Sales Lead Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Lead Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is definitely someone that any company would want to lead their sales teams.
He's got the sales know-how and experience to lead a sales team to success.
John leads by example and transforms people with latent sales talent into sales champions.
I would recommend him if you are looking to boost your sales effectively through optimized leads.
He leads by example, and truly shows his leadership and capability by bringing in new sales.
He's helped us to get leads, to get the tools that we need, and, ultimately, to make sales.
I highly recommend him to anyone who needs more traffic, more leads, and more sales.
He follows up on leads and issues quickly and converts questions to sales.
I believe that his advice will lead to more sales and that's a good thing.
His methodology is flawless and will guarantee you will increase your leads leading to more sales and cash flow what else could you ask for.
There was even talk that he should lead the whole company, not just the sales function.
He would always provide sales leads and recommendations when we would meet.
His ability to ensure sales leads were communicated to me, thus helping him in closing sales.
He has always had success with generating leads for possible sales and follow up sales activity.
He had the product knowledge which leads him to play many roles from sales, pre-sales and post sales.
John expects much of his sales organization, but also expects much of himself and leads by example.
John also would have many interactions with the sales or pursuit lead on these types of pursuits.
John organization would be thrilled to have him join and lead their sales efforts.
I believe that he can lead any organization to achieve strong sales results.
John was continually drumming up new leads, sales, and expanding our domain.
He leveraged both of these elements to lead an excellent sales campaign.
John's sales teams were consistent with leading the company in regards to daily/weekly/monthly sales acquisition.
John is one who can not only sell convincingly, but can lead sales people to do the same.
And, most important, he knows how to turn leads into prospects, and prospects into sales.
John has been responsible for leading some of the most successful sales teams.
He knows how to lead large sales teams, both by example and by inspection.
He provided unique mentorship in the way he was leading our sales team.
Instead of just focusing on the end result and getting the sale, he focuses on behaviors that lead to long-term sales success.
John leads by example and has made a huge influence on our sales organization.
He does focus sales presentations that lead to sales, rather than providing information.
This enables him to better define the course of action that the salesman will need to make this sales lead effectively.
He has fundamental in the sales funneled as he made sure we were brought leads that were warm enough for the sell.
We have seen results in increased leads and sales as well as in our ability to clearly evangelize our company.
John is the type of guy you want leading your sales efforts, wherever and whatever they happen to be.
He has helped us to attract new sales leads through his tenacity and determination to get results.
John sees the big picture but is willing to get in the trenches to help or lead his sales force.
He always set the standard with regards to sales and hitting targets, always leading by example.
Intuitive and able to find leads and turn them into sales is what you will find from him.
He was on top of every lead and created and doggedly pursued every sales opportunity.
John is excellent in the lead following up to close the sale and is target oriented.
John opened doors and pushed the envelop leading the sales to to much success.
He has lead the way in many areas and people follow his lead confidently.
He was leading the most complex and difficult sales, project finished with the sales win.
He excels in all areas and somehow leads the way in creativity and sales.
When he has a sales lead he dedicates himself to working the lead and making sure that all avenues with the prospect are explored.
He is always on the ball with respect to blowing his sales quota, a great guy to lead any sales organization.
He does a great job of leading, even those who aren't directly in his sales organization.
John interactions with him while he was leading the sales team were very positive.
John is an outstanding sales performer and excels in motivating and leading the sales team.
He knows exactly how to qualify a lead and when hand off a lead to the appropriate outside sales team member.
John is the consummate sales professional and has always lead by example.
He is fantastic at finding leads and working them into qualified leads.
He has a positive attitude toward all the assignments given and his dedication leads it for sale.
I have watched him grow and lead sales organizations and would recommend him to any company.
John is very ambitious, and will certainly lead a larger sales organization in the future.
John is highly recommended in all sales roles and will lead any organization into success.
John is enthusiastic, dedicated, focused and determined when leading sales campaigns.
He is efficient and delivers effective campaigns that result in sales leads.
I would recommend him highly for leading and inspiring a sales organization.
He's an innovative sales thinker, dedicated teammate and leads by example.
John made sure that our sales team had strong sales tools and an ongoing supply of pre-qualified sales leads.
John leads the sales from the front and had developed his sales team by leading with examples himself.
John not only completed and succeeded in a highly challenging sales role, but also went on to inspire and lead others in sales.
He not only leads by example, but he leads with integrity and honor.
John's background leading in various sales and sales training roles is clear to him.
He is a leading sales person and repeatedly and reliably made his sales quota.
John consistently exceeded quota and lead the sales team in the new logo sales attainment
He understands how to run and lead a sales team because he was a sales rep.
While he leads from the front, he gives you an opportunity to can take up new challenges and sales efforts.
He leads by example, taking his subordinates, out on sales calls, so they can watch him in action.
John would continually draw in more leads for our sales group than anyone else had ever done.
He leads from the front and will not hesitate to jump directly into any sales situations.
