Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has the right attitude for sales and sales management.
I can truly say he is second to none in sales management.
He works very well with sales and sales management.
He has experience managing direct sales, inside sales, and channel management.
John is an incredible sales manager and an even better people manager.
As a sales manager, he was always responsive and would do what it took to help make the sale.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for help in the sales or sales management area.
Would definitely recommend him for another sales or sales management position.
He is extremely strong in sales, sales management and sales leadership.
John is the consummate sales professional as well as sales manager.
John is an exceptional sales and sales management professional.
John is one of those sales manager's that knows what he's doing.
I have learnt much from him, especially in sales and management.
John is a master at sales, sales people and sales management.
John has been one of the best sales managers in my team.
John has incredible talent in sales and sales management.
John has the best personality for sales or management.
John is an outstanding sales manager and salesperson.
There are fewer people better at sales and sales management than John.
John is both a real person and a sales manager who actually succeeded in sales before going into sales management.
John is an inspirational manager, with an immense know-how when it comes to sales and people management.
He excelled at sales and sales management, customer management and mentoring others to be successful.
He was respected by field sales, his sales managers, and the executive management team.
John is well versed in sales management, insurance, and all-round people management.
I would recommend him for any sales management or people management role.
He performed very well as service manager, but also as pre-sales manager.
Secondarily, John is experienced in channel management, inside sales management and sales operations.
John was my direct manager in my first sales management position at our company.
John was my sales manager and went on to become one of the best managers I have ever had.
He was, at various times, our construction manager, facilities manager, sales operations manager as well working on sales directly with me.
John is a fantastic sales manager who can manage the details, but can also manage the vision and strategy.
His knowledge of sales cycle management, people management and commercial management is second to none.
Unlike many sales managers who just "manage", John was a hands-on manager who also produced sales directly by taking a territory.
John is not only my manager, but also my sales coach.
Coming from sales himself, he is in tune with the needs of sales and did everything he could to make sales successful.
I sometimes wonder how well he would have done for himself had he been in sales.
He has his finger on the pulse of sales assessments as well as sales and sales management training.
His knowledge of sales and sales management goes deep and well beyond the normal sales consultants.
John has given me many new ideas for my own sales work and also for managing sales organizations.
I would highly recommend him for anything related to sales, sales training and sales management.
I'm certain that he would be an excellent addition to any sales or sales management team.
He is always more than willing and capable to lead, whether it be in sales or management.
He is very knowledgeable about sales management and has created his own sales process.
John is one of those people that you just have to have on your sales management team.
John is an energetic, knowledgeable sales person, sales trainer, and sales manager.
John's association with us has been in sales, sales management, research and training.
John is an exceptional sales manager who is able to excel at more than just "sales".
John's professionalism and sales process management will help him in sales anywhere.
He has every prerequisite to excel in any sales or sales management position.
John is an excellent companion to any sales manager and any sales organization.
John demonstrated exceptional leadership in both sales and sales management.
Several of his sales managers have advanced to other senior sales positions.
John has my highest recommendation for any role in sales or sales management.
John is by far one of the best sales reps, and managers that you will find.
John helped me really well in getting to the next level of sales management.
There weren't many outside sales managers that had that personal approach.
John does exactly what it says on the tin, managing sales the right way.
From a sales perspective, he is everything you want in a sales manager.
John proved very successful at both direct sales and sales management.
John is what every strategic sales professional wants from management.
His background in direct sales, wholesale sales and sales management make him a solid hire and immediate asset to any organization.
His relaxed management style is always well received by his managers and sales reps.
He understands that it's not just about the sale, instead he is available to manage the customer after the sale which in his book is the most important.
John knows the best sales practices and applies them, whether doing sales himself or managing a team of sales professionals.
He would be an asset to any enterprise software sales team as a sales rep or sales manager.
He understands what our sales organization is looking for and has found us numerous sellers and sales managers who are thriving with us.
John's leadership abilities, combined with his sales experience, make him well suited for sales management roles.
Always focused on exceeding sales expectations, he brought many sales opportunities for management review.
He also took on many additional duties including sales and sales management, and performed them admirably.
His experience combined with his common sense approach to sales and sales management is outstanding.
John's mission was to increase sales and manage the sales reps of the Hispanic publication.
Aside from being an excellent sales manager, he is also a killer sales professional.
As a sales manager, he always made himself available to any person on the sales floor.
He also taught his partner manager, sales techniques to help better manage partners.
John manages to get the most of his reps and sales manager in a very upfront and positive manner.
