Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He has the right attitude for sales and sales management.

I can truly say he is second to none in sales management.

He works very well with sales and sales management.

He has experience managing direct sales, inside sales, and channel management.

John is an incredible sales manager and an even better people manager.

As a sales manager, he was always responsive and would do what it took to help make the sale.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for help in the sales or sales management area.

Would definitely recommend him for another sales or sales management position.

He is extremely strong in sales, sales management and sales leadership.

John is the consummate sales professional as well as sales manager.

John is an exceptional sales and sales management professional.

John is one of those sales manager's that knows what he's doing.

I have learnt much from him, especially in sales and management.

John is a master at sales, sales people and sales management.

John has been one of the best sales managers in my team.

John has incredible talent in sales and sales management.

John has the best personality for sales or management.

John is an outstanding sales manager and salesperson.

There are fewer people better at sales and sales management than John.

John is both a real person and a sales manager who actually succeeded in sales before going into sales management.

John is an inspirational manager, with an immense know-how when it comes to sales and people management.

He excelled at sales and sales management, customer management and mentoring others to be successful.

He was respected by field sales, his sales managers, and the executive management team.

John is well versed in sales management, insurance, and all-round people management.

I would recommend him for any sales management or people management role.

He performed very well as service manager, but also as pre-sales manager.

Secondarily, John is experienced in channel management, inside sales management and sales operations.

John was my direct manager in my first sales management position at our company.

John was my sales manager and went on to become one of the best managers I have ever had.

He was, at various times, our construction manager, facilities manager, sales operations manager as well working on sales directly with me.

John is a fantastic sales manager who can manage the details, but can also manage the vision and strategy.

His knowledge of sales cycle management, people management and commercial management is second to none.

Unlike many sales managers who just "manage", John was a hands-on manager who also produced sales directly by taking a territory.

John is not only my manager, but also my sales coach.

Coming from sales himself, he is in tune with the needs of sales and did everything he could to make sales successful.

I sometimes wonder how well he would have done for himself had he been in sales.

He has his finger on the pulse of sales assessments as well as sales and sales management training.

His knowledge of sales and sales management goes deep and well beyond the normal sales consultants.

John has given me many new ideas for my own sales work and also for managing sales organizations.

I would highly recommend him for anything related to sales, sales training and sales management.

I'm certain that he would be an excellent addition to any sales or sales management team.

He is always more than willing and capable to lead, whether it be in sales or management.

He is very knowledgeable about sales management and has created his own sales process.

John is one of those people that you just have to have on your sales management team.

John is an energetic, knowledgeable sales person, sales trainer, and sales manager.

John's association with us has been in sales, sales management, research and training.

John is an exceptional sales manager who is able to excel at more than just "sales".

John's professionalism and sales process management will help him in sales anywhere.

He has every prerequisite to excel in any sales or sales management position.

John is an excellent companion to any sales manager and any sales organization.

John demonstrated exceptional leadership in both sales and sales management.

Several of his sales managers have advanced to other senior sales positions.

John has my highest recommendation for any role in sales or sales management.

John is by far one of the best sales reps, and managers that you will find.

John helped me really well in getting to the next level of sales management.

There weren't many outside sales managers that had that personal approach.

John does exactly what it says on the tin, managing sales the right way.

From a sales perspective, he is everything you want in a sales manager.

John proved very successful at both direct sales and sales management.

John is what every strategic sales professional wants from management.