His obsession with getting it right was a great help in increasing leads and sales.
Speaking of sales figures, he was the leading salesman on numerous occasions.
His questions are always based on what will create sales leads for you.
This leads him to greater opportunities for sales positions and income.
John helped him to exceed sales objectives and lead from the front.
He truly leads by example being a strong sales contributor himself.
As we nurtured the leads, his sales conversions continued to grow.
Put him in front of an elusive sales lead and he will close it.
He understands well what drives positive sales performance and improve - and leads to this improvement in sales.
He diligently worked with sales leads to help close those sales in a timely manner.
His integrity, enthusiasm and passion for sales excellence have led to tremendous growth for those he leads.
John leads by example and helps guide his sales reps through the sales process with excellent results.
Also, he has the maturity to lead others, and would be an asset to any sales team.
He leads by example and will take any sales team or company to the next level.
Since that time, he has lead teams across several different sales channels.
He leads the sales team by example and is always striving to be his best.
John took charge of the sales team and was proactive in getting leads.
He leads by example and expects the best from his entire sales team.
John can lead any sales team to new levels so everyone can win.
Our company is fortunate to have someone like John leading one of their sales teams.
John lead in new money sales and was always willing to help out those of us who were new to the business.
John's ability to lead and motivate everyone around him impressed him, as did his sales prowess.
He makes sales straight forward to understand and people follow his lead.
He leads by example, demonstrating terrific sales abilities and habits.
John's sales expertise makes it easy for him to lead and mentor others.
John's efforts lead to an increase in contacts, appointments and sales.
He leads, sales organizations that are people focused that get results.
John's sales acumen is rivaled only by his ability to lead people.
We worked together on sales leads for him territory with our company.
Him actions improved both quantity and quality of sales leads - which drove sales up.
He built a successful sales team consisting of enterprise reps, inside sales, lead gen reps and channel sales.
John has a pitbull approach to sales, he will classify a lead and if it's solid one he will get the sale closed, period.
He is passionate about lead gen, and always leads with integrity.
He not only generated leads and closed sales, he set up much of the sales infrastructure for the company.
John leads by example, and his sales teams consistently deliver sales results which always exceed the set targets.
He continually looks at opportunities to make leads, improve on sales and help his colleagues out whenever possible.
We're still using his recommendations that really helped to improve our sales leads and our conversion rate.
John really understands demand creation and what it takes to get sales and leads into your pipeline.
He understands the sales cycle very well and how to feed prospects and leads into the cycle.
This, coupled with his dedication to sales fundamentals lead to some very impressive success.
This apart his tenacity and sales ability and experience means he can lead from the front.
Through his efforts, conversions increased, leading to more qualified sales opportunities.
He leads from the front in all situations while redefining the company sales standard.
John takes a lead from beginning to end no matter how long it takes and makes the sale.
Because of these abilities, he has increased lead flow and shortened sales cycles.
He is responsible for finding highly qualified sales leads and he did just that.
For larger companies, he can explode your channel sales and leads from the front.
This leads to many more sales and a great respect for and trust in him abilities.
John's company provided us with excellent sales leads for a number of years.
His prospecting activity levels are always high and always lead to new sales.
He has become a trusted ally for him in his role leading sales organizations.
His ability to lead and navigate complex sales cycles is second to none.
John's ability to lead sales and bring in big deals was exceptional.
He leads at every chance to share dynamic sales ideas and successes.
He can lead any conversations and can bring a sales motion to close.
His methodology brought in great sales leads and solid candidates.
John plans the tasks that lead to the achievement of sales objectives.
He understands the complexities of high-dollar, long-lead sales.
John is very professional, dedicated and passionate sales lead.
Our company, no one ever questions who are leading a sales effort when John is involved.
A site to attract new sales leads based on the our company offerings.
John is a hands-on, get it done, lead by example sales leader.
John can make sure that your business will get much more traffic, leads and sales.
He understands the complex needs of sales teams at all levels to generate sales leads.
It's these relationships that allow him to lead from the front in terms of sales volume.
John is the go to guy if you need your website generating your leads and sales.
His efforts directly lead to numerous sales and satisfied customers.
With him as the sales lead, we won several large, valuable clients.
Not only does he lead with strategic oversight, but also he leads alongside you when the need arises.
John not only encourages and leads by example, but he has also made him a better sales person.
He has been the leading sales person for as long as he's been with the company.
He has driven record sales for his region and did this by leading by example.
John not only leads his own sales area, but his influence extends to other sales geographies and teams as his examples have been used throughout the our company sales community.
Whether it was leading the sales organization or most recently leading the marketing division, his impact was felt across all organizations.
He is a phenomenal sales leader and he would be a first choice to lead a sales organization.
John will thrive wherever he goes next, and he will lead another incredible sales team to success.
Based on his results, as well as, his team's sales the inside group lead the country.
John continuously leads by example and he is an incredible asset to any sales team.