Sales Person Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Person Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's a great sales person as well, he's persuasive without being intrusive and knows how to close sales in an effective manner.
In sales, the smooth does come with the rough, and it is really how you deal with low points that defines a true salesperson.
John is an excellent sales person who can be counted on to make a determined and effective effort on each sales opportunity.
He is a complete sales person and his insight has been valuable to me and my ability to close and increase sales.
John is a tenacious sales person who can make a connection on the phone, determine needs, and make sales.
John is a very driven and focused sales person who met and often exceeded his sales quotas each month.
John is a very good sales person, who blends earnestness and sincerity with assertive sales behaviour.
His empathy for the role of outside sales people made him a very effective sales leader.
He was the go-to person for many in the company, especially those trying to achieve their own sales goals.
John demonstrates that you can be successful without being an in-your-face sales person.
A sales person can only be successful if he either knows his geography or his solution.
Through his entire sales career at our company he was an absolute top sales person at subscription sales; still being one of our historic all-time-best sales people.
John never gives up no matter what the challenge and is often both the first person on site and the last person to leave.
John is very thorough with all that he does, is such a fun person to be around, and he has a great personality.
John is an energetic, get it done type person who always has the best interest of the other person at heart.
John truly is the type of person who will always be successful just because of who he is as a wonderful person.
John is an upbeat, optimistic person and he brings that personality into anything and everything he does.
He is a very helpful, personable, and likeable person who knows what he is doing and how to get things done.
John was extremely efficient and personable, two attributes that are not always apparent in one person.
He is attractive, smart, funny, with more personality than ought to be included with just one person.
John is the type of person you talk about surrounding yourself around to help you become a better person.
His passion for accomplishment and his up-beat personality have been an inspiration to me personally.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him personally and professionally to any person.
Working with him is easy as he is very capable and an easy going person with good personality.
John is an exceptional person with personality traits which anybody would definitely relish.
John is an extremely personable person that can make anyone feel welcome in any situation.
He comes across to you as a very approachable person, and yet absolutely no nonsense person.
He has a very dynamic personality and came across as a person who is willing to help anyone.
Having these two things together in one person makes him a highly valuable person to know.
His personable and inviting personality makes you feel you have known him for a lifetime.
John's incredible passion, personality and expertise is even more wonderful in person.
John's humble and unpretentious personality is what makes him such a successful person.
John is an outstanding, hardworking person with an incredibly likable personality.
John is the first person and possibly the only person you need for a tough assignment.
Naturally a person everyone gravitates towards for his warm and vibrant personality.
I found him very personable, very likeable - a humble and very down to earth person.
John is an exceptional person both from a personal and professional perspective.
John is a personable and enthusiastic person who will succeed in his every endeavor.
Him personal and personable talk on a serious subject was anything but depressing.
His spontaneous and captivating personality turns him into an incredible person.
Set-and-forget personalities are both valuable and rare, and John is exactly one of those personalities.
John is a person, who I believe, will have very many friends professionally and personally.
He is one of the most energetic and personable people I have had the pleasure of knowing.
Above all else, John is an upstanding person with an easy-going and personable demeanor.
His personality is great and I have not heard one person that doesn't get along with him.
From personal perspective John is that type of person, who will never let you behind.
One thing I appreciated was his personable nature and easy to get along with personality.
Additionally, John did more than any reasonable person could be expected to do.
John, who is, quite simply, the most remarkable person I have ever come across in person.
He taught me how to be a great sales person, though his words of wisdom and personal experience.
John is a very dedicated, professional sales person with an easy going and friendly personality.
John is one of those guys that you just cannot say no to, and for a sales person that's one of the highest compliments.
I always found him to very coachable, personable and highly adaptive to changes in the sales situations.
He was the go to person for all sales gain and would always add value to discussions with him insights.
John is a very persistent sales person, which you'd need if you want to sell your services/products.
John is an exceptional sales person who has the ability to see the opportunity when no one else does.
John is an inspiring person and it was very interesting to collaborate with him during sales visits.
John is diligent, energetic and personable - the exact attributes you want and need in sales.
John was the type of sales person that you could count on every month to always be on top.
He was responsive, and attentive without ever coming across as an aggressive salesperson.
Customers seemed to relate to his personality and that helped him with many big sales.
You can't help but be drawn in by his knowledge of sales and his personality.
Seeing his fabulous presentations makes the sales persons believe and sell.
His personality and passion for sales motivated every one of our employees.
John demonstrated all of the characteristics of an enterprise sales person.
If you are in sales, he is definitely the person you want in marketing.
His delightful personality adds so much to his sales presentations.
However, his sales were high because he is a great people person
John is arguably the smartest person in the sales department.
He gets the most out of every sales person that works for him.