John provides a nurturing and mentoring aspect to sales management, which ensures that trust is quickly built between the sales person and the sales manager.
His sales abilities include effective customer management and closing sales.
John understands what it takes to be successful in sales and sales management and knows how to transfer his knowledge to salespeople and those who manage them.
To him, the definition of a great sales manager is someone that removes obstacles from the sales representatives that they manage.
Not only does he have great experience in sales and managing sales teams, it is his attitude that is impressive.
His team helped to uncover both sales reps as well as managers for our inside sales organization.
He's also provided with strong capability in managing a sales team to achieve sales objectives.
He and the entire team know trade show sales and management-and sponsorship sales too.
He moved from a sales rep at drchrono to managing the whole sales team.
He showed him how to be a manager of relationships, not just manager of sales opportunities.
John is his sales manager, he really came through for him in many ways during various tough situations.
Combine that with his sales and management experience and you have someone who can succeed in any role.
He also knows how to manage himself so that his own sales margins are consistently high.
He is liked by his fellow colleagues as well as the sales, distributors that he managed.
During that time, he transitioned from being his sales counterpart and into his manager.
He is quite effective in some of the sales opportunities that he was asked to manage.
John's experience has been very beneficial for his transition from sales to management.
At the time he was one of our best managers running several organizations in sales.
The combination of the two makes him the perfect manager for the sales organization.
Perhaps they'll find most useful the diversity of his sales management background.
John has much to offer an organization in both the sales and management domains.
He's also an experienced sales manager who's willing to share all that he knows.
John creates a partnership with you and become one of your best sales managers.
Furthermore, he possesses excellent capabilities in both sales and management.
Being in sales management, he would always listen to and act on our concerns.
He can get more done in an hour than most sales managers get done in a day.
It does not surprise him at all that he quickly moved into sales management.
John's sales and management abilities were unparalleled to his colleagues.
John always puts his best foot forward while managing his sales territory.
John's sales and management experience always paid off in every situation.
He understands inside sales and is able to manage through any challenge.
He would be successful either as sales manager or individual contributor.
He consistently impressed him with his abilities in sales and management.
Since he moved on, this sales territory never successfully managed
John's sales manager was never limited by organizational boundaries.
John organization would be lucky to have him managing their sales force.
He has been very successful sales manager as well in his previous role.
He could have told him to discuss it with his sales manager; but didn't.
In sales and management he valued the customer/employee and it showed.
This attribute makes him an effective and successful sales manager.
His years of sales experience come through in his management style.
John is an ambitious, self-driven and well-rounded sales manager.
The way he was managing sales was soft but very efficient with us.
He managed to be both demanding and sensitive to the sales force.
John can be the perfect technical sales manager for any company.
He is an excellent sales manager who delivers on his commitments.
John came on board as sales manager, but he delivered much more.
It is obvious that he has great sales and management experience.
Crossing successfully to sales management shows his versatility.
John displays certain aspects of a rarity amongst sales managers.
He could certainly become a solid sales manager in the future.
He managed ad sales for our podcast and always over delivered.
Really knows his sales stuff and the kind of manager you want.
As a sales person/relationship manager, he is one of the best.
He manages to be his sales pursuits effectively and efficiently.
Under his management our company sales dramatically improved.
From the sales perspective, he was the person you can trust to make sure your sales were correctly managed through the terms and conditions stage of the sale.
John is an amiable person that knows how to manage his experienced sales managers.
John' ability to think and act strategically is what sets him apart from most people in sales and sales management.
From sales representative to sales manager, he has always met or exceeded his quotas.
He keeps management up-to-date by reporting of sales activities and sales metrics.
Unlike many sales executives, he manages both sales and expenses to create profits.
Our sales partners and our channel sales managers consistently gave him high marks.
John will bring out the best in any sales team that he manages and will be a great asset to any sales management team.
John is also a very effective sales manager and he is very adept at managing teams.
He plays naturally and in harmony with the teams' sales managers and the management.
John is a scrupulous sales manager and he manages his clientele very well.
John's communication with him was well above that of most other sales manager
He is instrumental to rollout sales efficiency tools and he connected very well with the different sales managers.
As he used to be a sales manager, he has first hand experience in sales training.
An ability to manage each sales team member in a way that draws out their strengths, makes him an exceptional sales manager.
He is able to manage complex sales cycles and is well liked by the channel partners he manages.
He managed sales and knowledge management of our company with determination and dedication.
Until recently, he has been his immediate sales manager and we have had a successful sales and reporting relationship.
John has a remarkable range of experience including strategic sales, channel sales, channel management, and sales leadership.