Sales Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Operations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He demonstrated his ability to manage sales and operational teams.
Cellular and interacted with him on channel management issues and in the area of sales operations.
He has seamlessly transitioned from an operational role to a sales management role exceeding his sales target two years running.
He is an expert at managing operations and developing sales operations teams.
John has both an incredible gift for sales and sales management as well as being a strong operational focused executive.
I always looked forward to our sales calls together as he made my sales management role easy.
He was the bridge between sales and operations and well respected in both camps.
He would be a valuable addition to the leadership of any sales operation.
John makes sales operations look easy, which is a very hard thing to do.
He drove the operations and sales very effectively with great results.
John's operational and sales leadership put our startup on the map.
He would be an asset to any company searching for an experienced and well rounded manager for operations and or sales.
As a manager for both sales and operations, he wears many hats and handles any issues with sensible reactions.
He is an amazing operation manager with a strong understanding of sales and strategy.
John is a results driven sales manager, that backs it up with his own unique sales background.
John is a hardworking tenacious sales manager who always looked for ways to close the sale.
John was my right hand when it came to managing our sales funnel, funnel reporting, and sales operations reporting.
This attribute makes him an effective and successful sales manager.
He was a great inside sales manager with a very consultative/coaching style of management.
John was not only an outstanding operator, but sales driven as well.
He is a very passionate and does very well in managing sales and marketing operations.
John is not just a passionate sales leader, he understands and values operational excellence and the journey that sales and operations must endure together.
He's very well versed in various aspects of sales operations and project management.
Him talents definitely allow him to traverse any position from sales to operations.
He has a keen understanding of sales operations, team development, and sales operations.
Watching him manage the sales and operations side of the business is incredible.
He has been the one person you could go to for any issues that may have come up with sales as well as operations.
John has managed large operational teams as well as sales teams.
John has the unique ability to understand both the sales and operational drivers of a new sale.
I was responsible for the technical sales activities under his leadership as well as sales operations.
John is an outstanding sales operations manager, great on detail, accuracy and always on time.
I've had the pleasure to watch him progress through his professional career from operations management to sales management.
His ability to manage and plan strategies for both sales and operations is noteworthy.
John has incredible talent in sales, leadership, management, operations and project management.
John is always reliable to get the necessary sales operations done in a timely manner.
John transformed our sales operations with his energy, sales skills and fantastic man-management.
John has a strong knowledge of sales and sales management drawn from experience.
He established and managed the sales operation for that big data vendor.
Although his career to this point has been managing operations, he could be quite successful managing sales functions as well.
John also has an understanding and appreciation for operations necessary to deliver and fulfill the sales initiatives.
John is an experienced and driven leader in both sales and operations.
John is the manager who has a very good strategy in sales and also operational, always achieved in the target given.
He will go above and beyond to make sure everything works smoothly in his organization, from sales to operations.
He has the overall hotel operations knowledge and is a great operator.
His knowledge and operations management skills allowed those of us in sales to stay focused on sales.
John is phenomenally attentive to sales operations and training.
I have seen time and again how effective his operation is in building sales.
John is an exceptional leader with complete and current knowledge of sales and sales operations.
His success in sales and management has inspired the success of many others.
He is the consummate sales manager with an unyielding and tasteful style.
His experience of having been in sales and operations ensures that he always has his feet on the ground.
John's combination of operations and sales experience is his competitive advantage.
His sales and operations experience gives him an advantage as an all rounder.
John has one of the most outspoken, transparent and detail-oriented styles of managing pre-sales operations.
He is currently in the newest methods and is always looking for what is going to be the next best thing whether it is in management, operations, sales, or marketing.
He understands the importance of both achieving sales results and managing operational compliance.
John has been never one to disappear from the trenches, and his hands-on approach to management, sales, and operations, make him credible at all levels.
He led global sales campaigns and proved capable of managing complex sales situations.
His expertise in sales, people, and organizational operation is invaluable.
He is focused on achieving sales results and operates with integrity.