Sales Leader Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Leader Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an outstanding leader who understands sales and the sale process better than anyone.
John is the prototype that other organizations should use when trying to shape their sales leaders.
His strength is certainly in sales, but he was also a well-liked leader and motivator.
John is always looking to grow and become a better sales rep and a leader.
John has always ranked among the top sales reps and has proven to be a leader in sales organizations.
His "catalyst" ability to transfer sales ideas puts him at the top of the sales leaders globally.
John is an exceptional sales leader who brings out the best in him people.
John is an amazing sales manager and leader, he goes above and beyond his duties and responsibilities.
John certainly possesses all of the necessary traits that one looks for in a great sales leader.
John became more as he took on more responsibility and became a leader and led the sales force.
John is the kind of sales leader that knows the answer, but will help you find it on your own.
John has been my manager/mentor for five years and has been a tremendous sales leader.
Acted as interim leader of our sales organization to help deliver his recommendations.
I would highly recommend him to any company looking for an outstanding sales leader.
He is an exceptional boss and an inspirational leader in the world of inside sales.
He is the definition of what the modern, transformational sales leader is all about.
John is an impactful sales leader always comes with ideas to close an opportunity.
John, simply put, is one of the most influential sales leaders in the world.
He is an excellent sales leader and was never afraid to think "outside the box".
John is the rarest form of sales leader - one that inevitably keeps his promises.
John brings the best attributes that any company would want in a sales leader.
He is the consummate sales leader and any company would be blessed to have him.
John's thoughtfulness, compassion and sales aptitude made him an admired leader.
John has the ability to be a sales leader as well as an individual contributor.
He poses all the tangible and intangibles to be an outstanding sales leader.
He is a veteran sales leader that is always willing to share his perspective.
John was a highly successful sales leader who has been always ahead of the curve.
John is an energetic, natural sales leader and an excellent coach/manager.
Those traits are also what turned him into such a successful sales leader.
John is an incredibly impressive, well connected and popular sales leader.
John is an inspirational sales leader with great passion towards winning.
He is an extremely effective leader and he has an amazing sales acumen.
John is a "deal guy", but he's also one of the first sales leaders requested by sales reps when there's any kind of reorganization.
He has always been approachable to both sales leaders and sales reps, which has helped to create a culture of success.
John would be a great addition to any sales organization as an individual contributor or a sales leader.
John was well rounded sales leader who was able to motivate a very diverse sales group.
John is a tremendous sales leader who would be a great asset to any sales organization.
He engaged, especially well with both the channel leaders and sales leaders to ensure everything he did was well aligned with the growth priorities.
John is an outstanding sales leader, embodying the best aspects of the modern sales process.
John is a strong sales leader with a thorough, creative, and comprehensive sales strategy.
I cannot recommend him more to any organization that wants a sales leader who makes things happen.
He would make a great leader in any organization that is looking to increase sales.
He is an accomplished sales leader who is poised to make any organization better.
John is an asset for any organization looking for an exceptional sales leader.
John would be a very positive and effective sales leader in any organization.
John is all that great sales people must be as he possessed vital characteristics of a true sales leader.
John is an amazing sales leader with a desire to accomplish and obtain the most challenging sales goals.
His enthusiasm is contagious and he is one of the true leaders on our sales floor.
As a sales leader, he was one of our most successful closers across our company.
As our leader, he has focused on creating the best culture for his salespeople.
John practices what he preaches and truly want the best for each of his sales leaders and reps.
The skillset he possesses is absolutely the kind of every company wants from their sales leader.
I have no hesitation in recommending him as an accomplished and highly respected sales leader.
John sales leader looking for a strong individual contributor should look no further.
John has a sense of urgency and determination that would match any sales leader.
I would give him the highest of recommendation as a distinguished sales leader.
John has all of the skill set needed to be a strong and effective sales leader.
Him success challenged my assumptions about what makes a great sales leader.
He is incredibly optimistic, positive, and effective as a sales leader.
I would not hesitate to recommend him for any sales leader role as he definitely will bring value to the company.
John is rare among sales leaders as he not only focuses on getting it done, but also in doing it right.
Over the last years, he became one of the most appreciated sales leaders by the sellers.
His ability to think three dimensionally separates him from other sales leaders.
He repeatedly goes above and beyond your typical sales leader expectations.
He is very inspirational and has been a very successful sales leader.
John is an impressive and versatile businessperson and sales leader.
John is an excellent sales leader and is well respected by everyone.
John is the true visionary and leader in the sales profession.
John is an inspiring leader with an eye for opportunity and sales.
John is an enthusiastic, thoughtful and compelling sales leader.
In every position, he has been the top sales attainment leader.
Furthermore, his experience as a sales leader was remarkable.
Our company company could have a better sales leader than John.
He understands sales, sales people and is a leader who also understands clients.
He's an excellent sales leader motivating those around him to achieve.
