As an engineer, he listened carefully and with great attention to what we in the sales group were saying.
The sales-engineering disconnect experienced at other companies, is absolutely nonexistent with him.
He understands what being a top of the line sales engineer means.
John is an eager can do sales engineer when we placed him with our company, he performed beyond expectations when in the position.
He strikes the perfect balance between technical acumen and sales understanding which is rare for sale engineers.
John is one of our best customer support engineers before he came to the sales organization.
John provided excellent leadership not only during the sales cycle, but for all support required after the sale.
His sales insights and drive to achieve provided the foundation of his sales career.
As a sales engineer, he has successfully helped sales teams meet and surpass their annual sales quotas and can skilfully navigate the technical sales cycle.
When we were sales, engineering peers, he impressed him with his grasp of technology, but much more so with his sales acumen which came so naturally to him.
He knows the technology well and how to position it to customer, sales and engineering.
John is responsible for the sales engineering support to his team.
He implemented multiple sales strategies that led to an increase in sales.
Over the next couple years he worked diligently to increase sales, and improve the relationship between sales and engineering.
His knowledge of the sales process and sales methodology is superb.
John's leadership and the dedication of his sales and engineering team made the impossible, possible.
When we worked together, he was well respected for the success and sales growth of his sales region.
His technical understanding allows him to bridge the divide between engineering and sales.
His engineering background makes him, especially effective in technical sales environments.
He would be an invaluable sales- and technical-engineering asset for any company.
His technical and sales engineering expertise is the absolute best.
John is always the favorite engineer to bring on sales appointments since he knew when to talk and what to say.
John's approach and attitude created an often rare synergy between both engineering and sales departments.
John taught him how to take an immature, sales engine and turn it into a well oiled machine.
He is one of his strongest sales engineers and is an absolute pleasure to work with.
He works well with various groups, from front-line sales to back end engineers.
John's workshop helped him to see the value in some areas of pre-sales engineering that our company has overlooked.
We were very happy to have him as a liaison between the sales and engineering teams.
John's sales success was an inspiration to our team and he was always available to help improve sales efforts for us all.
He loves what he does and has been very good in helping his sales team become successful in their sales effort.
John knows exactly how sales can be increased and how to gear up the entire sales team to do precisely that.
John and his team are super qualified to become the guides to increase sales in any sales organization.
If you have a sales team and want to grow sales you would be well served to get connected with him.
John perspective and guidance was constantly sought by sales teams throughout the sales cycle.
John would be an asset to any organization looking to grow sales and improve a sales team.
John brought our sales team a lot of value from his many years in sales and leadership.
John's strengths and sales acumen make him a surefire success of any sales team.
He added a lot of value to the sales team and overachieved him sales targets.
Great attitude and great sales numbers for any sales team that picks him up.
Our company in the toughest of circumstances, John's sales team always exceeded their sales objectives.
He follows through on his word and provides service after the sale.
He promptly addressed sales partner concerns and always provided sales support.
He truly understood the valued role sales had in the grand scheme of things, and it showed in his direct reports and sales engineers.
He did this across all departments from engineering to sales to client services.
His sales, engineering knowledge is advanced and is relied on by clients.
Thanks to his expertise in marketing and sales, we could considerably increase our sales volume.
He perfectly translates between what sales is saying to what engineering needs to hear to add a certain functionality.
Additionally, he trained several sales engineers on the product to generate even more sales.
The John sales process is excellent which allows him to use the right sales strategy for different customers.
His expertise spreads across sales, engineering and product ownership.
John is a must have in any sales organization, as he is the engine that drives any business.
He understands sales and is strategically on how to overcome obstacles throughout the sales process.
John will inspire any sales team and make them believe in themselves at any level.
If you are looking for an addition to your sales group, you want him on your team.