Sales Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I certainly believe he will be an asset to any company that needs an outstanding sales executive.

John is a sales executive that will go above and beyond for his company and clients.

John would be an asset as a sales executive in almost any organization.

John is the most thorough, responsive sales executive in technology.

He is a very dedicated and experienced enterprise sales executive.

John asks insightful questions that get the sales executive or a sales leader to think differently about their approach.

John is the epitome of the complete modern day sales executive.

John is a tremendous sales executive and is an asset to any company.

He is the blueprint from which all sales executives should be made from and measured by.

John produced great work for our sales executives to maximise their sales opportunities.

John is an experienced sales executive in the aerospace and aviation segment.

John's strategy and teamwork make him one of my all time favorite sales executive.

John is a strong solution sales executive who builds lasting relationships and understands and executes on the end-to-end sales cycle.

He demonstrates that a sales executive can be persistent without being annoying, and above all gets results.

John is a pragmatic sales executive that is fully engaged in getting the best of both organizations.

John is a top notch inside sales executive with an engaging, can-do attitude.

This is a rare combination to find in sales executives at his level.

John is a top level sales executive, but that doesn't say enough.

John is a seasoned, accomplished sales executive, who has an exceptional ability to strategize, execute, and close deals.

John is a phenomenal sales executive, always driving his team to reach higher and own sales numbers.

He is very intelligent, understands the complex sale, and has the ability to think five steps ahead and execute on any sales plan.

He knows what works and what doesn't work with respect to sales execution.

John has an extensive background in executive leadership roles within the sales function.

I have always seen him taking timely decisions that were well executed.

John is very seasoned sales executive who knows how to build great organizations.

Not only is he very forward thinking, he is great at execution.

He thinks his ideas through and is thorough in their execution.

He is a master in sales execution and his energy is definitely infectious.

John is a successful executive sales leader because he has a dedicated focus on sales execution, deal strategy and tactics.

John is an engaging sales executive that knows how to open doors and capture the interests of his prospects.

His ambition and aggressive sales execution provided a strong basis for his success.

John is a very bright, hard charging sales executive who expects and gets results.

John would be an asset to any organization seeking a polished sales executive.

He is terrific at executing and implementing the right sales methodology that balances execution with rigorous process.

John is a very sales and customer focused, executive who had a major impact on our sales effectiveness.

He is a solution driven sales executive and has proven over and over again he can deliver results.

John is a very dedicated executive whose sales teams always exceeds quota.

John is an exceptional sales executive who is thoroughly committed to his customers' success.

He is excellent at envisioning and articulating sales strategies, and has a solid follow-through when it comes to execution.

Working with him at the executive level was a pleasure, and truly made running sales efforts that much easier.

John is an expert at diagnosing sales problems at an executive level and then fixing them on the ground.

John is an incredibly positive, determined and enthusiastic sales executive and leader.

John is a phenomenal leader and an extremely diplomatic sales executive.

John is friendly, likeable and an execution-oriented sales leader.

His solutions were always well thought out from inception to execution.

John has an incredible ability to fire up sales people and executives of all types.

He is a value add to any company looking for a quality sales executive.

John is a seasoned sales executive with an amazing understanding of what a customer needs and how this need can be translated into a sale.

He is self-motivated, and listens well to execute on objectives.

John, in hard times, has demonstrated an ability to effectively execute initiatives sales.

He always seems to be thinking ahead to what comes next while executing what's needed today.

He has also shown to be an executive that thinks outside the box.

His leadership is visionary, thoughtful and focused on execution.

He was also responsible for both shaping and executing strategies.

He also exemplifies the fundamentals of sales execution, thus raising the bar for his team.

John is the type of tenacious sales executive who is hungry to learn and craves feedback.

John is a bright young executive who is eager to learn & try new sales techniques.

John is focused, disciplined, creative, and results oriented sales executive.

John is one of those sales executives you meet and know that you must stay in touch with and add to your contact list.

Yet at the same time his sales activities are intelligent, well timed and well executed.