John is an outstanding sales innovator, leader and motivator.
John worked for him as one of his sales leaders in our company.
John is a true partner and understands how to work with sales and sales leaders.
John is a highly respected, consummate sales leader who thoroughly understands the indirect sales channel.
He's a great sales rep, an effective leader and an all-around valuable asset to any sales organization.
His sales acumen, attention to detail, ethics truly set him apart as a sales leader.
John is a talented sales leader with clear vision, deep analytics of sales and sales activity.
John is a sales leader in every way, and a true champion of technology sales.
John also puts into place competitive and lucrative sales contests which motivated salespeople and sales leaders to boost sales performance.
He is the solutions leader every sales organization needs to succeed.
John is the type of sales leader and sales performer that you want on a winning team.
He knows and applies all of the principles you would look for in a sales leader for your organization.
John truly is a leader that any sales organization will value and prosper under his guidance.
He's not only a polished, decisive sales leader, but also someone who provides guidance.
Locke was already very well established and successful as a sales leader in his company.
John, as a sales leader, is an example to others striving for the same level of success.
John never stopped helping him, more than anyone, he taught him how to be a sales leader.
Additionally, he was continually at the top of the leader board for sales achievement.
Immediately upon his arrival it was clear that we hired an outstanding sales leader.
In addition, he has a reputation among our sales leaders as someone who's grounded.
John is a thoughtful sales leader, contributing value-add across the organization.
John is truly an out of the box innovator and seasoned distinguished sales leader.
John is a passionate and a dedicated sales leader that you just want to follow.
John is passionate, dedicated and stands out among excellent sales leaders.
John is a great leader when it came to establishing our sales objectives.
He is a tremendous leader, not only for sales, but for the entire company.
John and his firm are awesome at hiring salespeople and sales leaders.
A company looking for a sales leader will be lucky to have him on board.
He always came across as a problem solving and a pragmatic sales leader
He quickly established himself as a sales leader in our organization.
He will become a high achiever and sales leader as he progresses.
As a sales leader, he knows when to push, question and encourage.
John is an excellent result focused and driven sales leader.
John is the perfect sales leader for any high growth company.
Our company, our immediate sales group, he was seen as a thought leader for all of Limelight.
His accomplishments as a sales leader at our company are without question.
He knows sales well enough to train sales folks from beginning sales to advanced selling techniques.
He is an incredible sales leader, which helped drive results and propel our sales organization to another level.
He's a sales leader who has been in the trenches doing the real work of dialing and getting sales in the door.
He is a sales leader not to be underestimated - and to be watched.
John is a great leader, strategist and business partner for any sales leader and sales organization.
In addition to being a thought leader in the field of sales, he is also an inspiring leader.
John has always been one of the leaders within our sales team-and for good reason.
He is a natural sales leader who can build, drive and optimize sales functions.
He is a sales oriented leader with a strong, focussed, execution driven leader.
For a sales training course, it has given him far more than just understanding sales.
He joined our company in pre-sales function and transitioned to a seasoned sales leader.
He exemplifies all the characteristics that companies look for, not only in sales people but in leaders.
For this, and many other reasons, he is highly regarded among his peers and sales leaders.
During the time we worked together, he was always the leader in non-traditional sales.
The mentoring he's given him has inspired him to be a better sales leader himself.
John worked directly for him while we made a transition between sales leaders.
John came across to him as a highly motivated and aggressive sales leader.
John is a great sales leader; competent, innovative and energetic.
John is not only a gifted sales leader, he's an exceptional mentor.
As a sales leader, he has built a consistently high performing sales organization comprised of leaders and sales team members that do it the right way.
He is a role model for leaders and those who want to become leaders.
He is 'results driven' and will never give up on a sale - he is a dynamic sales leader who most importantly gets results.
During that time time frame not only was he one of the top sales reps in the country but also a great sales leader.
In all that time he has been an outstanding leader and head of sales.
He is the 'complete package' when it comes to being a sales leader.
John joined his team with little experience in sales, but quickly became one of the sales people topping of the sales board.
He has the great balance of being both a business leader as well as a sales leader.
John will teach you and your organization how to be a better and therefore more effective sales leader.
John's sales numbers has been always stellar, and he was definitely considered the leader of our region.
John always achieved his numbers and was seen as the sales leader to beat in the region.
John's style of leadership should be cloned and distributed to all sales leaders.
Along with being a natural at sales, he is also a leader on the floor.
John is self motivated and will always be the leader of any sales team that he is associated with.
A sales leader must walk his talk in order for his sales crew to respect him or his
John will do well in whatever he does as he has all the right qualities of a top sales leader.
He is a leader and mentor for him and for many of the sales people at the company.
He has provided good support to his sales leaders and himself.
Results driven coupled with his sales experience as a sales leader made him an effective asset to have on his team.
John is not only a passionate and proactive advertising sales expert, he is also a well-respected sales leader.