He also excelled in his personal sales and reached one of southwestern's highest sales achievements - the presidents club.
His innovative approach to sales accelerated his rise to the top of the sales boards and his personality kept him there.
Coming from a sales background, his radar was up; all the alarms were ringing with every sales person we met.
John gave him specific sales techniques to use that improved his personal sales' performance and metrics.
He is also a well-rounded sales person in that he is very personable and works well within a team.
And of course, his personality makes him extremely popular on the sales floor.
John strives to be the best and to achieve his sales and personal goals.
John is a real sales person and never gives up to achieve his goals.
In sales, the person him/himself is the most important our company.
John is one of those unique people who has excelled as both a sales person and sales leader.
John is an excellent sales person, he has a superb personality that quickly breaks the ice of the most difficult situations.
John in particular a very good sales oriented person, honest and decent person to deal with.
To add to his abilities as a sales person he is a great guy with an infectious personality.
All sales persons motivated by this direction and followed it with his help.
He smashed his sales targets, became the youngest "sales person of the year-half" in the team.
Him roll up the sleeves and get it done style made him the go to person for all things sales and growth.
John's sales experience as well as his personality makes him an asset to any company that he joins.
John's tenacious personality is very well suited to being successful within an inside sales role.
He took the time to understand the unique personality of each and every one of his sales reps.
Him attitude, character, and personality seemed to only be outdone by his sales abilities.
He guided him to the most appropriate person in each organization to move the sale forward.
He kept him updated on any sales and even personally picked up and dropped off at his home.
Always growing personally so that he can continue transforming the sales organization.
John shares his successes with his teammates to better improve their personal sales.
First, he must be the most outstanding sales person a company could ever wish for.
He cared as much for each individual salesperson as he did about his own success.
He is very number oriented, but he also appreciates the effort of the sales person.
He very quickly established himself as the top inside sales person in the company.
Jaber has been a successful sales person in both of his roles at these companies.
His zeal for asking more and more makes him a truly world class salesperson
John epitomizes the idea of the tenacious sales person, without being sleazy
John is an excellent example of what a sales person should aspire to become.
As good as he is as a sales exec, he is an even better person and colleague.
John as we all know he is a methodical and super aggressive sales person.
He always took time to personally recognize outstanding sales achievements.
John is the kind of person who simplifies the task of sales leadership.
He also had superior results in terms of his own personal sales results.
A very aggressive sales person, organized and dedicated to his profession.
His outgoing personality is perfectly suited for any sales organization.
His help in bringing a new sales person up to speed has been invaluable.
He is very personable and goes the extra distance to help close a sale.
John can be briefly described as a smart and meticulous sales person.
As a sales person, he is articulate and persuasive without being pushy.
Due to this persistence he proved to him to be a sales person at heart.
His personal sales ability is unquestionable and inspiring to witness.
He shows him the way of leadership and how to be a great sales person.
In fact, he was usually a top sales person, often beating yours truly.
He is fantastic in a sales call and an all around wonderful person.
Is very systematic in his approach to get results as a sales person.
A nature salesperson, he is approachable and always ready to help.
Many of his personal sales successes were a result of his expertise.
This was extremely helpful in maximizing his personal sales efforts.
As a sales person there are a few that can rival his natural ability.
John is professional and personable during the sale of his home.
John follows up regularly and treated him like a person, not a sale.
He's truly an innovative and very personable sales professional.
He is a sales person through and through - but not a cliched one.
John is sincere, focussed, hardworking and smart sales person.
He enjoyed helping him succeed and become a better sales person.
Him sparkling personality and humor compliment his sales style.
And more, he was making the sales over the phone, not in person.
He is very personable and his after sales service is excellent.
His ideas and suggestions made him a much stronger sales person.
He's an extremely bright person who has great sales instincts.
He is very committed, driven sales person who is a go-getter.
He is his number one sales rep and overall a terrific person.
John is known as a very, strong, driven sales oriented person.
His capabilities as a sales person were immediately apparent.
That makes him a natural sales person, and he loves to do it.
Now he moved to sales and he is an honest and reliable person.
John's been our point person on the sales side of our company for the past year.
He improved our company sales in his territory by taking personal initiatives.
To hire the right person to increase sales - what at our company.
Our company one has stuck him as brilliant a sales person as John.
It was a benefit to the company and to his personal growth as a veteran sales person.
In addition, he was consistently the top salesperson with direct sales to an international clientele.
His personality is very well suited to any type of sales, marketing and or pre-sales environment.
He is a consummate sales person, and is an excellent trainer of other salespeople
John has been a very (sales) driven person, always looking for the best way to help out his customer.
He is the rare sales person who customers go out of their way to make sure he is recognized.